21 May 2013


Finished first playthrough of Bastion! Soo much fun, and frustration at certain weapon challenges, and button mashing evade in memories, and drooling over the artwork.

The squire is the most adorable thing ever. Heck most of the monsters were cute that I felt bad slaughtering all of them e_e
So happy that the humble bundle came with artwork and ost.

Overall I loved the game!
  • Plot: story was good, but the delivery of the content through narration is unique and engaging. I smash pretty much everything on the map for addition fragments, so I hear a lot of "The Kid is going on rampage" haha.
  • Art: it's gorgeous amirite? the colourful palette is a contrast to the rather stark plot of the game.
  • Music: awesome as well. The BGM for field and memory maps are useful for telling when monsters are spawning, which makes sniping them much easier.
  • Gameplay: not entirely button mashing, as evade and defend is quite useful. In fact during late game I can kill things by just countering with shield. Certain monsters the only way to defeat them is to constantly evade. 
    • Weapons: there's quite a variety but some are definitely more useful than others. Together with the different spirits (passive bonus) and upgrades (unique to each weapon), the game accommodates for a lot of play styles. For a while I played double ranged and that was quite OP, especially with knockback haha.
    • Proving Grounds (weapon specific challenges): so frustrating at times, but I found it worthwhile to get first place in all of them. After tens of tries, you get reeeeally good at using the weapon haha. 
    • Who Knows Where (defeat waves of enemies): where you practice sniping, evading and defending. Also good for farming fragments (money) and feeling OP.
Last bit of eye candy (click for full view):

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