13 April 2013

double jump

Finally done with programming project yesterday, it was super stressful "orz We managed to find and correct most of the weird bugs (a lot was because I flipped the coordinate system without realizing), but ran out of time in the end. Had to hand in a not perfectly working program e_e"

With the last assignment of the semester due on Monday, it's time to think of finals! whoohoo...
Say hello to the stack of past exams that will hopefully guarantee myself an 80 once I've successfully completed them.

Macbook Air on the side for size comparison T_T"
On the bright side, I get to sleep in all morning!

Also on the bright side, good food!

Top left is a rare sighting of a good chestnut meal. Beef patty with sunny side up egg and a surprisingly good (for res standards) arugula salad *u*

The other three photos are from SiChuan Landscape (巴山蜀水), a relatively new sichuan-ese restaurant in Chinatown. The food is pretty authentic, especially the dandan noodles (lower left) and dumplings (钟水饺). They're both dimsum dishes, but they came in large portions. The tofu on the upper right was delicious, it's apparently made in the restaurant and has great texture. I'd definitely recommend this dish.

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