20 April 2013


Let this post be a continuous record of the (most likely negative) feelings regarding finals.

To start, infinite series will be the death of me.

Mon, Apr 22:
Exam times are mentally exhausting, lecture times are physically exhausting, midterm weeks are both.

I'm slow (aka bad) at tracing through code. Debugged all my practice problems through trial (guided with the little intuition that I have) and error with the compiler (y). Majority of the finals is tracing output, gg.

Tues, Apr 23:
So not prepared for programming. I attribute this state to the following reasons:
  1. Motivation ran out about half way through calculus
  2. No solutions for past finals
  3. Class average is too high from midterms, so the final is going to be brutal
Instead of studying the whole day, I spent time surfing taobao, eating out with friends, and generally lazing around. Not good.

Wed, Apr 24:
Trainhead pho after programming, worthhhh.

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Anonymous said...

the limit of your sanity, as the number of series questions approaches infinity, does not exist.