09 April 2013

bigger cucumber

Found two super interesting websites via TED,

88 Bar - about tech and design in China (Sarah check this out), and
The Perennial Plate - about "adventures in sustainable eating"

A video on each site especially stood out to me,

the first is a presentation about a chairty program that utilizes crowdf-unding to provide lunches to school children in rural China. The presenter frames this program in the perspective of designing for trust, which really ought to be one of the Df(x)s that we learn in ESP.
It's bit of a long video, but do watch it in full:

the second is about roof-top gardens in BeiJing and HongKong:
On and off, I would wish that I lived a far simpler life as a farmer in a beautiful rural region. Then I realize I'm far too depend on modern conveniences and would too quickly miss the vibrancy that big cities have. Otherwise I'd totally transfer to mineral and make double the salary of a civ...

Anyways, the urban rooftop garden seems to be a happy compromise between the above scenarios. Hopefully I can learn more about urban agriculture throughout my university studies and do some related work (ie. green walls) in my career.

p.s. the green wall near MedSci cafe is an amazing place to eat lunch. No fair that the artscis have the nicer buildings D:

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