30 March 2013


I definitely do not need more scarves, but that's not stopping me from wanting more :D
Coincidence that they all cost ~$90 ;_; sighh

More wishlist items before starting programming!
  • Off-white silk blouse: ones I see online are all really sheer, why does no one make thicker ones? T_T Wish I can just wear my silk pj shirt as a day shirt. 
  • Crew neck sweater: the ones I own look really weird over a collared shirt e_e
  • Chambray shirt: not sure whether to invest $90 into an item I've never worn before, should get a cheap version first. 
  • Plain black loafers: apparently no mass shoe retailer is into PLAIN black loafers, noo, they must all be embellished in some form or another.
  • Walking ankle boots: kinda ruined my suede pair this winter after trudging through a rainstorm, so a new pair is kinda needed. Thinking of this pair, but it's slightly expensive at $70.

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