30 March 2013


I definitely do not need more scarves, but that's not stopping me from wanting more :D
Coincidence that they all cost ~$90 ;_; sighh

More wishlist items before starting programming!
  • Off-white silk blouse: ones I see online are all really sheer, why does no one make thicker ones? T_T Wish I can just wear my silk pj shirt as a day shirt. 
  • Crew neck sweater: the ones I own look really weird over a collared shirt e_e
  • Chambray shirt: not sure whether to invest $90 into an item I've never worn before, should get a cheap version first. 
  • Plain black loafers: apparently no mass shoe retailer is into PLAIN black loafers, noo, they must all be embellished in some form or another.
  • Walking ankle boots: kinda ruined my suede pair this winter after trudging through a rainstorm, so a new pair is kinda needed. Thinking of this pair, but it's slightly expensive at $70.

28 March 2013


Still slightly sulking over calc midterm, and in the spirit of my t1/ece friends cramming for chem, this post shall examine the increase in difficulty from semester one to two.

Which I imagine will be nothing compared to the increase from first to second year (hurray all the horror stories about civ second year...). And in retrospect, first semester was quite easy (minus chem after the midterm).

  • ESP: not too much difference here, just the addition of two presentations and FDS, which is PR+one new section. I really don't care for this course anymore, 4.0 has long gone. Though on the other hand, this course is probably the second most useful course (first being programming) in first year. I must've mentioned this trade-off a million times already. 
  • Calc II: all new content, new and tougher content. In I, the difficulty mostly came from tedious computation. In II, the difficulty is in setting up whatever you need to integrate. The actual integration isn't too bad, by this point I've done enough problems to "see" the steps required to simplify it to something doable. Oh and Ryan was right, trig id are fun :D
  • MSE/CME: material science is just intrinsically a lot more interesting than earth science, though CME prof is adorable haha. Both course are introductory courses, which is a whole lot of new vocabulary. Memorize, memorize, memorize whoo (kinda like thermo).
  • Programming: debugging is so stressful "orz I remember at Shad, a speaker quoted that there's "known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns", guess which category debugging falls under? I enjoy the logic though. 
Overall, semester one is like the tutorial phase of a game. New concepts are taught to you, but every problem has a clear and defined pathway to the solution, with the steps hinted at a corner of the screen. Semester two is when you actually enter the main world, (hopefully) equipped, and spends an hour getting lost to your destination, respawning several times along the way too.

Yeah I want summer to start so I can get back to gaming. 


Lunch date with mom, om nom nom.
Can't wait to eat homecooking during the summer as well *u*

 Amaretto ice cream with skor bits from Marble Slab and beef sizzle plate from Made In China.

25 March 2013

ten ways to sunday

Finally watched the Silver Lining Playbook yesterday (may not have been such a good idea in retrospect, sleep was definitely in short supply) after putting it off for months. T'was quite good.

Tiffany has the best comebacks haha, totally shut both Pat and his dad up xD The scenes with her and Pat are hilarious. Ending felt a bit rushed though, nonetheless heartwarming.

Good principle to live by: you have to do everything you can, and if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining

...time to apply that to finals :D

23 March 2013


Went to friend's concert with the Engineering Stage Band yesterday, and they played Tank!

Here's a short video of the song after I got over my initial excitement and realized that I should probably record it. Everyone of you should go watch Cowboy Bebop >D


In other, more depressing, news, was informed that I have 5 assignments that requires simultaneous work, gg. Guess this is crunch time before the finals durr. Can't wait for exam schedule to kick in though, sleeping in every other day whoo (too bad all my exams are in the morning though)!

5 more weeks and first year will be over, woah.

21 March 2013


Really excited for the Mailbox app, been checking this screen rather obsessively.

5 hours later and I'm at 459,415, at this rate I'll be in in roughly 2 weeks. Though the rate may increase as Dropbox just acquired it. Dropbox is awesome too :D

Meanwhile I shall stalk blogs of those fortunate enough to have to app already.
I mean, do all the assignments that's been piling up.
(but what actually happened was that I watched this TED talk on the power of time-off)

20 March 2013

partial fractions

sulk about calc

such stupid mistakes.
Lesson learned is to not panic when you have no clue how to do a question and start from the very basics.

19 March 2013


I want
  • to sleep more
  • more weeks without any exams
  • spring to arrive so I can finally put away my parka, honestly why is it still snowing in March?
  • to wear more skirts
  • to find a place to live next year, this is ridiculously stressful @_@
  • to figure out summer plans
  • to determine extracurricular plans for next year
  • suits to start season 3 ;_;
days are just passing byyyy

15 March 2013


Calc midterm #2 did not go well "orz
Pretty depressing actually, aside from one really weird question, the difficulty was averaaaage.

But luckily (in retrospect) friends & I got SkuleNite tickets for the show right after our exam, so a minimal amount of time was spent sulking about calc. The rest of the evening was spent laughing our heads off.

f!rosh lesson learned: skulenite does live up to it's hype. It is amazing.
(for the non ut engs: skule nite is an annual musical/sketch comedy show)

utor iz ba beeest, utor...WIN!
(oh and they actually brought in the canon and fired it).

13 March 2013


I take back all I've said about sleep, sleep is important.
Not worth getting sick over "orz fml

In other news, March is the pits of the term (same argument can be made for November):
  • Midterms are STILL not done
  • But hey look finals are just around the corner so better start worrying about those
  • And on top of those are term projects that should've been started already 
  • Also the flu season "orz
I swear, my mental time intervals are divided purely based on deadlines.

Though it's not like there's not enough time to complete anything. Evidently I have the leisure to sit here and type up this post. It's that by the time March rolls around, initial motivation from the beginning of the term has waned off, while the panic for finals haven't quite kicked in yet.
A terrible combination of "there's always a deadline ahead" and "don't even want to roll off the bed in the morning". 


Loosely paraphrased from my rocks prof:
I don't even want to lecture anymore.
I'm just standing here reading points off slides, this is so boring
The times sure has changed, when I went to undergrad people just wanted to get the diploma,
now you guys actually try to get good marks? gee.
 (y) his lectures really aren't that bad LOL

08 March 2013

seating arrangements

Finally met up with Sarah and Patricia after way too long. Man how I've missed our ridiculous, at times totally awkward, but always hilarious conversations.

Let's make the bubble tea chats an actual tradition? :P

07 March 2013


I really don't want to remember today as the day before CDS is due,
luckily I don't have to.

derp can't find a normal video for this

手机没讯号 不想睡觉
房间的味道 不想换掉

你要我记牢 少喝饮料
外面太喧嚣 当我累了



只要 从前一样就好

某人的烦恼 某人知道
脸上带口罩 你听不到


Oh and got accepted to summer exchange to England! :D University of Exeter to be exact.
The campus looks gorgeous *u*

06 March 2013


You know it's gotten bad when you remember dreaming of coffee when you wake up.
Should sleep early in case an all-nighter is required tomorrow e_e"

But got to be on a rooftop today! :D
Went to see an apartment and was super excited when the manager said the roof was open to residences.
Regardez (as in, click to see in full size)!

Panorama function on phone is awesome (y)
Wheeee, Toronto downtown looking southwest.

05 March 2013


Good ol' classic Jay &方文山 combo to accompany the dreaded CDS.
Lyrics are so beautiful ;__;

天涯 的尽头是风沙

红尘 的故事叫牵挂

封刀隐没在寻常人家 东篱下

闲云 野鹤 古刹

快马 在江湖里厮杀

无非 是名跟利放不下


我只求与你共 华发

剑出鞘 恩怨了 谁笑

我只求今朝 拥你入 怀抱
红尘客栈风似刀 骤雨落 宿命敲

任武林谁领风骚我却 只为你 折腰

过荒村野桥 寻世外 古道

远离人间尘嚣 柳絮飘执子之手逍遥

檐下 窗棂斜映枝桠

与你 席地对座饮茶

我以工笔画将你牢牢 的记下

提笔 不为风雅

灯下 叹红颜近晚霞

我说缘份 一如参禅不说话


爱恨如写意 山水画

剑出鞘 恩怨了 谁笑

我只求今朝 拥你入 怀抱

红尘客栈风似刀 骤雨落 宿命敲

任武林谁领风骚我却 只为你 折腰

过荒村野桥 寻世外 古道

远离人间尘嚣 柳絮飘执子之手逍遥

任武林谁领风骚我却 只为你 折腰

你回眸多娇 我泪中 带笑

酒招旗风中萧萧 剑出鞘 恩怨了

sad chinese love songs are great xD

04 March 2013


Was treated to a view of the sunset after waking up from a nap :)

01 March 2013

happy place

One of the best moments of the day is standing beneath the shower head with steams of hot water falling on your face (y).

It lets you temporarily deny the fact that your group has approximately zero work done for CDS. I feel so much more stressed about this than all of midterms combined "orz
Goodbye gpa.