29 September 2012

so many things we're not

Study music for the day

28 September 2012


#2 lesson that I've learned: when the prof says the quiz is going to be easy, believe in him.

case in point: half the quiz is balancing equations "orz

and I guess lesson 2.5 is that do practice problems (tis what all da upper years say), because profs have better things to do than make up new questions for the quiz, so they'll just take them straight from the textbook.

and just to confirm more upper year wisdom, time management in crucial e_e"

26 September 2012


Yay start of a new lable!

Lesson learned today is that when doing problem sets, it's the most important to know when to give up (optional: and call a friend for help).

Frickin' hot air balloon "orz WHY AM I OFF BY 20KG?!

and @rui: sigh, boooooooys.

25 September 2012

matching dips

Contrary, or complimentary if you think about it, to my last post, this week is pretty awesome too. Lots of anticipated events, like today's presentation the Higgs Boson. UofT's head of Engineering Science physics option is a member of the ATLAS collaboration over at CERN and contributed to the discovery of a Higgs Boson.

It's like half of a dream come true to listen to the presentation (the other half would be a PEY placement there, hopefully they decide to upgrade the LHC too, that'd be double dream come true). Took some photos of certain slides, the presentation itself will be posted and I will definitely link to that once it becomes available:

 ^constructing the ATLAS detector, the bottom left photo is pretty much THE poster child for LHC haha. It's in absolutely every magazine article. Does look very impressive though.

 ^explaining how the different particles are tracked through the detector.


and an accidental (as in I was too impatient waiting for the camera to focus) bokeh of the Dundas and University Ave intersection. Duplicating the layer and setting it on soft light does wonders.

24 September 2012


Durr is this mini crunch time?
  • 3 quizes (well this one this thurs and 2 piled together next mon)
  • APS giant design project is starting this week 
  • extracurriculars all starting as well(got Frosh exec on Hi-Skule! ;D and Solar House design team seems so awesome)
  • ...feeling particularly lazy
uh oh

and there's summer plans to be figured out. I reaaaally want to go on an exchange @_@" It'll be so much fun, get to experience a new culture, and stand out when applying to summer position next year lol. Perhaps I'm too future oriented.

But yeah, so far, exchanges in terms of preference:
  • Research at National University of Singapore (what Tony did, probably tough to get accepted @_@" dem engscis taking all the spots)
  • Summer courses at TsingHua (most convenient option, as family knows ppl in BeiJing. Though there might not be summer courses)
  • Japanese language courses at Nihon University (its in the middle of Tokyo...but I wanna be in Kyoto. Meh, will nonetheless be an awesome cultural experience, and hopefully I won't have to wait for subs/can read raws for the many mangas that will never be finished scanlating coughsaiyukicough).
Gotta start researching on profs/courses @_@

23 September 2012


I discovered that I did indeed like wings. It felt like a "Green Eggs and Ham" moment, except there's no Sam I Am, so I guess not... Crispy skin is so much better than sauced too, come to the fried sideeee (you're awesome if you get the reference).

On the topic of food, chestnut food is really good haha. Eating waaaay too much, probably double of what I had in China "orz Brunch and desserts are the best, especially considering how much each item would individually cost if purchased from a restaurant.

and in case you guys haven't witnessed the awesomeness of UT engineering:

Bonus that this was my room ;D
and I admit that I thought the test was real, it was a totally convincing set-up.

19 September 2012

holy lobster

 I love calc class xD
The prof just keeps saying one hilarious line after another, in response to a question about whether we may eat during the seminars:
No ethnic food on the day of the test [...] they all have a great smell, which cuts through the smell of fear, which we like to smell
And the TA is awesome as well *u* (for reasons clear to Rui if she checks her texts)

So yeah, Wednesday afternoon is a complete treat. Makes my otherwise terribly busy day not so bad after all.

Though there's the APS tutorial.
Nothing bad so far, but it's group work on a major design project. If I've learned anything from Shad house projects (and the tears people have shed), it's gonna be a heck of a semester @_@"

14 September 2012

a thousand houses long

Another X & Y Coldplay song, currently what lures me to sleep

You cut me down a tree and brought it back to me
And that's what made me see where I was going wrong
You put me on a shelf and kept me for yourself
I can only blame myself, you can only blame me

And I could write a song, a hundred miles long
Well, that's where I belong and you belong with me
And I could write it down, or spread it all around
Get lost and then get found, or swallowed in the sea

You put me on a line, and hung me out to dry
And darling that's when I decided to go to see you
You cut me down to size, and opened up my eyes
Made me realize what I could not see

And I could write a book, the one they'll say that shook
The world, and then it took it took it back from me
And I could write it down, or spread it all around
Get lost and then get found, and you'll come back to me
Not swallowed in the sea


And I could write a song, a hundred miles long
Well, that's where I belong, and you belong with me
The streets you're walking on, a thousand houses long
Well, that's where I belong, and you belong with me

Oh what good is it to live with nothing left to give
Forget but not forgive, not loving all you see

Oh the streets you're walking on, a thousand houses long
Well that's where I belong, and you belong with me
Not swallowed in the sea
You belong with me, not swallowed in the sea
Yeah, you belong with me, not swallowed in the sea

13 September 2012


My calc professor is awesome (similar to Morin haha). Apparently he's notorious amongst the chems, but for now he's been hilarious.
He says the best things in class:
Math is being intelligently lazy.

I think positive numbers are better than negative ones, at least in term of marks.
We've been going over trig using the unit circle, and I am convinced that it is magical. So many trig identities can be proved just by definition (sin^2(x)+cos^2(x)=1), while others is so much more intuitive than with triangles (cos(A-B)).

Other courses are alright, mechanics prof tells really cold jokes (and rules under a gentle dictatorship), phy chem prof is really monotone, ESP is said to be a lot of work, and lin alg will kill us all with nth dimensions :]

11 September 2012


Observation #1: white jeans...so pretty yet so high maintenance @_@"
Observations #2: engineers are either robots that require no sleep, or is perpetually tired despite 10 hours of shut eye.

procrastinating cause I only had 2 hours of class >D
though I go from 9 to 5 tmrw with only half an hour of break..."orz


I feel that it's appropriate to include a Coldplay from their x & y album in accordance with the post title:

Steal my heart and hold my tongue.
I feel my time, my time has come.
Let me in, unlock the door.
I've never felt this way before.

The wheels just keep on turning,
The drummer begins to drum,
I don't know which way I'm going,
I don't know which way I've come.

Hold my head inside your hands,
I need someone who understands.
I need someone, someone who hears,
For you, I've waited all these years.

For you, I'd wait 'til kingdom come.
Until my day, my day is done.
And say you'll come, and set me free,
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me.

In your tears and in your blood,
In your fire and in your flood,
I hear you laugh, I heard you sing,
"I wouldn't change a single thing."

The wheels just keep on turning,
The drummers begin to drum,
I don't know which way I'm going,
I don't know what I've become.

For you, I'd wait 'til kingdom come,
Until my days, my days are done.
Say you'll come and set me free,
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me.
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me.
Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me. 

09 September 2012


Quick update before first full week of class begins @_@"

Made a legit personal landing page whoo! Isn't it pretty (evident how much I love whitespace)? ;D
I really should learn the new fancy html5/css codes while I'm at it. And perhaps buy a custom domain too...

and an even more minor update, buttons on the side now match the new layouts :] Go coherence! Was gonna redo the layout of the blog as well (I actually have a worked everything out over at test blog), but I'm too attached to my clover ;_; Heck I was planning on moving to a entirely new blog, but yeah, couldn't give up the 4 years worth of content (it's been so long woah, and reading my old posts always makes me laugh :]).


ps. There's gonna be a presentation at UT about the Higgs Boson by a physicist at CERN! Sooooo exciteeeeeeed!

08 September 2012

for we dont give a damn for any man who dont give a damn for us

So here is the legitimate F!rosh week post.

In short it kinda felt like Shad all over again.
The Leedurs were amazing, the other f!roshs were extremely enthusiastic, and there was a bunch of awesome activities. Not to mention numerous chants, such as this one that we taunt the artscis with (just kidding, mu loves you!)
Whooooo are we? ENGINEERS!
Whaaaaaaat do we drink? BEER!
Who do we looooove? NURSES!
Who do we haaaaate? ARTSCIS!
Whao's in charge? WE DON'T KNOW!
The first day had a jam packed schedule. Starting with registration and initiation, we proceeded to dye ourselves purple (highlight of the day obvs :]) and tour the campus and downtown Toronto (including packing into the Eaton Center, that was hilarious xD). There were also a charity buskerfest (in which I lost my voice and ripped a piece of skin off my face ;_;), hypnosis show, and Havenger Scunt (gotta love how engineers spell). Overall it was very tiring, and extremely fun.
Now class has started and I'm loaded with work already wth. There's a math test worth 5% of the course's total mark is during the second week of school...

There's also so many interesting clubs, so torn on which ones to join @_@" On one hand are the professional development related ones (Hi-Skule, Leaders of Tomorrow, Sustainable Engineering Association, Galbraith Society, etc etc), then the applying-your-engineering-skills ones (Sparks, Solar House, etc), and finally the random fun ones (Bnad, lego, food related ones).

Schedule is gonna be packed (with sleep and socialization squeezed in) :] But that's how to have a fun time right?


and woah, Jason Wu's Spring 2012 has such beautiful gowns T_T
Heck all his gowns from all his collections are beautiful T_T
(and oh hey, I'm 18 whoo)

07 September 2012

drink rum and come along with us

This is a really short placeholder after a week of F!rosh.
It was an awesome week.
But now assignments have made their appearance, so I will go entertain them. Photos are up on fb btw.

Mu! mu! mu! mu! mu! mu! mu!
Feel the friction feel the heat!


Here's a picture of Chestnut food to fill space:

Freshly cooked pasta every day!
You pick out add-ins at a salad bar styled table, bring it to the lunch ladies, choose a pasta & sauce and they cook it right in front of your eyes :] It's a huuuuge portion too.

01 September 2012


^(tower of god: affectionately known as chestnuts to floor guardians)
hence the pun for me moving into res.

All finished packing; one year in 2 suitcases, 2 cardboard boxes, and a large bag. Brought 3 stuffed animals (rabbit, mickey and mocha) in case I'm as emotional tomorrow as I am now.
On one hand, I've been anticipating this day since middle school haha. Being an grown up university student, with the freedom of living on my own, having the greatest time of my life (supposedly), etc etc. But right now I just feel that I'll miss everything and everyone too much. Was pretty upset at the movies (Premium Rush, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt!) yesterday because it would be months before I saw some of them again. And today my mom gave me a letter with feelings & advice for my "adult" life, had a hard time holding my tears in while reading that (crying in front of people is awkward...).

See I'm not a robot.
Though I saw this video and felt a lot better: