10 July 2012


Off to the land of

I go

09 July 2012

leaving on a jet plane

^been a year since Shaaaad T_T"

Anyways, a little catch up post before flying off.

Last gathering at Nicks was funnn. As with all of our gatherings/sleepovers, there were fireworks and little sleep. Was surprised that I managed to sleep in the cold basement crammed on a small sofa with few other people, but guess Austin has it worse xD

There was another trip to Snakes and Latte (a cafe where you play boardgames) prior to Janice's departure. Actually ordered a beverage this visit:

Chai tea! I didn't find it that good tasting, though it'd be very much welcomed in the winter (spice+milk+honey <3). Played a bunch of games as well: Taboo (prefer Catchprase, but both is rly fun), Cranium Pop (famous movie...TITANIC!), Linq (ehhh), and King of Tokyo. Still waiting for Ryan to get back so we can play Catan *u*

Otherwise time is spent diligently massacring turtles in ffxiii. No trap yet -o-" And can't decide between getting Hope's or Vanille's final weapon, Hope is a good syn and sab (for mobs) but Vanille has higher hp and is cheaper since her tier 2 is already starred.

08 July 2012

dark room

Just finished watching Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona, good film ;D

I feel that all of his films have a certain tone of truth and reality that rings throughout them. Other movies (ie. Avatar) achieve the different objective of allowing us to escape to a fantasy world, and making me think that "woah I'd like to be part of that". On the other hand, the ending of Vicky Cristina Barcelona makes me think more along the lines of "real life's good too".

Song's amazing too.
^first purchase on itunes, yay for Apple's back to school deal!

05 July 2012

Cowboy Bebop

(Kevin, you are forever cool for signing off with that line in my yearbook)

Bebop is amazing, I love it just as much as I love Honey & Clover. (No competition between the two since their genres are completely different.) I put off watching the last 2 episodes for weeks because it would be way too awkward to sob at my laptop screen when parents were home.

It's soundtrack is amazing. In fact I'll be using those tracks as filler posts for when I'm in China. The OP sequence is legendary, in the words of another tumblr user: "I can't take top-opening-songs lists seriously if they don't include Bebop". I also really like the ED sequence, found it to be very similar to Black Blood Brothers. Shipping Spike x Julia since ep 1 ED ;D

It's characters are amazing. SPIKE IS SO COOL. He ranks in tier 1 along with Iacrus (ares), and Sanzo (saiyuki). The other members are fleshed out as well, with at least 2 episodes dedicated to their back stories. I couldn't really relate to Ed's, but both Jet's and Faye's were great. The video of little Faye was especially touching.

It's plot is amazing. Like H&C, it possesses a great balances of the drama with comedic relief. There's a lot of running jokes that, along with the overarching backstory of each character's past, ties each episode's story together. Individually, each episodes' story is also interesting (sometimes outrageous and sometimes existential (I ended up using quite a few of Bebop's lines in my english summative ;D)) But above all, the ending is spectacular! Everything is neatly wrapped up and oh my gosh Spike's last scene:

All the feels e_____e"

I still have the movie left to watch, maybe after I calm down some more.

03 July 2012

mexican hat diagrams

I was going to make a post on Cowboy Bebop (I will, swear. It's sooooo good!) until I found this blog amidst all the anticipation for CERN's seminar tomorrow. Popular belief is that the Higgs Particle has been found!! *cue The God Particle book, which began my interest in physics*
But woah, that is exciting. We're so lucky to live during a time where new discoveries are happening ;D

Back to my many opened tabs of Quantum Diaries, I feel less guilty about neglecting the Feynman book now.

I couldnt get thr webcast to load, so stuck reading liveblogs D:
Why the Higgs boson is the “God particle”: It gives us mass. Mass is the fundamental unit of Catholicism.