30 June 2012

ride warriors

Wonderland funnnn.
This place is the epitome of summer with the cummer (and now haig) crew.

Leviathan looks really nice in the sunset haha.
The ride itself was alright; it's pretty much a copy of behemoth, down to the seat design. Still fun though ;D Also went on Wind Seeker, which has everything I like about Drop Zone (the height) and none that I don't (the actual drop). It's a dramatic way to admire the scenery rather than a thrilling ride.

Going to wonderland is always so tiring afterwards, and it royally messes up one's eating schedule. Milk and banana bread at 8 carried me all the way through 4 slices of pizza at 5 (it's a good life sitting by the pavement wolving down pizza slices with friends and cursing sea gulls), followed by a frosty (99cents all summer long! Beats dollar drink days yehhh) at 10, and a giant bowl of watermelon when I finally got home at 11:30 (there's always room for watermelon) :]

28 June 2012

mine fujiko

Finished the new Lupin series (a prequel-ish?), it's a pretty daring departure from the original.


(The music is the same as the OP, pretty unique choice xD)

Summary from ANN:
Many people are falling prey to a suspicious new religion. Lupin III infiltrates this group, hoping to steal the treasure their leader keeps hidden. There he lays eyes on the beautiful, bewitching woman who has the leader enthralled. This is the story of how fashionable female thief Fujiko Mine first met Lupin III, the greatest thief of his generation.
I haven't watched too many episodes of the original series, but this series is a lot darker & NSFW. It's very episodic, but bits and pieces of Fujiko's past are revealed to tie the whole series together. I'm actually surprised that they managed to conclude her story so neatly and set up the character relationships (Lupin & Jigen) for the original. Another bonus is how they've retained each character's coolness.

And the ending song, soooo gooooood. Especially the opening notes *u*

Couldn't find the full version on youtube, but here's a link to it.

26 June 2012

pour vial 3

Saw Brave today with Grace!

Pixar is really good at tugging one's emotions. We were sobbing near the ending even though, by the merit of the movie's genre, the queen was obviously going to be alright. Was still very touching ;_; The far shots of the landscape looked stunning too!

Spent a long catching up with Grace afterwards, ahh I missed her. She's a Waterloser D:

25 June 2012

is not, therefore is

Tumblr redesign, whoo! (hurray for minimal html knowledge)
Overall theme is a really popular minimalistic one, but the header ;D

(the image on the bottom is of the Barheim Passage, my most detested area in FFXII)

The image was made because I wanted to move main blogs, but that turned out to be too big of a hassle @_@" Sticking with Karmatic, and yah-rly...gosh I have no clue why I chose that as the original name.
The next iteration of this blog was going to be called "New Day +", which I first came up with while brainstorming ideas for Full Credits haha. It applies the concept of a NG+ (the next, more difficult, run through of a game after you beat it the first time), to getting through the days in life.

I was really excited and ended up going through 61 pages of my tumblr with my mom. There's a looot of Venice photos in there. Also made her promise to watch all of my Shinkai and Miyazaki films hehe ;D

24 June 2012


My elder cousin is such a nice, warm, welcoming person T_T" She is grace-level nice. 
Can't wait to go back and see her.

Also can't believe I haven't posted any Jay Chou songs in such a long time. His latest album has been on replay on my phone for a while, so without further ado :]

(inception is awesome >D)
我用琴键移动 决定你一生的内容

黑帽戴上 穿着横条毛衣 再配上手套
接着走在一遍雾里 我不是那佛莱迪
我用音乐这武器 进入你梦里 指导你演戏

传来一声哎呦 睡了太久
睡了太熟 小心秘密 被我偷走
心事泄漏 全被我看透
不过请别担心 我不是李奥纳多
不会一层又一层的把梦 偷偷盗走

我弹琴设陷阱向你 缓缓的逼近

这场赌局 请相信我 你很难赢
歌声魅影 你深深的被吸引
闭上眼睛脑海风景 已经开始飞行

意志再再坚定 再多冷静再多任性
我所弹的热情跟着节奏 温柔跟着我

我用琴键移动 决定你一生的内容

我弹琴设陷阱向你 缓缓的逼近
我弹琴谈感情 让你慢慢的上瘾


This song brings a new level of difficulty to following Jay Chou's lyrics "orz

22 June 2012


Since everyone else is in the midst of course selection stress, I figured I would plot out my upper year courses as well. The result after going through APSC course calendar:

I feel intimidated just looking at that.
There's surprisingly little math courses, but I'm in civil so it's not actually unexpected. Second year has the fullest load, though with courses that interest me. Third year, on the other hand, is a mix of like (municipal) and dislikes (geotechnical & water). Then again, I'm likely to be totally wrong and end up enjoying those courses, hopefully. Forth year was a pain to choose for, 3 years of nearly no electives and suddenly I have to cram all my minor courses in. Really unsure about Fusion (especially this one, since upper year nsci students also take this e_e") and Nuclear, I have pretty much no foundation in those courses.
Pfft, and I thought I would be able to do a minor in physics. No way in hell I could fit those courses in @_@ Did have enough for a certificate in Preventative Engineering (opps, misspelling in the spreadsheet), though I don't quite know what it is. Initially wanted to do the Global certificate instead, but again couldn't fit the courses in.

With the spreadsheet done, I suffered a brief panic stemming from all the doubts that comes with any sort of planning. It boils down to whether I should be filling my electives with courses that interest me, or ones that are of use. While the two criteria are not mutually exclusive in principle, in this case it's physics (for free electives) and unrelated social science courses (for HSS electives) vs. courses that will get me a minor and certificates. It's not sacrificing interest for an expensive piece of paper either, since I do like the minor/certificate courses...it's more like leveling up secondary roles vs primary ones (woah, acurate ffxiii analogy haha). In efforts to rationalize my decision, I won't have room to take the higher level physics courses (eg. Introduction to High Energy Physics *u*) anyways.
Annnd I felt that the debate in my head is going no where and decided to blankly stare down from my balcony instead. Perks of living up high~ Will save this for times when I can't fall asleep.

In other news, got my student card! And I look normal in the picture, won't have to awkwardly cover the photo corner with my thumb for 5 years whoo!

17 June 2012

crystal stasis

Final Fantasy 13, doneeeee. 3rd jrpg I've managed to finish.

It's such a pretty game, graphics (especially Amano's logo illustrations *u*) and music wise. The characters have good interactions between them too. My complaints are the same as everyone else, it's a line until chapter 11. And the only side quests beyond the main story are missions, would have liked to see something similar to xii's bazaar system.

The final dungeon before Orphan was pretty hard, especially since bosses reappeared as normal monsters wth. And Orphan, so much wasted time, I think I was just stupid not to poison him and buff myself.

So now to farm some more, kill turtles, and if I feel completionist enough, do all the missions.

Another pretty picture to motivate me to continue farming e_e"

ps. SE, where is versus xiii! "orz

16 June 2012


Not done done, but done. Cheat sheet for physics, 2ez.

Time in indulge in the materialistic delights that I have obtained in the past few weeks.

A photo of the actual Fuji x10.
I admit that I bought it based on it's looks, isn't the rangefinder aesthetic beautiful? ;D I blame Most ExeRent for exposing me to these types of cameras (Leica M9 *u*). Appearances aside, the image quality is really good too. I find the colours to be more saturated than my old Sony point-and-shoot, which I personally prefer, and obviously image is sharper from the better sensor. Lastly, it's pretty cool that you twist the lense to turn the camera on/off xD
In depth review of the x10 from Digital Photography Reviews.

I was really happy to get a new camera, but the real treat is with my new macbook air <3

Fedex is really amazing, this thing got shipped to me in 2 days. It was in Shanghai when I check the first morning, and by afternoon it was in Alaska. Granted it's because of the timezone difference, but faaaaast. They're also responsible. For unknown reasons, my apartment number was not relayed to Fedex, so a representative called me to obtain the information. Normally I think I would have needed to pick-up my parcel from a Fedex location, but it arrived at my door just a few hours later.
But enough of the delivery, though I probably scared the concierge a little with my excitement when picking it up, unboxing!

D'aaaawwwwwwwww.  The value of their products may be debatable (totally worth the premium price in my opinion), but there's no denying Apple's great packaging skills. Even my mom agrees xD

A thickness comparison between the 2012 air (well, it's the same as the 2011 in terms of dimensions) and the 2007 macbook. There's also a huuuuuge speed difference, but that's a given. Love how my apps launch in a second (difference is especially prominent in photoshop). The only complaint I have is that the magsafe power connector seems to come off more easily.

To elaborate on why I pay so much for Apple products, they're so easy to use. I was able to transfer all my settings and files from the macbook to air with a few clicks. Was really surprised to find that the same tabs in Firefox were open on both computers after booting the air up (or is this the browser's ability?).
Only work I had to do was to go through all of animepaper and interfacelift to replace my wallpapers. Spent like 3 hours doing that, such messed up priorities haha. But to stay with just the default choices is telling any normal women that she can only wear one pair of shoes (oh the horrors!), though I think I'll be able to stick with this Honey & Clover one if forced to.
And speaking of wallpapers, this site has really artsy iDevice ones.


And finally, more evidence that Chinese food is awesome:


14 June 2012


7 straight hours of calc at the library...
Not gonna do well "orz

13 June 2012


生在四川好有口副哦 ;D
Can't wait to go back!

Another random picture inb4 cramming for calc.

11 June 2012

blue jeans

Oh Apple, I wish I had more money for you to take.
WWDC (live blog) was exciting, NEW MACBOOKPRO!! Thinner body (a la the Air) and retina display! I was literally cheering for the duration of the MBP presentation. Then the price tag came up and I decided I rather spend the addition $800 somewhere else.
So decision now comes to 13" Air or 13" Pro. Same price, one has the advantage of portability while the other has pretty nice specs. *Impatiently waits for the Apple site to be updated*

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs have similar presentation outfits haha. Cook just swapped the turtleneck for a button down.


Chem study time is also spent looking for a new backpack for uni & medium sized cross body for trip.

Goruck Echo was my first choice, but it's waaay too expensive. I love the minimalistic aesthetics of it & the tested durability. Never would I have to worry about dragging it on the floor, nor throwing it across my room. Honestly I should treat my belongings better, especially shoes (my oxfords are sooo scratched up now T_T"). New first choice is the Drifter Day Pack, which I found after an entire afternoon on Carryology. It's made from the same fabric & looks similar enough. Though it doesn't seem to have a padded laptop compartment @_@"

As for cross body bag, I have even less luck. Can I please win the lottery so I can get a Mulberry Alexa? Though I can just use my trusty ol' Fossil one, which has so far carried me through Gritaly and Shad. It's a tad heavy for my liking though, shoulders end up hurting by the end of the day D:

yeah I should acquire a source of income soon.

10 June 2012

Cargo Cult Science

More wisdom from Feyman! Hands down the best commencement speech I've heard (topping Steve Job's).

It's so true that we're being taught in schools that it's more important to get the desired results than to stay faithful to what the data represents. Error analysis is just a section that you need to bs a few paragraphs in. This is evident in sooo many people fudging their results for the physics summative, and I'm guilty of it myself too (gosh that chem experiment was just soooo bad).
But never too late to start, I will try my best to live by this scientific integrity principle. 

Link to the xkcd comic shown in the video & another one about Nash (You should watch A Beautiful Mind, it's so touching *u*).

09 June 2012


Summer days are for lazing around and not being chased of thoughts of should-be-studying-chem.

06 June 2012

instant vitamin

I wonder how I ever managed to keep this blog for 4 years with my current level of motivation to update. Guess my life was a lot more interesting durr.
Or I would like to think, I had much less work <_<"

*except the exams. That's a big except.
Fuuuu I'm gonna fail <_<" SES is on fri and I've only made notes. Chem is on wed, screwed regardless. Math is next friday, I will force myself to do practice problems. Physics, cheatsheet yeeeeeh.

But I don't care, e-e-e-e-eh e-e-eh.
Oh gosh I'll stop. Been too emotional lately (Rui can verify that, but she'll probably laugh).

Random catch-ups:
  • Finally found the UT 1T6 Engineering group, fun chatting with my future classmates sufferers. It'll be excitinnnnng!
  • Dad came to visit & brought looks of goodies. Like my taobao order and this camera <3

  • Fujifilm X10! Thank you kind parents. Not baller enough for the X100 lol, also too good for me (applies to Leica M9, but that's far too unrealistic). Haven't gotten the chance to play around with it, that'll have to wait until after math exam ;_; 
  • Anime this season has been really good. They're my 20 minute salvation from reality school <3 Sakamichi was amazing at the beginning, but I think Space Brothers wins the top spot overall. The episodes has been consistently dramatic and hilarious haha. Awesome music from all the series too, think I'll use those to fill up the blog.
  • So much FC work to do e__e" But we're getting there! And once we do, it will be amazing Donna will kill us all if it isn't ;D
  • Major vacation items, flights and hotels, has been set! Now onto the hard part of itinerary planning. Mom does not share my preference for spontaneity laziness.
Used strike-through way too many times this post.
YEARBOOK TOMORROW YAY. Alex you better start thinking now :]

05 June 2012

Mocha and chocolate

Being sentimental sucks/i suck at being sentimental.


In other news, all done except for exams! Had fun sitting in the sun, pre-exam destressss :)
Though my cold isnt going away, in fact the coughing is getting worse e_e