31 May 2012

Dear immune system:

You give my non-existent alcohol capacity a run for its money.

You suck.


edit: beeeeeing sick suuuuucks.
and this is why I have a blog. To whine to the internet :]

29 May 2012


There's 7 days of school left yet I still see so many seniors in the library during lunch "orz
the end is near/I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  • 1 summative left, rather 7 more reflective journals e_e" 
  • 1 more presentation, let's not mess up on the light clock explanation. 
  • 1 more test, fuuuuu I'm so screwed for vectors.
but look! I saw a hot air balloon outside my window!
(weeks ago, but still)
wheeeeee almost done school~

26 May 2012


My general trend of expectations for an upcoming event is as follows: YAYYAYAYYY CAN'T WAIT progresses into durr it's coming up to ugh I don't wanna go, why is it next week/tomorrow to oh hey it's actually not bad and finally to heh that was fun xD

Prom is no exception to the mood swings above.

Throughout grade 9 to early parts of grade 12, prom is THE event of life up until now. (Katie probably remembers me as the girl who was way too excited for it). The image is that it will be this magical evening when everything is perfect.
Then prom dress shopping arrived, accompanied by so much stress -o-. And luckily I ended up really liking my dress, so big crisis averted. Unfortunately, shoe shopping was a lot more painful and time consuming. However, the pair I ended up getting is amazing <3 My feet hurt so much by the end of the night but it is so worth it. I definitely waaaay overspent on prom, but it did end up being fun.

Photos are up on facebook, but here's one from my mom's over enthusiasm beforehand:
My dress isn't really shown, but shooooooooes <3 Oh I also really liked my nails, but both details aren't in any photos T_T 

The actual event was pretty normal, lots of photo taking, chicken/potatoes/vegetables for main course (does it ever stray from this formula?), and really loud music. I was being stupid and took most of my photos inside with horrendous lighting, so apologies to future me for that all I will see is blurry black outlines. Dancing, or rather waving arms around randomly, afterwards was fun. Succeeded in dragging Kelly to dance, but most of the guys were awkwardly standing there with hands in their pockets D< PARTYPOOPERS. There was also a really awkward attempt to hint to the dj to play slow songs by slow dancing to club music right in front of the stage, oh gosh xD Eventually he took the hint and all the couples were happy.

We left right after some slow songs and headed to Jasons for afterprom. I don't quite recall how we were awake all the way till 4, but probably a combination of eating, video games, truth or dare, mahjong, and half asleep (or in the case of others, half drunk) chats. Repeat activities for a description of the next day, but with the added awesomeness of Cranium. Honestly the best party game ever! Jason had a streak of lucky rolls, Ryan didn't know who Elvis is, and Roy and Alex, I don't even... though Mel and I were pretty beast at Blue Mountain ;D So many* laughs haha.

But now I pay for sleeping so little time "orz

22 May 2012

hawking radiation

I am definitely not keener enough.

This realization came ages ago, but is recently slapped in the face with it again from browsing physics forum. Specially, the "Best way to learn QM comprehensively" thread.
I feel beat, motivated, and pretty scared.

So goal now is to not slack in vectors, review Calc I in the summer and make sure I UNDERSTAND (not just know) everything. Try to learn Calc II and watch some open courseware on physics in the summer. Decide on trying to minor in physics and hopefully in the process figure out whether I want to pursue nuclear or civil engineering.
In all honestly I have no idea. I want to build smart infrastructure to save environment/improve urban areas, but I also find high energy physics really interesting. Though if I do decide to pursue nuclear I would probably switch majors to electrical / mechanical. But they have bad job prospects!
grahhhh "orz
Added to goals: find profs at UT in relevant fields and obtain info from them.

and I can't believe I've just discovered PF (came across it various times when googling sin problems before), it can be the only site I visit and I'll still be happy. Lurking forums is an addiction haha. 

(link to a rly good explanation of the standard model for future reference. It's like a 90s flash version of The God Particle haha "Life is just a neat example of electromagnetic force")

21 May 2012

Everyone dies

House finale in 2 hours, eek @_@"
finally watched Spirited Away too. but HOUSE FINALE  "orz

a succinct summary is 'wtf'. I cannot believe House did that.
and I'm not sure how I feel about the ending. Like it's as happy as it can be (was sooooooo expecting Cameron and Chase to get back together, but no "orz, oh and CHASE PLAYS THE VIOLIN. so hot).
now my monday nights will be empty ;_;


19 May 2012


Durr it feels like it's been summative season since forever. Been working on them since April "orz

Physics - done, don't think it went well though
Chem - almost done. CFCs are a pain to relate to the curriculum, they don't react e_e"
Earth & Space - presentations are so stressful and bothersome.
English - reflections, kill me now. SAP reflections were bad enough already.
Tech - drawing after drawing after drawings. No more free periods ;_;

(and next week is essentially a break, 2 days of school yehh).

Continuing with the cheery note,
fullcredits.ca is launched! Check out our facebook page as well :]
In short, Full Credits is a website that provides high school students with resources that assist them in preparing for post-secondary education. We have university supplementary forms, various program application forms, and helpful articles.
Been working on this since November last year and still sooooo much left to do. Goal is the have a good amount of content by September in time for the next year's applicants. Follow our progress via fb/twitter/rss!

annnnd lastly, got a $10000 (well technically 7k for first year) scholarship from Waterloo! I would be so much happier if UT offered me a similar amount "orz Really crappy feeling having to reject loo's offer.

18 May 2012

standard molar enthalpies of formation

Should really write a catch-up post...tomorrow ;D
Tonight I cram in as much chem as possible, or at least finish editing and formatting Ryan's part. Lots more work piled up for tomorrow e_e"

Song obsession of the night/fuel for work:
Found via reading Wakeup Deadman. I'm pretty much only following it for the songs referenced, and the author's previous work, which I found the ending to be very wtf.

Every time I close my eyes... it's you
And I know now who I am
Yeah yeah yeah
And I know now

There's a place I go when I'm alone
Do anything I want, be anyone I wanna be
But it is us I see
And I cannot believe I'm falling

That's where I'm going, where are you going
Hold it close, won't let this go
Dream catch me yeah
Dream catch me when I fall
Or else I won't come back at all

You do so much
that you don't know... it's true
And I know now who I am
Yeah yeah yeah
And I know now
There's a place I go when I'm alone
Do anything I want, be anyone I wanna be
But it is us I see
And I cannot believe I'm falling

That's where I'm going, where are you going
Hold it close, won't let this go
Dream catch me yeah
Dream catch me when I fall
Or else I won't come back at all

See you as a mountain
a fountain of God
See you as a descant soul
in the setting sun
you as a sound just as silent as none
I'm young

There's a place I go when I'm alone
Do anything I want, be anyone I wanna be
But it is us I see
And I cannot believe I'm falling

There's a place I go when I'm alone
Do anything I want, be anyone I wanna be
But it is us I see
And I cannot believe I'm falling

That's where I'm going, where are you going
Hold it close, won't let this go
Dream catch me, yeah
Dream catch me when I fall
Or else I won't come back at all

15 May 2012


Mandopop interlude

Found this randomly going through the top100 charts on sogou. Such a shame that I'm geo-blocked from baidu's mp3 @_@"

所吹起的一阵烟 袅袅柔柔
净化的微光星火 闪烁着

一跃而过了骚动 自成节奏



14 May 2012

holding on

Woah, House episode was just heart breaking. I spent the better part of the episode in tears.
Though now the content of the finale is pretty clear, grah next Monday will be so bittersweet.

If anyone knows the song that House plays on the piano near the end of the episode, I would very much appreciate a link. Darn not bookmarking the only site I've ever come across listing the music featured in each episode. 

13 May 2012

brunch: mother's day

Food and flowers is always a winning combination.

Spinach and eggs on bagel.

Flowers...yeah forgot to take photos till a few minutes ago, and by now lighting is terrible @_@"But look at the nice photo of the bagel sandwich! Hands down best quality from my phone so far, in it's unedited glory ;D


completely unrelated: going through cowboy bebop's tag on tumblr, cannot handle my feelings e_e" I haven't watched an episode since last friday cause I'm too afraid to finish it. gahhhhhhh.

09 May 2012

snake and dragons

Next installment of Bebop music ;D
1 hour of summative work, rest of the night dedicated to finishing the series, good plan. (it's okay, will finish chem tmrw and ses saturday. tis the plan anyways).

But more importantly, bebop!
Ep 5's ending was amazing. The falling out of cathedral scene *u* The song played during the fall is pretty good , but I prefer the one accompanying Spike's entrance:

08 May 2012

sleeping beast

Cowboy Bebop is how I'm getting through my load of work. The soundtrack is amazing <3
k will refrain from talking about it until I finish the series. This is one of the rare case that I'm trying to pace the episodes so I don't go into withdrawal before any major assignment is due e_e"

Kevin and Jason must do a live performance of this:


07 May 2012

Post Mortem

I see no way that House finale can not be tragic.

Gonna stay home Victoria day and mentally prepare myself for the finale e_e" Will probably bury myself in my bedsheets and not be able to handle my feelings.

spoilers, don't highlight:
Like good for him that he's advancing his career, but noooooo T_T he was the only member of the original team left! His departure is like a arrow right through the heart.
and WILSON. graaaaaah T_T His bantering with House was one of the reasons why I kept watching the show. WHY IS EVERY CHAR DYING/LEAVING (to the end the show, but I choose to ignore this fact). First Cameron and Thirteen, Cuddy, then Dominca, and now CHASE AND WILSON. "orz 
Hnng *in denial*

Lol I was going through my archives and came across myself complaining that the season 6 finale (when House and Cuddy got together) was too happy. Oh how that has come to bite me in the back.

05 May 2012


Tracking tags of various cities on tumblr is a great way to mental travel.
Kyoto and Venice are so so alluring. I just may try to balance a part time job with studying engineering next year. Want to visit so badly T_T"

The lust is somewhat stabilized by this amazing video of Venice:

Full screen please, the quality is amazing!

04 May 2012

may(the)force(be with you)

I don't know.
The morning was excellent, the perfect mix of warm winds, sunshine, and amazing smell of wet grass. Something pleasant in the week of english/physics/english/chem.

Something else I would take with me if the house was burning

(current preference of photos are the kind with saturated colours)

Random mentions:
  • Wire man is from gracidear <3 Think it was from a grade 8 project?
  • Stack of special coins/ones made from my birth year (narcissism ;D)
  • Keys to a blank, locked diary, the notebook itself probably lost. 
  • Bicycle charms, newly added to commemorate today.
  • Crystals (real and fake) from best friend in China. 
  • Harvest from my first ever bean plant. 
  • Traditional stamp with my name, too bad I have nothing to use it on.
The box is pretty too.

03 May 2012

play ball!

A dash of awesomeness in my otherwise "must do work every waking moment of the day" weekend (k no, it's nowhere as bad as dem IB kids. hi sarah).
aka back to music filler posts


the trumpet part is so nice *u* and YUKI in general haha.
now to search for ED and also Lupin ED.

01 May 2012


This is really cute haha, thank you Ryan :]
(Honey and Clover reference, shame if you don't get it <_<")