30 April 2012

distinctive voices

"orz omg
Finally done pre-writing essay for IRP exam. Being in the dip is a terrifying experience, though I'm still highly skeptical that I interpreted the question correctly. Oh well, done is done.

It somehow managed to include everything I've learned in the year so far. Defense mechanisms to cope with isolation (from Prufrock), existential overtones (you must create your own identity), Hamlet essay (structure)....oh my "orz. I repeat, oh well, done is done.

Except I'm not actually done "orz Gotta memorize all 1297 words of it ;D (minus quotations, which makes it significantly shorter lol. Though still within word range, first time ever for in-class writing lol). And after that, a presentation based on novel study. whoohooo e_e

28 April 2012


Still stuck on English IRP, but at least I'm done worrying over prom :)

Dress - check
Shoes - check (this was much more stressful than getting the dress. Though my sales assistant was extremely nice <3)
Accessories - my own, yay saving money

Make-up and hair: durrr. Really tempted to just do my own make-up. $50 at MACs is a lot, especially considering that I rather get cosmetics back in asia... Hair wise, the style I want is pretty simple. Famfriends salon or just friends doing each others hair xD

Should be a fun night :)

26 April 2012

Sakamichi no Apollon

Favourite anime this season ;D Must must must watch!
(thanks again Kenn, I can't imagine missing out on this e_e")

It's so refreshing and heart warming ;D (cue Renje from Ouran. And Kaoru resembles Kyoya's appearance too xD)

Additional coincidence (err not really a coincidence, unsure of a more accurate word though) is that it airs in the Noitamina timeslot! So many series that highly regard aired in this slot, going by the wiki list:
  • Honey and Clover (needs no elaboration)
  • Paradise Kiss (Did not watch the anime, but manga was great)
  • Nodame Cantabile
  • Moyashimon 
  • Eden of the East (<3)
  • Saraiya Goyou (underrated, plot and character development was amazing)
  • AnoHana
  • UN-GO (ughhhhhh, I need to find the prequel!)
Should also watch Korra and catch up on Cowboy Bepop & older seasons of Lupin, goodbye scholarships~

24 April 2012

Ay theres the rub

A sure sign that English has gotten to you is when every phrase that vaguely, whether it was intended to or not, alludes to Hamlet stands straight out. I count at least 4 incidences in a book about cosmology "orz
Granted there were references to other books as well, so its not as bad @_@

The epilogue of the book contained a question asked by Einstein. He asked whether god had a choice in creating the universe the way it is. Reminds me of Sirens Of Titan (Vonnegut). Recently finished that too, twas good. Similar to Hitchhikers, but makes infinitely more sense. Lots of good quotations in there :)

Day feels complete with bedtime stories haha.

23 April 2012

body and soul

Spoiler-ishs for the latest episode of house:
if thats not the definition of your life falling apart...don't think much can top wife moving out, possible misdiagnose, and best friend announcing he has cancer. 
The last part was pretty random, in the last moment Wilson was just like "yeah I have stage 2 thyroid cancer". 

tv/anime schedule:
thurs->Big Bang Theory
sun->Space Brothers & GCB (with additional bonus of ToG release, good day~)

20 April 2012


Reason why I considered environmental engineering for quite a while:

19 April 2012

coulda woulda

rly random time to reminisce haha.
we had so many things we wanted to do together


17 April 2012


Was planning on attacking English tonight, but headache provides an convenient reason to procrastinate.
/Hamlet is way beyond me.
edit: DONE BODY PARAGRAPHS. CAN SLEEP IN PEACE NOW. (and ToG chpt just released, life is goooood.)

So instead I browsed through the Muji catalog.
Muji is love <3
It's even more awesome than Ikea. Y u no have Canadian stores T_T (totally my hide out of choice in a zombie apocalypse).

Their furniture is pretty similar to Ikea's, except everything comes in modular format so you can easily customize it *u* The aesthetics are perfectly my taste too, it's a dream come true haha.
(goal: obtain internship in Asia)

However, the best section is the stationary (completely biased as I've never used their other products before) <3 Especially the gel pens, all self control vapourizes at the sight of those. Gonna get some a ridiculous amount of back-ups of blue, green, and pink. Maybe pick up some coloured markers and pencil crayons (a certain person never returned mine :p), notebooks, word cards, washi tape, folders...
I am so going to be broke (this and skin care products). Thought there's many addictions that are more destructive than stationary.


8 weeks of school left, hurrr.

14 April 2012

.357 magnum

Lupin OST is fantastic work music.

Gonna be so sad when June report cards come out T_T Guess I won't be slacking for exams.

12 April 2012

Ni no Kuni

Just take my money already.
Too bad the release got delayed to early 2013, hopes of playing it during winter break is shattered T_T"


 The art & music (omg so epic near the end) is amaaaazing. Fulfills my dream of exploring a Ghibli world.


Battle system looks intense too, though it kinda reminds me of ffxiii's (switching summons = paradigm shifts).

10 April 2012


^yeahh never happened ._."

I'm as bad as ever in English. Let's just hope that suffering through this essay will pay off like last time.
(and crap, chem test, chem lab, physics summative report, hehehee).

More mandopop love <3
Haha I remember, long long ago, when Grace was downtown and just WALKED PAST an FIR signing "orz Sighhhhh.

夜 从天空悄悄滑落
是谁呢 痛得那么沉默

我 以为把幸福上锁
是谁呢 把窗推开 风卷走了爱

为你哭的泪 每一颗闪烁
头也不回 义无反顾 从不后悔深深爱过
头也不回 义无反顾 从不后悔深爱过
为你笑的泪 每一颗闪烁
‘Cause I love you so
最美的爱 不是紧握 我们早拥有

当 心跌碎了以后
我还努力拼凑 你给的梦

09 April 2012


Long weekend is so nice, time to anticipate summer vacation ;D
Essay outline is also somehow complete too, whoo! Real work starts now haha...ha e_e"

shoutout to Sarah: sorry I lost the awesome gif of our dakgalbi. Shoulda recorded another one of you making that stupid heart <_<"

05 April 2012


Relaxing isn't very relaxing if there's always a panicking feeling in your heart that all the work you're not currently doing is going to come back and kick your ass later.
(of course the instinct is right)

"orz 11.5 years of caring for your grade conditions you quite well.
hyperbolic time chamber y u no consumer electronic!

04 April 2012


It it such a beautiful day outside

and yet I am stuck keeping these company

Someone please tell me engineering has a lighter reading load.

03 April 2012


When I get my own place to renovate, there will be a corner in my room reserved for a blanket fort to hide and sulk in.

Seriously? Mistake in first derivative? How the hell...

02 April 2012

two long nights to think it over

More music to fill up the hole in posting schedule. I actually had stray thoughts from the YLF that was going to constitute something on Sunday, but that obviously went out the window.

Regardless ;D

The days,  
Two long days to go,
And I said,  
"follow short"
For reasons I don't know.
You want to go?
I'll tell you that it's my fault. 
I want to tell you cause I could wake. 
No, I could wake, no I could shake you up. 
On a day, no I could shake you up.
I said.
No I could shake you up.

Oh you know I met you by surprise.
Oh you know I met you by surprise.
It takes two long nights to think it over,  
It takes two long strides to keep it my way.
I want to fall asleep
Don't want to cover.
I don't want to be, I just want to say.
It's just too hard with your leaving.
Forget the absence
It's the patience I loathe
And if you kiss,  
Don't look away.
We'll go back-to-back.
We'll go back-to-back.

Oh you know I met you by surprise.
Oh you know I met you by surprise.