08 October 2011


You know something is causing you stress when it starts appearing in your dreams "orz

sigh scholarships & the extracurriculars that I took because of them. The fun and motivation diminishes proportionally to the amount of other work you have.

To be perfectly honest, I did waste quite some hours cause of the iPhone 4S. Some hours include the 3 that I spent yesterday looking for a case for it. That was not a good use of time. At least I was successful at stopping myself from researching apps, which could have easily consumed another evening.

Anyways! Still have yet to make my final of the Ingeniosity ft. Half Full, coffee break ver. But look at Sarah & Maggie's! Aren't they cute? ;D

Here's my prototype, I promise it will look a millions times better.

I have been making daily upgrades on the tumblr though! ;D Go check that out, especially this video and the Epik High Coffee song hahaa xD

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