31 October 2011


This files under "want so badly but can never afford it unless I win the lottery"
(watch in HD)

Ah Venice, I want back T_T

30 October 2011

post secondary

Went to UofT campus day with a pretty packed schedule, came home with a dilemma.

Chemical or Civil?

If I pick chemical, I would minor in sustainable energy and then pursue a graduate degree in nuclear engineering (or some other energy/industrial related field. Process? Pharmaceuticals?) If I choose civil, I would lean more towards the business side (minor in engineering business or get an MBA) and work as a sustainability consultant (specializing in urban planning? Or do restoration work on heritage sites, but that's less realistic). It wouldn't be hard to work as a consultant with a chemical degree, and I can focus on the facilities of a nuclear plant if I decide on civil.

Also not the end of the world if I don't choose the right one, first year courses are pretty much the same for all of engineering, so switching majors won't be toooooo hard. 

Advantages of Chemical:
  • More theoretical / closer to fundamental sciences.
  • More job security
  • Higher pay (industrial / energy sectors)
  • Broader range of job opportunities / more specializations. (Though civil has a lot too)
  • Courses sound more fun learning about concrete/steel.
Disadvantages of Chemical:
  • If I do choose to work in industrial / energy sector, won't likely to be located in a major city. 
  • Probably more competitive. This is solely based on the fact that the chemical presentation was located in a bigger room. As well, my chem mark is currently my lowest, I'll still get in, but omg it's gonna look bad "orz

Advantages of Civil:
  • More prepared, I did think this is what I wanted to do for 4 years. 
  • Pretty buildings ;_;
  • Get to face a wider range of problems. 
  • Can also have good job security/benefits if working for the government. 
Disadvantages of Civil:
  • If not working for the government, job opportunities tied to construction tends which is tied to the economy. Whereas energy is always needed. 
  • If working as consultant, will have to be good at dealing with people e_e
K gonna leave these here, revisit in December and make a decision then. Who knows what could happen in that span on time.

27 October 2011

carbon allotropes

^I will must do well on the next chem test. It's ridiculous how many stupid mistakes I've made in that course. Stupid doesn't even account for how severely preventable those mistakes were "orz Honestly.

But I feel better, thanks to my awesome new phone and another period of art book obsession.

We're made for each other <3 Though I do wish Siri's British voice sounded more fluid.

And if that's not enough money spending, here's two artbooks that I have my sights on.

新海誠美術作品集 空の記憶 ~ The sky of the longing for memories ~
I'd have to say that I'm a bigger Shinkai fan than Ghilbi, probably since I haven't watched alot of the latter's work. Ghilbi artbooks are also harder to find @_@ Most likely going to have to order these through Amazon.cn, unless any of you know a good place in Toronto to find artbooks?

背景画集 草薙 V
Mainly getting this one cause of FFX and XII's background artwook. Sighh, I wouldn't be playing video games if it weren't for these ;_;

25 October 2011


The stress of an English essay is terrible, mainly because I'm terrible at wording. Becoming slightly better at moving past an awkward phrasing and revising it when I'm done the entire piece.

So to catch up on life,

Tried out nail stamping for the first time, with mixed feelings.

(Camera's auto white-balance sucks, and the incandescent setting turns everything else a bit too blue.)

The first stamp (thumb) turned out beautifully, minus my little mistake of not aligning it perfectly. The subsequent fingers were pretty bad though. It was really difficult to pick up the intricate details (the dashed lines between the dots), and that's with the Konad special polish. Not sure if it's because I waited too long, or not long enough @_@" Overall I'd say it's worth it as I will never be able to consistently freehand this level of detail.

Dad brought along the rest of my Taobao order as well ;D

Love Asian snacks, om nom nom nom nom *u* I grew up eating the 3+2 crackers haha.

Pixiv Fantasia III!

There's quite a sad story behind this. Originally, I ordered two artbooks, one of pixiv (this) and one of Honey and Clover. Any one of you can guess which one I was more excited about ;_;" I was terribly disappointed when my mom didn't bring back "an artbook" when she came back from China, therefore all my hopes were pinned on the arrival of my dad. The moment we arrived home from the airport, I opened up his suitcase and scrambled to find my beloved H&C. Hmm, it's not there, slight panic. Turned to ask my parents where the second book was, and received this terrible, terribleee answer "what second book? o_o"
So to the seller of that H&C artbook, I hope you're rotting in a ditch somewhere <_<"

Anyways I'm happy with Pixiv ;D The quality of the bound isn't that great, but who cares, it's gorgeous.


As much as I hate cleaning, organizing stuff is a total delight.

20 October 2011


So I postponed all work because YOU Innovate public voting started.
Is that a good idea? It will be if we win.

so please please vote for Ingeniosity at: http://yitc.e2.myreviewroom.com/vote/142/?search=weijie

Due to some weird reason, they don't actually let you see our video when you vote, so here it is :]

Vote, vote vote!

18 October 2011


10 minutes of escaping from reality.

Baked apple turned out really weird, it kinda exploded... Croissant courtesy of Philsbury.
Caramel & green tea is a great pairing. Green tea with any sweets is a great pairing <3


YOU Innovate video is submitted, all there left to do is bug absolutely everyone to vote on the 20th. And of course UT National.

17 October 2011


More music fillers! Two very different ones too.

Just watched Mononoke Hime, Ghilbi's works are truely beautiful :'D It made my decently bad day all better.

Gonna try to buy all of them on Bluray once I go back to China this summer *u*

Newest study music. The beat is so motivating haha, plus a hint of nostalgia of playing "Video Killed the Radio Star" on DDR.

All ready to slave over YOU Innovate video and English essay. kmn "orz

p.s. Concord grapes are awesomely awesome.

13 October 2011

cross dot

I notice that I've been posting up music due to the lack of other content. Life revolves around getting into university, which revolves around school and extracurriculars, and with hopefully adequate sleep mixed in.

But today was especially nice.
  1. Doing pages upon pages of math review paid off. I think I did well on the test. If advance functions is not messed up, then early acceptance chances are not messed up. Unless of course English is. 
  2. Nerdy jokes are hilarious hahaaa. This is courtesy of my physics teacher, regarding vector multiplication:
    What do you get when you cross a chicken and a turkey? (highlight below)
    chicken turkey sinθ.
    What do you get when you cross a chicken and a mountain climber?
    You can't cross a vector with a scalar!
    And one more video game related one from the comments left on Dark Souls:
    A: sigh I've been here for way too many hours trying to record the map, I have no life.
    B: What do you mean, you play video games, you have plenty of lives!
  3. Caught up with Big Bang Theory. That was a great half an hour.
And now to tackle English essay, so going to fall any in-class writing assignments "orz

11 October 2011

Pretend like there's no world outside

Woah, I've had this song for a long time haha. Alex sent it to me way back in grade 8? Wish I could have a morning like this, guess I'd have to wait for extracurriculars to slow down when December rolls around. Can't you see that it's just raining? Ain't no need to go outside... Baby, you hardly even notice When I try to show you this Song is meant to keep you From doing what you're supposed to. Waking up too early Maybe we can sleep in I'll make you banana pancakes Pretend like it's the weekend now And we could pretend it all the time Can't you see that it's just raining? Ain't no need to go outside But just maybe, laka ukulele Mommy made a baby Really don't mind the breakfast 'cause you're my little lady Lady, lady, love me 'cause I love to lay here lazy We could close the curtains Pretend like there's no world outside And we could pretend it all the time Can't you see that it's just raining? Ain't no need to go outside Ain't no need, ain't no need, mmm, mmm, Can't you see, can't you see? Rain all day, rain all night. The telephone is singing Ringing It's too early Don't pick it up We don't need to we got everything We need right here And everything we need is enough Just so easy When the whole world fits inside of your arms Don't really need to pay attention to the alarm Wake up slow, yeah, wake up slow Baby, you hardly even notice When I try to show you this Song is meant to keep ya From doing what your supposed to Waking up too early Maybe we can sleep in I'll make you banana pancakes Pretend like it's the weekend now And we could pretend it all the time Can't you see that it's just raining? Ain't no need to go outside Ain't no need, ain't no need Rain all day and I really really, really don't mind Can't you see, can't you see? You gotta wake up slow

10 October 2011


Good study music :]
Even if I have absolutely no idea what the song is about.


そっかそりゃ悩むわ~っw なんとかせんと!



好きなの… 好きでしかたないの… 痛いくらい好きなの… ホントに大好きなの…






好きなの… たっくんが好きなの… 黙ってたんだけど… ずっと好きだったの…
好きなの… 夜も眠れないの… 友達じゃダメなの… たっくんが大好きなの…

静かな放課後… 高鳴る鼓動… いつものバスケットコート…
今日は二人だけ…長く伸びた影… コートの神様…時間を止めて…


好きなの… 好きでしかたないの… 痛いくらい好きなの… ホントに大好きなの…
好きなの… 夜も眠れないの… 友達じゃダメなの… たっくんが大好きなの…

09 October 2011

Who is John Molson

^the answer to "who is the first Canadian to build a steamboat, but is more famous for his beverages?"

That question cause my team to tie with another school for Engineering Jeopardy, an event at the Mcmaster Science Olympics. We went into 6 rounds of tie-breaker, and finally to sudden death, which we emerged barely victorious. Although we got the first in our block, our overall score was pretty low and didn't end up getting a place.

The science olympic was really fun :]

My events were in the morning, so I had the rest of the day free to explore the campus. Went to a chemistry demonstration, which are always cool and guaranteed to have liquid nitrogen >D The professor made a silver coated cola bottle that I really wanted T_T I knew the answer to the giveaway question too! My rationalization is that because the guy in front of me and I both raised our hands, the prof thought it would be confusing if he picked one of us, so to be safe, he picked some guy at the front. *pout*

After the demo I grabbed Janice and headed to lunch. Went to Key Bistro due to the strong recommendation of a friend and a random Mac student that we asked for directions from.

Very glad that I listened to them :] The portions are HUGEE! Janice's pizza was larger than the plate itself. A single plate could have easily been split into lunch and dinner, good value haha.

Was so tired by the time we were heading home, 5:30am wake up is pretty brutal XD Overall a fun experience. Can't wait for the other science olympics!

08 October 2011


You know something is causing you stress when it starts appearing in your dreams "orz

sigh scholarships & the extracurriculars that I took because of them. The fun and motivation diminishes proportionally to the amount of other work you have.

To be perfectly honest, I did waste quite some hours cause of the iPhone 4S. Some hours include the 3 that I spent yesterday looking for a case for it. That was not a good use of time. At least I was successful at stopping myself from researching apps, which could have easily consumed another evening.

Anyways! Still have yet to make my final of the Ingeniosity ft. Half Full, coffee break ver. But look at Sarah & Maggie's! Aren't they cute? ;D

Here's my prototype, I promise it will look a millions times better.

I have been making daily upgrades on the tumblr though! ;D Go check that out, especially this video and the Epik High Coffee song hahaa xD

05 October 2011

visionary genius

Steve Jobs passed away.

The irony of my iPhone 4s post precedes this is saddening.

To use this occasion for my advantage, we published Ingeniosity's FB page! This is part of my team's entry to the YOU innovate video scholarship. The challenge is to create value out of an ordinary household object, this year being the coffee cup, and document the process in a video. We'll be filming this weekend so stay tuned :]
(and please like the page & later the video.)

04 October 2011


10 days.
The wait is almost over. I can almost feel it in my hands.

iPhone 4S will be out on the 14th!
Super duper happy *u* especially since the while model is available from the start.

Just to be prepared, any app suggestions?

(in case that didn't impress you, here's an awesome printer.

SWYP: See What You Print from Artefact on Vimeo.

via thenextweb

02 October 2011

guava juice

Went on a downtown date with Jason in abnormally cold early October weather for his birthday celebration.

But first we had a score to settle.

Obviously I better at billiards, but he won't admit that until I defeated him 2-1. Had an awesome 4 ball streak in the second game *u*

Still had a while till Guu opened, so we went shopping at Eatons. Guys, with a few exceptions, are indefinitely faster than girls when it comes to purchasing decisions. We managed to go through Eatons in a bit more than an hour, compared to 3 or 4 that would have taken me if I went with girl friends.

Finally 4 rolled around, and as warned by Rui to arrive close to opening time, we made our way to Guu. I was overconfident in my memory of its address and realized 10 minutes later that we made a wrong turn. Had to call Janice several times to locate the restaurant, which in my defense, is quite hard to spot from the road. All this could have been avoided if the iPhone 5 came out earlier (press con is in 2 days, whoo!).

Upon walking through the door, customers are greeted by a chorus of "welcome!"

The interior the beautiful. Love the exposed light bulbs soooo much.

But what matters the most is the food of course.

Ramune, Baby Lulu (melon/guava virgin cocktail), and sashimi. The fish was quite good, but still not worth it's $8 price tag T_T

Gyu Shabu Salad. My favourite dish of the evening, reminiscent of kbbq beef wrapped in cabbage.

Unagi for Jason. The rice was pretty good, the cheese in it compliments it surprisingly well.

Takoyaki. Probably not the best place to order this as it came out to $1 per piece.

Grilled Saba. It was a tad salty, should have went with the cod.

It's pretty pricy, most dishes are around $7-9, which can add up really quickly. The portions are quite small too, which is to be expected as Guu is an izakaya. Overall it makes a great place to eat for special occasions.

It was still early when we finished, so we met up with Rui and the rest of the Nuit Blanche volunteers. Ended up hanging out at South of Temperance thanks to their privileges *u* Didn't end up going to the actual exhibits though, thanks to the bitterly cold weather. Retreated home and studied instead, bummer.