15 September 2011

starry skies

This week was a cycle of feeling incompetent and motivated, hopefully it'll stay on the high. Scholarship applications will drain a lot of energy, it's a battle of willpower fought with essays and accomplishment lists.

Completely unrelated, brief anime talk.

No. 6 just ended. Last episode was majorly rushed, so many different emotions in the span of mere minutes. Overall I found the series quite enjoyable, especially since Sion, the main character, is actually capable.

Now to wait for Hanasaku Iroha's bonbori festival~


H-siao said...

i disagree shion wasnt capable at all...nezumi babysat him thru everything they even share a last gay moment at the end that being said it was enjoyable

Weijie said...

He's capable in terms of intelligence and belief. In the end, he convinced Nezumi that there could be a third option and got them out alive from the correctional facility.