16 July 2011

Week 2

Shall resort to weeks, saturday night is a relatively slow time so I shall shove blogging into this timeslot.

Sunday is the best day of the week. Two simple reasons, sleeping in and a sunday(sundae) bar at dinner! On nom nom. Only, but hugeee, drawback is deliverable for House Project. It's an absolute killer e_e

This week was the first week where we selected our afternoon, 3 hour long, seminars. I got bridge building (best design yuhh!), financial modelling (accounting), and math games (sooo fun. Remind me to teach you guys Nim).

Also had Project Pitches due, which is like a friendly rehearsal for our final presentation. Thought it would turn out disastrous, especially since our group members had a pretty big fight hours before it (which out a bit out of hand and the Program Assistants had to intervene). Turned out decently though :]

Weekend was a one night camping trip to Prince Edwards Island. Was reeeeally fun, and equally tiring. Falling asleep as I type as it's almost one e_e Photos are again on Facebook.

First day we took a Ferry to PEI and were let loose in downtown Charlottetown, in which the boundaries you can see standing in the middle of it @_@" Lunch was nice, but took up most of the time. A tour of the Province House followed.

Afterwards we headed to our camping ground. Few hours were dedicated to ShadCity, which is like building with minecraft sandblocks with SimCity level urban planning. Was so freakin cold e_e Dinner and tents soon followed. My tent mates said how we were <_<"

Second day we visited the home of Anne of Green Gables. Would've enjoyed that more if I actually read the book XD The site's beautiful though, so many pretty flowers. Then headed to a nearby beach for some relaxation and a kite flying challenge. Thankfully the weather was a lot better so I was able to step into the Atlantic ocean~

Lastly, and the highlight of this camping trip, is the LOBSTER DINNER!

It was all-you-can-eat appetizers and desserts too, so I filled up perhaps a bit more than I should have. It's okay, sleeping past breakfast anyways tomorrow.

And speaking of sleep, that is what I shall do now.

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