03 July 2011

Dal 2011

Off to shad I go.
An adventure this will be :]


first day oveeer! Damn it was tiring XD

Met up with Jen at the airport and flew a blissful 2 hours to Halifax. The flight made blissful by sleeping of course, getting up at 6 is a pain. Met my roommate at the airport, didn't know she was on the same flight xD

Spent some time exploring a small section of the campus while trying to find the rest of the shads. It has nice scenery~ My room is nice as well, got one of the rare higher beds with drawers underneath ;D Also played some intense rounds of pig with punishment. It ranged from singing embarassing songs to saying cheesy pickup lines to a random shad of the group's choosing. Luckily I never lost.

Way too sleepy to add photos to here, so I shall link to facebook album. Nighty nighhht~

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