30 June 2011


AVERAGE FINALLY OVER 92! Yuuuuuh >D Been stuck there for like 2 years already.
My low marks dropped (lot more 80s) and high marks went higher. Thankfully the increase in the higher marks are greater in magnitude than the decrease in the lower marks.

Average: 93.0%

English: 87 (-4)
Exam screwed me over, completely e_e Could have been in the mid 90s.
Math: 87 (+4)
Exam did not screw me over.
Chem: 89 (-1)
Could have been higher if I didn't screw up on the exam, back to term one mark.
Physics: 94 (-2)
Sigh, dropped by 2% per term, sighh.
Co-op: 99/98 (+1/2)
Business: 96 (+1)
pretty good mark, could have been better if I didn't screw up on the photoshop unit. I'm still bitter over that, seriously, photoshop unit? -o-
Tech: 94 (+1)
I miss my hundred in first term, please come back Mr. I T_T


Also Muji haul so I have nice pens for my moleskine xD

Want some more stationaries, another jetpen haul anyone?

29 June 2011

shad haul

Double post cause tomorrow is reserved for report card xD

Went shopping with Mel for some last minute items for shad:

Cosmetics in the upper left corner: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Hoola bronzer (sample underneath the udpp), Lush Dirty Tooth Tabs (for camping conveniences), and Philosophy Purity cleanser.

Pastel teal shorts from Aritzia (twins with Mel ;D) and floral sleeping bra from Aerie. I seriously cannot be the only one that's paranoid about sleeping outside of home without a layer between my chest and a tshirt e_e"

Gots to start packing, my current list seems waaaay too massive and yet I can't really take any items off. Hope everything can fit into my little black suitcase @_@


Dinner from a while ago, uploaded now since I just got the camera back:

Macaroni with squash sauce and pecans.

Last minute improvisation while trying to clean fridge out before camping. Normally it's made with sage and pine nuts I believe? First time incorporating nuts into pasta, can't believe I didn't do so earlier, sooo yummy. And an easy over egg always makes a dish better :]

site 822

Camping was equal parts fun and cold.

It was a gruesome 5km walk from the Go Bus station to our campsite, luckily Mara drove the heavy equipment there beforehand. Unluckily we had to carry it back by ourselves. Think that was enough exercise for the entire month @_@"

Kitty insisted on the scenic (and longer) route walking back. T'was pretty indeed.

Everything was quickly set-up thanks to Billy's expertise, group was being loud and playing random games until dinner time. Actually, most of the time we were being loud and playing random games. Mafia took insanely long to explain the rules, the rounds were hilarious though. Roy and Justin would vote for Jason every single time.

Onto dinner, for which Kitty made fried noodles. All the meals were quite good, of course since I planned them /kidding. Mara was awesome and bought a s'mores kit ;D

om nom nom

and what's a summer event without watermelon

Kitty and I took on half of the entire melon, was way too filling e_e"

Night time was as cold as...worse than Gritaly cold? Had 4 layers with a scarf near the camp fire and was still shivering like mad. Barely got any sleep due to the cold, sighhh. Still don't feel like I've caught up on sleep despite a 12 hour rest the day I came back.

Second day was mainly spent at the beach.

People threw each other in the water, played our neighbouring campsite at volleyball (we soooo crushed them, and I'm only good at serving ._.), and this:

It's a Tapang mermaid lololol! ;D

Returned here at night for some star gazing, which unfortunately didn't look as amazing as I hoped. Found the Little Dipper though, grade 9 astronomy ftw XD

Overall it was quite a fun experience, got to know my friends wee bit better :] Lesson to be learned is to bring warmer clothing <_<"

24 June 2011

sibbald point

image via abduzeedo.com

My hopes of a scene like this is partially ruined by the rain on Saturday. All hopes on sunday night!

23 June 2011

sleepover productivity

From last week:

Vanilla...soon-to-be ice cream

Chicken ceaser sliders

Janice and I are only over productive when it comes to food and tv at her house XD

22 June 2011


lazy lazy summer days <3

19 June 2011


Excuse me for the few days of my summer while I slave away on Demon's Soul e_e"

edit: hey look, I finally uploaded all the gritaly photos. Only what, 3 month late? ;D

k back to soul farming.

16 June 2011


Balthier x Fran ftw.
Ashe...is the best with Rasler xD

Finally finished ffxii, took even longer than KH2 @_@" There are just so many side quests and it's so integrated into the game that even a non completionist like me want to finish them all. Needless to say that didn't happen.

I initially disliked the battle system, but it makes grinding and farming so much easier. Set gambits, move analog stick & chill. Though I'd still enjoy a more 'action' styled combat (cough like xiii versus cough). The bazaar system is pretty cool, sell lots of junk and get awesome weapons back*. Didn't really like the treasure chests though, first they only spawn a fraction of the time, and second there's different contents with each their own percentages of appearing. Makes for lots of frustrating experiences running to chests, opening, disappointment, and reloading the game; rinse and repeat for like an hour.
*well for the truely awesome weapons replace junk with fricking rare loot e_e

The story is good. Love some of Balthier's line, and Fran and his final exchange xD I feel that Vaan's only tagging along because he was in the right place at the right time. Larsa and Al-Cid are both pretty cool, they'd both make better rulers than Ashe.

I just wish that there is more cinematic cut scenes T_T The graphics looks ridiculously nice during those, though the normal graphics are impressive for a ps2 game. The city designs are AMAZING as well, too bad there isn't an aerial zoom option.

Overall it was an enjoyable play, just need lots of hours invested in it for the side quests :]

on another note: done math exam, aka done grade 11! whooooo~

13 June 2011


Help me out here, for this is a very important decision.

Choose two yarn colours from below:

They're colours for scarves. Yes it's a very important decision. Black bar is jacket colour and beige bar is my skin tone according to m.a.c xD

Currently leaning towards #2 orange-red and #4 grassy green.

11 June 2011

500 days

I'm sure I've said this before, but sleepover is a deceiving word. Rarely any sleep happens <_<"

Afternoon consists of walking around the slightly sketchy area behind Janice's house to look for Honey (exercise) and watching tv (not exercise).

Night, instead of sleep, 500 Days of Summer (which is my personal best romance movie) and Phantom of the Opera (first time watching it after hearing the soundtrack multiple times on Kevin's ipod) happened. Very good two movies to spend the night with though :]

So now I yawn endlessly and recall the delicious plate of chicken I had out for dinner.

(sucks that the neon's camera is just as bad as the kzrz's. iphone 5 y u no out yet?!)

大盘鸡, or directly translated as a big plate of chicken, which ironically you can't really see. The noodle is where it's at though, such comfort food *u*

p.s. @ sean: I'm done Giruvegan, almost at the ennnnd.

09 June 2011


A whole year of physics on 1 side of a A4 paper. All set for tomorrow.
(the quality is terrible e_e" I need/want a scanner)

1/3 exams doneee.
Chem didn't turn out as well as expected, a stupid mistake in m/c and a normal mistake for the last question for sure. That's max 97%, probably a few random mistakes here and there, shouldn't be below 92% though (I hopeee) @_@

07 June 2011


My e3 excitement has declined to normal level, psvita will knock $250 from my bank, probably more as I'll buy it when a bundle comes out. None of the games were 'omgmustgetorelse!!', though most of them does good pretty nice (uncharted, lbp, ruins, and soundshapes). PS3 wise, just gonna borrow team ICO collection from Sean, ffxiii-2 from Mel and Dark Souls from Jason ;D I'd get Dark Souls myself if it isn't for grade 12 @_@"

The above paragraph is pretty much why I got no studying done yesterday, which just determined what I'll be doing today and tomorrow, hurray exam season. Though I won't complain much as I only have 3, and only one of which need actual memorizing (chem). Just gotta do math practice problems till I collapse "orz

But all is alright, cause this arrived today:

Me and my clovers haha XD

04 June 2011



03 June 2011

Ano Hana

My personal favourite of this season :]
Info and impression over at Kenn's, I'm just impatiently waiting for the full OP to be released in June 15th.

Ending's really good as well, this makes Ano Hana the only anime (from this season, others that I can remember are probably Nodame, H&C, and Uraboku) I watch from absolute beginning to end <3

02 June 2011

e3 & wwdc

Next week's gonna be a week of stalking tech blogs @_@" That does not mix well with trying to study for exams.

Really looking forward to Sony revealing the NGP, it looks so awesomeeee ;D As well as hopefully more info on ffxiii-versus, though the chances of that is slim. Developing a very slight addiction for watching game trailers, such nice cinematics *u*

On the Apple front, news of iOS5 and likely iphone 5? Thinking, and really hoping, it's gonna be 5 rather than 4S. And the very very slim chance that they'll release a white model the same time as the black.

Should really find a concentrate on studies, and a way to cushion my bank account e_e"