15 May 2011


Back from space design!
Results were in line with the amount of effort put it xD

I was stupid and didn't charge my camera beforehand (this is slightly less stupid than going to jazz night without a memory card). Luckily a friend came on Saturday and got some photos. Those will be up next week, along with (hopefully) a longer write-up.

Next on stress list is English summative e_e"

later edit:
on the topic of English, these comments about Godel, Escher, Bach are so amusing. This one just cracked me up:
It's a Dunning-Kruger trap, carefully laid in pretty prose to catch people like me. I'll never be confident that I've "finished" it. As a consequence, I'll always think Hofstadter is smarter than I am. There's evidence beyond the scope of GEB to support that, of course.
That's without knowing what a Dunning-Kruger trap is xD

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