31 May 2011


Had an expiring coupon for Cineplex, so off to see Bridesmaids Jason and I go. Had some cake beforehand as the movie starts some hours after school.

Recipe from mom's coworker.

It looks particularly thin, mainly because I did not realize that the standard baking pan is 9x13", and not 8x11". Made it a pain to spread the layers out, especially as I only made half the amount of blueberry topping. I also decided to hand whip the cream, which makes for reaaaally good exercise. Like creaming butter, it's actually quite a nice feeling having to focus on only one thing.

Om nom nom

This boy is crazy picky haha <3

Anyways, onto the movie.

I actually didn't even watch the trailer before, picked it solely on friend's recommendation haha. And the fact that this menswear blog that I follow featured the film's costume designer. Must say that Annie (main girl) and Helen (main girl's rival) looked perfect, especially helen's hair T_T"

Overall it was pretty entertaining, lots of "wtf" moments haha. Plot was alright, didn't tug so much at your emotions, then again it's a comedy XD
Bridesmaid is worth at least a torrent :]

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