31 May 2011


Had an expiring coupon for Cineplex, so off to see Bridesmaids Jason and I go. Had some cake beforehand as the movie starts some hours after school.

Recipe from mom's coworker.

It looks particularly thin, mainly because I did not realize that the standard baking pan is 9x13", and not 8x11". Made it a pain to spread the layers out, especially as I only made half the amount of blueberry topping. I also decided to hand whip the cream, which makes for reaaaally good exercise. Like creaming butter, it's actually quite a nice feeling having to focus on only one thing.

Om nom nom

This boy is crazy picky haha <3

Anyways, onto the movie.

I actually didn't even watch the trailer before, picked it solely on friend's recommendation haha. And the fact that this menswear blog that I follow featured the film's costume designer. Must say that Annie (main girl) and Helen (main girl's rival) looked perfect, especially helen's hair T_T"

Overall it was pretty entertaining, lots of "wtf" moments haha. Plot was alright, didn't tug so much at your emotions, then again it's a comedy XD
Bridesmaid is worth at least a torrent :]

29 May 2011

victorious secret

Had lots of fun participating in City Mosaic yesterday :]

CM is like a smaller scale, more observation based version of The Amazing Race located in Toronto. This year, the neighbourhoods visited were Greek Town (got authentic yogurt and a deeeeeelicious gyro), Central Downtown, Queen St. West (def will revisit!), Queen's Park, and North York (hometurf represeeeent).

My team, Victorious Secret, CM id A14, got sixth place! ^^ Pretty good considering there were 100 teams, though more than half got disqualified cause they were late.

Prizes were 4 movie tickets and 2 BOGO50% laser tag passes.
(It was terribly cold sitting in those seats in the morning, thankfully Jason was smarter and wore a hoodie with pockets :])

There's three different type of activities at each location.
First is to find the checkpoint and get a stamp. Second consist of finding answers to a booklet of questions.

The page for Queen St. West. The clues were mostly about each store's logo or window display. Some were really hard to spot @_@"

Lastly, there's the photo challenge, in which you snap a picture of the given clue.

With the "poet" of Queen's Park :]

Inside the bronze mouth at North York. I never knew this statue existed before o_o"

At the "three different type of lights" in front of the Air Canada Center.


After the race, we headed over to Nick's birthday party. Bouncing was also soooo much fun, shame we were uber late and only got to bounce for 5 minutes @_@ I'm so sore from that and CM haha.

Came back to North York for dinner, in which we wasted so much time finding a place to eat. Ended up at St. Louis, which barely fit all 18 of us e_e" The waitress wasn't the nicest either. Was soooo tired by then (sat down at around 10:30, got up in the morning at 7) that if it wasn't for the artificially tasting grapefruit juice, I would have fallen asleep.

27 May 2011

english is sent innnnn. yuhhhh.
might post it later, turned out to like my dialog very much XD

k off to bed for waking up at 7 tmrw for city mosaic e_e go victorious secret!

25 May 2011


^really wanted to use that as the title too @_@

Not being tired scares me more than being tired annoys me.
wait maybe not.

Opening to a tv drama that my dad watched. It would be really nice if people are like what the lyrics describe :]

风吹散 乱世中的尘埃
一样不灭的情怀 沉默的期盼

云舒展 黎明前的光线
我们却站在 相望的彼岸
一起吞下酒的暖 舔过剑的寒
分了天涯 你和我各走一半

同样是 灿烂的繁星 也有不同的轨迹
落在哪里 你我都是好兄弟
就算这一次远去 相隔千里
我们的心 还会再一次靠近

从此后行走的天地 又多了一份孤寂
请别忘记你 是我的好兄弟
时间弄皱了记忆 荒草萋萋
回眼望去 是我们洒过泪的土地

从此后行走的天地 又多了一份孤寂
请别忘记你 是我的好兄弟
时间弄皱了记忆 荒草萋萋
回眼望去 是我们洒过泪的土地

I wanna be pro and predict people's moves in a game of chess!
(in context: the drama was about spying)

24 May 2011

precious metal


[link] $100 T_T

Though this four leaf clover lariat is perhaps a more realistic choice. Everything in that etsy shop is a wannnnt.

I should find a job again, next year XD

22 May 2011

utias con't

Tonight's dinner:

Noodles, the easiest and fastest thing to make. Still haven't mastered cooking the noodles e_e it's more difficult than pasta by magnitudes! The sauce is dead simple though, doesn't seem to taste bad no matter what I throw in it. Today's mix highlights three types of powdered peppercorn, sesame paste, and miso. And of course soy sauce ;D

I have not made my own food for a long long while (this explains the lack of a weekly brunch post). Have not had motivation to do much for a while haha. This makes me scared of living on my own for university e_e how will I maintain a healthy diet!


Onto the main topic. For once I kept my promise of posting up photos (still not done gritaly's lololol).

Group shot #1:

We sat on those chairs for like...6 hours @__@" What a long day haha. Ended up skipping the closing ceremony for msn and cardplaying ;P
Note the paper model behind Jin, he made that at 3am. The presentation got done at 12. We're such procrastinators.

The milky way!

From a planetarium presentation the previous day (friday). It was pretty cool, though the panning makes me dizzy e_e"

A frame for a really important telescope:

specially which important telescope I forget. But it's made from carbon nanotubes, exoticcc.

Playing with liquid nitrogen:

Lastly, intense posing with our presentation board:

Does it not look beautiful? :'] Creds to Joyce and Alice for their amazing art major skills.

21 May 2011


Finally went shopping again! Have not set foot in eaton since like...March e_e"
Original plan was to go with David, Jason and Janice, but due to various circumstances it ended up being just Jason and I, this counts as...second official date? Iuno, too many different ways to count. Hehe <3

Anyways, bounty of the day:

Yeah they're all white. I like me white shirts very much >D

Button-up shirt and coin purse from H&M.
White tee (hard to see) from Bluenotes (only $5!)
Checkered PJ shorts from Aerie.
White tunic from Vero Moda (I had another shirt that looks almost exactly the same, though dunno where that went. Also replacement for my other white dress, possibly also bought from vero moda in China).

I discovered that Jason's really picky about cloth haha. He finally found a black&white plaid shirt though. T'was a fun, and very tiring day.


Also found bridge building pics while going through my camera.

It went a lot better than expected harhar ;D

19 May 2011

pail & shovel


In celebration I picked up on ffxii again. 51 hours clocked so far e_e Few more places left, really looking forward to stepping into the crystal one *u*

The little portion of summer that I get in June's gonna be spent gaming away. Wanna finish xii and xiii e_e

and speaking of that little portion, here's my bucket list so far:
  • CAMPING TRIP! *u* gonna be so jokes again hahahahaaaaa. hopefully no more racoons, or rain.
  • Wonderland, Kelly&I will convince everyone to go to splash works.
  • Grab an iced passion tea & sit in the library. Time to catch up on all the leisurely reading.
  • Wearing pretty sundresses.
  • Sleep in, cause I won't be until next year june... e_e"

18 May 2011


My physics teacher brings in the coolest stuffs.

Original Alexandre Grahm Bell graphophones.
Bell is such a troll, naming his company the above just cause Edison named his company phoneograph xD

17 May 2011

rainbow unicember

So much research for English dialog e_e
y u so difficult!

Interesting quotation by Ernest Mach that I came across:
When the human mind, with its limited powers, attempts to mirror in itself the rich life of the world, of which it itself is only a small part, and which it can never hope to exhaust, it has every reason for proceeding economically.

and just today I realized my dialog is not really an argument. This is the bigger amongst a bunch of other problems "orz
Mentally preparing myself for a 80 in english.

16 May 2011

holding hands

I realized that I lack happy love songs, but thanks to The Beatles, not anymore!
(more than a bit late on the bandwagon <- is that a pun?)

(happy mood)
(not happy mood)
English exam...perhaps the lowest mark I've ever gotten. It's like a dull, slow stab e_e"

(slightly happier mood again)
Perhaps softened by this:

Awesome pin from the microcredit people (especially Joyce who designed mine). Buy one at lunch for a dollar!
I never got the kyuubei pin though ._.
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

15 May 2011


Back from space design!
Results were in line with the amount of effort put it xD

I was stupid and didn't charge my camera beforehand (this is slightly less stupid than going to jazz night without a memory card). Luckily a friend came on Saturday and got some photos. Those will be up next week, along with (hopefully) a longer write-up.

Next on stress list is English summative e_e"

later edit:
on the topic of English, these comments about Godel, Escher, Bach are so amusing. This one just cracked me up:
It's a Dunning-Kruger trap, carefully laid in pretty prose to catch people like me. I'll never be confident that I've "finished" it. As a consequence, I'll always think Hofstadter is smarter than I am. There's evidence beyond the scope of GEB to support that, of course.
That's without knowing what a Dunning-Kruger trap is xD

11 May 2011

Wednesdays are a good days.


A more accurate title (in terms of relevancy to the post) should be: The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.

(link to wiki for synopsis, the post will make a lot more sense if you read it.)

My one liner that I use to pitch this book to friends is that it's a love story intertwined with philosophical musings. Right after saying that line, I would flip to somewhere in the beginning and make them read the section where the Lightness and Heaviness paradox is introduced.

To quote the book:
what happens but once, might as well not have happened at all. If we have only one life to live, we might as well not have lived at all.
Agree/disagree? Personally, I'm not sure haha, more like, I'm too reluctant to think too deeply about that. Though I wholeheartedly agree with that there's no point in wondering if you made the right choice in a decision because there is no other life in which you chose the other option to compare to. Should always believe in the you that made the decision (funny how I wrote that in my diary roughly a year ago. Funny how the mention of this diary will come to play later on in the post).

Another interesting quotation talks about time and happiness, favourite topics of mine to...think without reaching much conclusion about.
And therein lies the whole of man's plight. Human time does not turn in a circle; it runs ahead in a straight line. That is why man cannot be happy: happiness is the longing for repetition.
This comes from the end of the book, contrasting the first quotation which is within the opening pages. Dividing this quotation into 2 parts, firstly about human time running in a straight line instead of a circle. Imagine how different out perception of life would be if time indeed ran in a circle, or even just a part of a circle! ...I can't, so moving onto the second part, what is happiness? Just today in Ginelle's English seminar, she talked about 5 things that constitutes happiness: good fortune, contentment, satisfaction, and two others that I forgot xD But longing for repetition? Personally, yes. The sense of reliability that repetition brings is just so comforting, a stable reference point.

Onto the funny diary thing (an abrupt transition). It's actually quite a far fetched relation, the cover of my diary is the same as this painting I have on my bookshelf, which is what I based the following on:

It's with great reluctance that I am I posting this drawing,well...it's not a very good one <_<" Though I do really like how the women's expression turned out. I started drawing her and somehow she morphed into Tereza. Her worried expression, Tomas holding onto her trembling hand, she trying to make him happy. Also tried to convey the fact that aside from his head and hand (and heart I guess), no other part of him is exclusively occupied by her.

...Don't know where I'm going with this. This essay is a better read than my thoughts haha (at least go read the block of text at the very end). I feel that I should be thinking harder about this.

It's a good book xD

10 May 2011

140 characters

^do you think of twitter or text messages first?

Chem summative was alright e_e" Had to do solubility, the hardest one, seems like my data's a bit off too.

Math test seemed good, could be completely wrong. I did check all my answers the manual method though.

Have not gone shopping in a long time. White dress, scallop shorts, heels, printed skirt, sun hats, etc.

Moshidora was alright. Was hoping for a bit of romance stuffed into there as well (Nikai or Asano?)

Knight Run has not been updating T_T Scanlations are like 60 chapters behind.

Space Design coming up, gahhhhhhh @_@ The cycle between excitement and dread forever continues.

Gritaly group photo deserves a spot on the fridge.

Enjoyed it lots & lots. The sites really are amazing XD

Summer's almost here :]

06 May 2011

hazelnut frapp

Starbucks happy hours are indeed happy haha.

School's also almost over, just need to get over English summative and then exams.
Then it's summer, minus the sleeping in.
Then it's grade 12, then in a blink of an eye it'll be university time e_e

but anyways

04 May 2011

good day~

reason 1:
Got an internship from shaaaad! All those hours slaving over the application pays off, hurrrraaaaay! It's at Cronos Consulting Firm, which is a grueling 1 hour away by ttc. Hellooo commuting e_e" Aside from this complain, I'm soooooooo excited for this! Gotta gain experience and make connections for university co-op! *u*
Work haaaard myself.

reason 2:
Got English exam over with. My essay's so crappy e_e" BUT IT'S OVER. HA. ONLY 3 LEFT.
suckkkkers ;D

reason 3:
I have a really, really big smile on my face.
hahahahahahaaaa hahahaaa haaa <3

01 May 2011

duke&dutchess of cambridge

In honor of the royal wedding, in which most guys are mystified about why most girls care about it at all.

I actually haven't been following as closely as I thought. The major lure for me was in fact the tableware (and the gorgeous, gorgeous cake). However, more news articles ended up focusing on the various nobility's hats, so my attention wounded up at admiring their headgears. Noticed many designs by Philip Treacy, though badly pulled off.

A visit to the designer's website resulted to me drooling over the following

Florals are nice ;D
Though I can't pull hats off e_e a million wishes that I could. more like a billion.

and on the topic of royalty, if I ever have too much money, I'd first buy a ritzy european palace,

and have my own hall of mirrors *u*