27 April 2011

lemon preserve aioli

Buy 1 get 1 free at Milestones today :]
A lot more people expressed interest in the event, but due to various reasons, only the original four of us ended up going.

Got seats in the dining area upstairs, was pretty nice. View outside changed from drizzle to full blown storm with barely visibility then back to cloudy. April showers?

Ordering food:

Jason & Roy's got matching shirts! One's plaid on the inside with black outside and vice versa ;D

No pictures of the actual food, which was alright. Personally liked the appetizers (spinach dip & calamari) better than the main courses. My salmon was a tad dry, Roy's steak was really tough e_e and Jason's cod came in a really small portion. Mel's prime rib was pretty good, though chef's cut was too much for her to finish ;P

We cheaped out on dessert but instead headed over to starbucks for some cakepops <3

Tiramisu ftw! The cake inside is really moist *u*

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Ryan said...

The cake is a lie D<