29 April 2011

companion cube!

Getting a kyuubei one as well *u* and a better photo of the two along with it xD

Watching friends fail at portal is so hilarious and frustrating at the same time. There were these 2 parts that was repeated at least over ten times.

Also helped Mel make her cacampaign posters, April's drawing of Yao Min is awesome, you cannot not vote for Mel after seeing that one. Shame that the Starcraft and Master Chief ones never made it through.

Finaaally heard Jason play Clair De Lune, thats like overdue for 3 month! Kevin also played jay chou sooonng (god knows how many times I've linked to that xD)

Good day~

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H-siao said...

oh man i shouldve been there to get addicted to motion sickness from portal...stupid chem video