23 April 2011


image creds to danbooru
this has been sitting on my desktop for a month waiting for it to end xD

So good :'D

I'm glad they devoted two episodes to the conclusion, any less and it would have been catastrophic @_@"
Funny how it works out that Horuma's time traveling efforts to save Madoka essentially powered her up until she's powerful enough to change the laws of the universe. Goddess Madoka ;D
Her bow [2] [3] is so awesome *u* it makes magic circles! Want replica ;__;

One last gorgeous image.
(all linked images creds to kenn)


okay caught breath. Moving onto past few days.

Thursday: dinner at Vertical!
Walked in and there was a very very very loud corporate party going on in the lounge e_e The dining area was nice though, though lighting was very dim, which contributed to the terrible quality of these photos:
another factor is that my cellphone has barely 2mp.

My main course of melt-in-your-mouth beef cheeks. meeeeeeeelt.

Appetizer of octopus and risotto of the day. Octopus was alright, the pesto was a tad too herby. Risotto was great though, perfect balance of flavours.

Sat in the upper-left corner of the library from opening till closing. Eight hours e_e"
Finished physics though, hurray! Planned to finish slideshow and script for chem, didn't, not hurray.
Should be working on that now, but totally distracted by Madoka @_@

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