29 April 2011

companion cube!

Getting a kyuubei one as well *u* and a better photo of the two along with it xD

Watching friends fail at portal is so hilarious and frustrating at the same time. There were these 2 parts that was repeated at least over ten times.

Also helped Mel make her cacampaign posters, April's drawing of Yao Min is awesome, you cannot not vote for Mel after seeing that one. Shame that the Starcraft and Master Chief ones never made it through.

Finaaally heard Jason play Clair De Lune, thats like overdue for 3 month! Kevin also played jay chou sooonng (god knows how many times I've linked to that xD)

Good day~

27 April 2011

lemon preserve aioli

Buy 1 get 1 free at Milestones today :]
A lot more people expressed interest in the event, but due to various reasons, only the original four of us ended up going.

Got seats in the dining area upstairs, was pretty nice. View outside changed from drizzle to full blown storm with barely visibility then back to cloudy. April showers?

Ordering food:

Jason & Roy's got matching shirts! One's plaid on the inside with black outside and vice versa ;D

No pictures of the actual food, which was alright. Personally liked the appetizers (spinach dip & calamari) better than the main courses. My salmon was a tad dry, Roy's steak was really tough e_e and Jason's cod came in a really small portion. Mel's prime rib was pretty good, though chef's cut was too much for her to finish ;P

We cheaped out on dessert but instead headed over to starbucks for some cakepops <3

Tiramisu ftw! The cake inside is really moist *u*

25 April 2011


Look what gem I found! A wishlist from when I was a wee little 12 year old girl ;D
Oh how much I've changed hahahaaa.

(click to enlarge, cursive writing yo!)

faithfully annotated with current comments in parenthesis:
1. a water bed
2. a blue bean bag chair (would still like one, perhaps not in blue)
3. a computer of my own (love you my dear macbook <3)
4. a printer, copyer that go with the computer (scanner would be nice atm)
5. wooden book case of my own
6. a CD player/mp3 (nano 2nd gen is still the best)
7. a lot of seed any kind (still dream of cutting fresh flowers and setting them in pretty glass vases)
8. a blue lava lamp + a clip on lamp (....what was I thinking)
9. a room of my own
10. a stamp collection (much rather a teacup collection)
11. a million of note book (close enough to accomplishment haha. gotta sell them e_e")
12. many yu-gi-oh cards (lolololololol, how much money has roy&gang spent on those?)
13. all the books about mary-kate and ashley (glad my reading list has moved beyond those)
14. all the hilary duff CDs (change that to jay chou and I'm all set <3)
15. a dog or any pet that I like (reeeeally wanted a pet then, now....no)
16. a darden indoor/outdoor doesn't matter that much (eventually.)
17. a bank accont, a real one. (check ;D)
18. tons and tons of book that I love (getting there, always wanted a wall of leather-bound books *u*)
19. sarpebook plus (took me a while to figure what this is, think I meant scrapbook)
20. a sarpe book (see above)
21. a house (no more e_e condos are infinitely better)
22. lots of money (ditto.)
23. get my hair highlighted (nahh, just want to be able to put it in a bun)
24. very good grades (getting there....getting there)
25. travel around the world (will get there)
26. lots of cloth and makeup (have not gone shopping in a long time, Mel let's find a good day?)
27. all of the graphic software (it's called torrent ;D)
28. get three wishes granted (in preparation, I've came up with the perfect 3.)
29. become rich in neopets (was rich enough haha, though some of you are just beaaaast)
30. have very good luck (...karma, sighhhhh)
31. be successful in ragnarok frontier (I clearly remember how proud I felt when I bought my rudra. cleeeearly. Guess this was fullfilled too xD)

I should write one for now, summer project :]
Any childhood wishes you'd like to share?

24 April 2011


^I typed those two words so, so, sooo many times.

Came so close to giving up for the day. This plus rum chocolates are what pretty much carried me through.

A glimpse of the content:

Prezi is so much more intuitive and dynamic than powerpoint. Pan and zoom is great as well ^^

23 April 2011


image creds to danbooru
this has been sitting on my desktop for a month waiting for it to end xD

So good :'D

I'm glad they devoted two episodes to the conclusion, any less and it would have been catastrophic @_@"
Funny how it works out that Horuma's time traveling efforts to save Madoka essentially powered her up until she's powerful enough to change the laws of the universe. Goddess Madoka ;D
Her bow [2] [3] is so awesome *u* it makes magic circles! Want replica ;__;

One last gorgeous image.
(all linked images creds to kenn)


okay caught breath. Moving onto past few days.

Thursday: dinner at Vertical!
Walked in and there was a very very very loud corporate party going on in the lounge e_e The dining area was nice though, though lighting was very dim, which contributed to the terrible quality of these photos:
another factor is that my cellphone has barely 2mp.

My main course of melt-in-your-mouth beef cheeks. meeeeeeeelt.

Appetizer of octopus and risotto of the day. Octopus was alright, the pesto was a tad too herby. Risotto was great though, perfect balance of flavours.

Sat in the upper-left corner of the library from opening till closing. Eight hours e_e"
Finished physics though, hurray! Planned to finish slideshow and script for chem, didn't, not hurray.
Should be working on that now, but totally distracted by Madoka @_@

21 April 2011

Ex nihilo nihil fit

The English seminars are amaaaazing.

This vid is from Rach's presentation, titled Socrates, Plato, K'naan and Holden Caulfield.

Should read Republica...@_@" amongst many other books.

18 April 2011

dew drops

Found this in my received folder, thanks whoever send it :]

Does anyone have study music suggestions? XD

17 April 2011

Ares revisited

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you A Team. I've visited their website so many times (follow quite a bit of their other series too) that it's the first on the dropdown when I type "i" xD

Original thoughts and other info about the manga is back in this post, but I'm sure I've blabbed about it enough throughout the years. In case I haven't, it's amaaaaaaaaaazing! Most people get turned off by the art, but it gets cleaner as it progresses. The story's good up until Icarus leads the invasion to some island, then it just turns into the most awesome thing.

...spoilers below.

Climax would be the Mikael arc, mainly cause no one ever thought that Ares/Mikael/Baroona would get split up. You never split up the leading trio! T___T" The execution of it was beautiful though, I bet EVERYONE that read the conclusion to the arc was deeply moved, if you didn't you have no heart! T__T
Main three aside, Icarus is my favourite 2D guy <3 Soooo charismatic. I wish I was a tenth good of a leader as he is. Too bad he didn't make an appearance in the final volume, would have been perfect if he just financed the rebuilding of the temple mercenaries.

The general ending was great as well, all the important loose ends were all neatly tied up. My only 2 complains would be Kirus was kinda just there... and that the showdown with the Red Eye Swordsman could have been more epic.

But all is good cause:

Ares in a tuxedo lolololol. Ariadne looks so pretty in the LBD as well *u*

on second though, I think I should elaborate on why I like this series so much. Mainly boils down to two reasons:

1. All the characters have depth, even the ones that Ares fights and kills off in two chapters. You sympathize with the opponent, but at the same time you know he's gotta die. It's like being the judge of an argument between two people who can each only see one side of the coin. Go read the Mikael arc and you'll understand @_@"

2. War isn't glorified, in fact plenty of the bad and ugly is shown. It's not terribly depressing either, plenty of light heartedness is injected there and here. Again refer to the Mikael arc (it's a masterpieceeee) xD

haaaaaappy bubble~

garden hose world

It was sunny when I woke up.
Then it started to rain a few minutes later.
Then rain turned into snow. The kind of really fluffy snow that you hope to see on Christmas day.

Why is it snowing in aprrrrril "orz

Anyways, in the span of the weather changes, I've managed to finally cross off The Elegant Universe from my reading list. (clip of the author Brian Greene's appearance on Big Bang Theory! ;D) The analogies that he uses to explain the physics concepts sans math are actually really easy to understand, my favourite being the landlord of the warehouse basement and the quantification of energy. Though it gets significantly harder to understand once more dimensions are introduced @_@"

The extra 6-8 dimensions are curled up into spaces like this ;D The topology of these shapes, such as how it's folded and how many "holes" there are, determine the properties of the elementary particles.

Very fancy looking, no?

16 April 2011

mysterious is caramel and coffee

Day out with Janice today, t'was an afternoon of munching on delicious (and equally expensive) treats at La Bamboche. Finally went again after walking past it every co-op day @_@"

The drinks menu, got a large tea in a pot, aka free refills! ^^

My yummies: White Pearl tea (green tea with peppermint and some flower bud) with salted caramel and green tea-mango macaroons.

Tea is the best drink ever. Eveeeeer. Unlike coffee, you can drink as much as you want without the terrible caffeine crash. When I get my own house, I'd like to display all my teas in pretty little glass jars, except that'll expose them to sunlight, which isn't good @_@" Would also like an automatic water broiler (like how fridges automatically keeps the water cold), except that would waste quite a bit of energy, sighhhh.

Janice got a yogurt and passion fruit cake and the mysterious flavoured macaroon.

Refer to title of the post XD

In the corner of the cafe, there's a fridge of the cafe's own preserves and juiced. Really wanted the bottle of pink grapefruit juice @_@"

15 April 2011

analysis of motion

You guys didn't believe that I would actually do physics at Sean's, ha!

Ought to continue working on that. Ought to do plenty of other things, just running a bit low on motivation. Exams are soooooon, ought to get motivation back XD
Currently want to...figure out what I want atm. Feeling kinda lost haha, previous evenings has been lost to this wonder, dont think I've wandered very far from where ever.

Oh physics sub teacher was really annoying. He wanted us to place our bags at the back wall to prevent cheating. This girl (among others) asked if they can place it elsewhere along the perimeter of the room. Teacher started spazzing about how the class doesn't understand where the back wall is.
Don't know why he was being so anal about the specific location, any wall would serve the purpose of distancing the bag and the owner.


13 April 2011

croissants and brie

I believe this is the most flattering shot of me in a long, long time.
Thank you so much Rui ;D

*moment of satisfaction*
why can't my hair look like that everyday T_T"

and back to reality, aka working on summatives.

11 April 2011


ENGLISH PRESENTATION IS DONEEEEE. She liked it too, the second part totally saved us ;D
Good job guyyyys!

Moving on to main topic:
It's the second installment of the tri-annual report card post, yayyy e_e"

Average: 92.75%

Info tech: 95 (-2, this is business btw)
blah, dropped, ya know why? cause I messed up on the photoshop unit. I can't believe it -o- and the mess up is cause I didn't include a human on my poster! grrrrarararrrrr D<
English: 91 (+4)
So lucky that she liked my Macbeth stuff, so so lucky.
Co-op: 98 and 96 (+3 and +8)
Yay for easy marks course ;D Iuno why I got so low last term though... Less than 20 days left!
Math: 83 (+1)
makes me sad. very sad. very very sad. Not gonna get into engineering e_e" I can just imagine the people with a smile on their face and nodding, until they see my math mark. Then they just toss my application out the window.
Chem: 90 (+1)
I really should be able to get higher in chem, it's all applied math (which I seem to be much better at). My mistakes on the tests are all really silly as well @_@"
Physics: 96 (-2)
ALL CAUSE OF ONE QUIZ. GRRRRRRR. I still love physics though, Caruana is hilarious. Determined to do well on the cart, we can do this Rui&Ryan! ;D
Mech Tech: 93 (-7)
Oh Mr. Chada, whyyyyyy, whhhhhhyyyyyy do you give 95 as the maximum mark for dwgs? T___T" Honestly, what do you have against 100s!

Though technically speaking, 100 is reserved for the AMAZINGLY good, so rarely does anyone do good enough work to truely deserve it. The description for A+ does say "beyond the expected level". But the norm is usually that if nothing is missing from the requirement, then you deserve a perfect. Kinda like how before universities are only for those who want to further their education, but now it's a mandatory requirement for having a good job.
Interesting article regarding that subject: We're in an Higher Education Bubble.

And ugh, my mom's lecturing is a terribly unpleasant experience.
Can't quite pin it down to anything specific, disappointment probably has a big role, but ughhhhh. It's that unpleasant feeling in your stomach that just lingers with you e_e"

woah this is a long report cards post.

10 April 2011

"blood, sweat, and tears"

English is doneeeeee.

Sneak peak of our gorgeous slides ;D Melody's 3 hours of blood, sweat, and tears scanning is not for naught!

Best of luck to us tmrw e_e" who knows how Giardine will tear us apart.


and in other news: finished the marilith/white mousse/ring wyrym hunt in ffxii @_@ Sooooo many hours spent on those 3.

08 April 2011


the more work I have
the more distractions (well maybe not more, but higher quality) I find.

it's all relativeeeee.

and this relates to physics
which relates to the previous presentation in English, which was amazing. So now my confidence in my presentation is dwindling. Though the things in my presentation are really interesting, to me, so now I gotta make everyone else interested.
go go (tmrw and possibly sunday. Mel&April: we can doooooo thissssssss).

creativity arises from desperaaaaation.

which relates to how I still can't kill this hunt (white mousse) in ffxii even with the z spear. Malboros have always been THE most annoying monster in ff. Plus I can take like 1 hit from watera before I die, thats with all the hp augments. Want my lv 2 black magic T_T


Connection making practice ;D
This post has been 70% pep talk for myself, 20% rant.

The last 10% hopefully for your amusement:

This was shown to the class by the last presenters, so the circle is now complete.


06 April 2011


reblog from April's tumblr, original here.

This amuses and saddens me to no end.
sigh, math.

back to summatives/other equally big projects.

05 April 2011


When you feel so tired but equally unwilling to sleep.
^seem to happen more often now.

in other news, Dalhousie seem to have the best food out of the campus, yuhh.

03 April 2011

back quater circle + c

Can't seem to pull off that move (Jin's ice car in Blazblue) @_@" Resorted to spamming D and C in the end, sighh.


It just requires careful preparation to work e_e" Gotta wind the string up at the center, gotta check that the wheels are aligned (<-biggest problem atm. Wobbly wheels are terrible...), and gotta shift the cart a little to the left. All in all, not too bad for a cart with CD wheels that's held together by duct tape.

Yeah duct tape is my physic's marks savior. Held it together and made it look relatively pretty (there's a clover on the cart ;D).

An afternoon well spent at Sean's :]

02 April 2011


Watched Limitless today with Mel, Roy, and Jason, movie was alright XD

Jason and Roy looked like such fatties carrying a large popcorn, candy, and two drinks in. The popcorn was still almost full when we came out, what a waste of money @_@"

Deniro's sidekick in the movie (who, according to Melody, played Chuck Bass' dad) dressed reeeeally well *u* Pocket square ftw haha.

Kinda spoiler: Cooper spoke chinese reeeeally weirdly in the end. We were all perplexed at his weird accent.

Went to dinner at Minestone's afterwards, had gigantic burgers @_@" Date night (if you go in groups of two, it's buy 1 entree and 1 free) is April 27, anyone up for it?

01 April 2011


Haven't posted a Jay song in a long time.

It's quite hard figuring which song to share since I can't remember which ones I've posted before. Always have to go through the tag and check each song @_@

Anyways, this one Kevins like a lot xD

橡树的绿叶啊 白色的竹篱笆
好想告诉我的她 这里像幅画
去年的圣诞卡 镜子里的芜杂
画面开始没有她 我还在装傻 Oh

说好为我泡花茶 学习摆刀叉
学生宿舍空荡荡的街 守着电话却等不到她

心里的雨倾盆而下 也沾不湿她的发
翻印开在明信片上的牵挂 那伤心原来没有时差
心里的雨倾盆的下 却始终淋不到她
寒风经过院子里的枝芽 也冷却了我手中的鲜花

心里的雨倾盆而下 也沾不湿她的发
翻开印在明信片上的牵挂 那伤心原来没有时差
心里的雨倾盆的下 却始终淋不到她
寒风经过院子里的枝芽 也冷却了我手中的鲜花