27 February 2011


This post is pretty much little pieces of stuff that don't quite make a post of their own.

Food first, obviously :]

Thought I should warm myself up to cheese before going off to gritaly. It's pretty good, mild and creamy, though what do I know about cheese XD

Also on the topic of food, though for a different use

Rui & I hard at work on our bridge for the physics contest~ Ryan ditched early, uselesss (I kid).

It was an turmoil filled afternoon. Our initial design didn't work as we couldn't find a way to cut the pasta without cracking it. A new makeshift design was thought up and was going well, until the next day where I discovered that all the sections that we made cracked -o-"

So currently we are without a bridge...uh oh.


Lastly, this is what I wish the sky looks like right now "orz

(my current desktop)
away winter, awaaaaay.

late night update: ARES RELEASE <3

26 February 2011


image via danbooru.com
(the image matches surprisingly well with my blog theme LOL)

After half a year of ffxii sitting beside my tv, I am finally getting to it.
aka grind, grind, grind.

24 February 2011


Permanent retainers...FML

an effort to be positive: it's less annoying.

23 February 2011


High priotity:
FFxii (ps2)
FFxiii (waiting for xiii-2 and versus)
Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood

List of games that I will get to eventually:

Little Big Planet 2
Soul Nomad
Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria
Valkyria Chronicles
Odin Sphere
Demon Soul

Recommend away~

22 February 2011


Fossil haul from the US! It's officially my favourite non clothing shop <3 Both bought in the name of gritaly haha.

Day bag and watch.

Watch close-up:

The bag is truer to colour in this photo.

Also solved my jeans crisis with a pair from Levi and DKNY. Rui's completely right about them being ridiculously cheap.

Thinnnk I'm all set @_@
packing woes haha.

19 February 2011

broken science

Someone explain to me how this works...
(it's Escher's waterfall btw)

In other news, catch-up on the events of the previous few days:

Sushi instead of semi! Buffet plan didn't quite work out, walked up and down Yonge St. trying to find a place to eat. Ended up in Sapporo, which I quite like. Jason sucks at ordering.

Braces offfffff <3 Headed to Alex's house for sleepover. Big big house he has. Far far away too. It's beautiful though :] Typical sleepover stuff: lots of video games, moderate food, little sleep.

More lazying around at Alex's place. His dog, buda, is vicioooous when you have food @_@ My scarf smells like him now. Got back in the evening via a very cold VIVA ride. It was nice when the random guy sitting next to us joined in on a game of connect the words haha.

18 February 2011

after 5 years

Not a terribly flattering picture, but who cares since MY BRACES ARE OFFFFF!

It was rather anticlimactic since the actual removal of the wiring only took a few seconds. *snip snip*and it was gone XD
Removing the glue took the rest of the hour, it was rather painful as well @_@ Lots of scrapping, filing, sanding, and buffing; almost like woodshop haha.

I'm gonna buy all the salted caramels that I want in Italy now >D

16 February 2011


^that doesn't quite look like money flying away.


that is on it's way to my living room.

Plan is to trade in Black Ops for a used Assassin's Creed 2 (and hopefully a used Little Big Planet 1). I mean, it's sorta realistic as it's a BRAND NEW, newly released game for 2 USED old games.
God of War is gonna be lent to Mel and to trading it goes as well.

FFxiii versus! *u*

My salary is basically going towards that and psp2 "orz
Somehow those 2, coupled with gritaly, impact conference, random shopping trips, totals to 1.3k, dammn ;_;

14 February 2011


I am so terribly normal~
^probably how people felt when they discovered the earth isn't the center of the universe.

also I don't think about class material enough.
^turning into a cooog

p.s: jay chou photos! <333

13 February 2011

jason wu fall 2011

^one of those rare informative titles.

With Gritaly around the corner, I've been massive worrying about what to pack. This results in me browsing around aimlessly on a whole bunch of fashion blogs/magazine (Vogue's tumblr is cool). Luckily, inspirations are in abundance due to New York's fashion week, and Jason Wu's ready to wear collection just happens to be the right cup of tea for me. Love the silhouettes & mostly neutral palette with pops of full bodied colour <3 The bags are beautiful too, not to mention walkable shoes!

Click on a thumbnail and go through lightbox please :]

full collection via style.com

oh, not to mention that the design of the runway itself is modelled after the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, aka my eternal love.

10 February 2011

byebye weekend.

tmrw 4:30-12:15
sat 6-12:15
sun 3-9

brinnnng it.

friday night edit:
so why am I at home now?
Cause I got cut.
No army of bieber fangirls showed up, much to everyone's surprise.
The rest of my weekend shift got cut too.
So I guess the title better get changed to 'hello'.

09 February 2011

the anti-aesthetic

Read a really dense essay on Postmodernism and Consumer Society in English. Now that I'm more awake to think about it, it's really interesting.

A particular section that I really liked was a poem called "China" by Bob Perelman. I realize I'm providing it without context, but a whole discussion is beyond me.
We live on the third world from the sun. Number three. Nobody tells us what to do.
The people who taught us to count were being very kind.
It's always time to leave.
If it rains, you either have your umbrella or you don't.
The wind blows your hat off.
The sun rises also.
I'd rather the stars didn't describe us to each other; I'd rather we do it for ourselves.
Run in front of your shadow.
A sister who points to the sky at least once a decade is a good sister.
The landscape is motorized.
The train takes you where it goes.
Bridges among water.
Folks straggling along the vast stretches of concrete, heading into the plane.
Don't forget what your hat and shoes will look like when you are nowhere to be found.
Even the words floating in air make blue shadows.
If it taste good we eat it.
The leaves are falling. Point things out.
Pick up the right things.
Hey guess what? What? I've learned how to talk. Great.
The person whose head was incomplete burst into tears.
As it fell, what could the doll do? Nothing.
Go to sleep.
You look great in shorts. And the flag looks great too.
Everyone enjoyed the explosions.
Time to wake up.
But better get used to dreams.
secret of the poem: It's not some political commentary on China. Rather, it's captions to a book of images the author found in China town.
This has something to do with photorealism.

07 February 2011

brunch: baked eggs

recipe from 101 cookbooks

super easssy to make & eat.
I'm gaining an appreciation for runny egg yolks :]

05 February 2011

never say neeeeever

So there's a Justin Bieber standee at the theatre for his new autobiographic movie "Never Say Never".

There's advance tickets selling for that movie.

Girls go up and take pictures with it.

One girl even asked a crew member to radio management if she could take it home after the movie finishes showing.

Clearly Bieber is doing something right.
In the same amount of time, he's starring in his own movie while I'm selling tickets for it. This is actually quite motivating XD

04 February 2011

taobao haul

Skinfood Cucumber and Lettuce Set.
Tried the toner (emulsion) and moisturizer, both seems pretty good. The scent is very "fresh" and is absorbed really easily. Seems to be moisturizing enough for the winter as well. We shall see.

Shills blackhead peeling mask and Majolica Majorca (sub brand of Sheseido) Lash Expander mascara.
Hands down best mascara I've used. It's like a tubing one, except...not tubing. It's a hybrid haha. Def gonna try more asian mascaras after I finish this.

Onto accessories:

Brooch, ring, ring.
Best quality photo of the night haha. I apologize for the inconsistent lighting, some were with flash and some were without.

More necklaces! Had to buy more adhesive hooks to hang them e_e"

This is definitely a statement necklace haha. Though it's the same colour as my other chain one, hmmm.

Clutches! Black one is quite nicely made, very much so considering taobao standards. Melody originally ordered another one, but they ran out so they sent this instead. Do you still want it?

Winter hats! As much as I love (and is known for) my panda hat, I need something warmer haha.

and lastly:

winter is coooold.

03 February 2011

via kenn via danbooru

missed on tv, but saw online.
in really crappy quality ;_;
but he played the cello! <3

02 February 2011


first in the history of my 7 years of attending school in Toronto.

atm watching Bonnie and Clyde on tv.