31 October 2010


First snow is on Halloween! XD

I realize the photo doesn't show any...but just imaaaaagine.

Do you people have any special plans for today? Get some wonderbars for the sad sad me who has to work on both job and Macbeth paragraph ;_;

speaking of which I really should get started on Macbeth.

29 October 2010

silly string assassins

Man I don't know how to start a post anymore o_o The more I try to fix it, the more awkward it becomes, so blah.

This week was united way week! Highlight being carnival day (looks pretty darn similar to ones in animes XD)

Carnival day makes me happy because of 2 things.
One is because I get to skip period 2 and see the people that have lunch then.
Second is because the bake sale goods so for ridiculously cheap near the end of the period. Last year I got a plate full of cookies, brownies, cake, etc for less than $2 (normal price for one piece of brownie). It marks the beginning of eating-a-lot-more-food-than-normal-in-the-winter-months~

This year's foods were especially great, awesome ice cream sandwich, frozen (but still pretty good) waffle topped with bananas, brownie that I bargained for, and free cupcakes from my class' stand.

Aside from food, there's a variety of booth ranging from haunted house, rose delivery, and *drum roll* SILLY STRING ASSASSINS! I was the second overall to pay for Ryan's assassination and probably the last to get carried out -o- Ended really epically though, "is this silly string or the egg in my fried rice?" XD

Also had the last of my 3 orientations. Rush time is pretty fun, it takes amaaaazing concentration to get the order right haha. The non existent back button is the main reason why. I realized that prolonged exposure to the smell of butter gives my stomach a reeeally bad feeling. Sucks that I have to clean their containers during my closing shifts "orz Also found out how miserable I can be when missing only an hour of sleep, how will I ever survive engineering? @_@

27 October 2010

People go to extreme(ly stupid) length trying to get into Jackass

25 October 2010

wolf hair brushes

Got into Impact Conference 2010!!
yes I feel the need to repeat that.

in other news, my new favourite place is the public library.

Armed with my ipod and a earl grey latte (with a swirl of honey to top, my new favourite drink from Starbucks), I spent a blissful 2 hours at the library after school.

Managed to find some books on Chinese brush painting, which I decided to continue in effort to be "special". Only disadvantage is that the materials are hard to find, I don't exactly trust my dad to purchase the right brushes and paints back in China either.

Also grabbed How We Decide by Jonah Leher in attempts to increase the variety of my readings. I will make a conscious effort to read books instead of clicking to my manga sites late at night. Loooong reading list to check off @_@ Since the majority of people are gone to Kinark, will squeeze reading time into lunch as well. Will pick up Blink and other books by Malcom Gladwell later.

Process of rediscovering my old hobbies are off to a strong willed start.

24 October 2010

Orientation #2

It was a much more hands on experience compared to first session.

First up was nacho arranging, which is quite difficult. The standard is 32 whole chips and 8 partial ones...the amount you actually get varies greatly, usually on the plus side.

Next was a tour of the concession stand, man there are a loooot of cupboards and drawers. Backup of cups, lids, straws, oil, flavour packets, everythinnng. Lots of locations to memorize as well. The bib room is pretty cool, there's a whole wall full of syrups! There's also a crazy huge ice machine along the opposite wall.

The main event of the day was teaching us how to work the popcorn machine and drink fountain.
The Popper is way more dangerous than it looks, also way easier to operate. I have been told that every girl that has ever worked there has a scar down their chest from a flying kernel XD Precisely measured corn + perfectly leveled off scope of popcorn salt + one push of a oil button + 3 minutes later = perfect popcorn. Buy some the next time you watch a movie at Empire ;D
Fountain drinks are also very precise. Scientific study has showed at cold drinks are best served with 1/3 ice. After the ice is in the cup, just place on the titled tray and the machine automatically fills it up. Once the drink has reached the rim, it touches a metal alloy of some sorts, completes the circuit and shuts off the machine.

Perfect drink to accompany your perfect popcorn :]

23 October 2010


Went on a mandatory shopping trip today, felt my heart and money leaving me for this:

Talula wool blazer in black

It fits like a dream though (much like Janice's $300 bcbg dress, go buy it!). I can see myself wearing it for a number of occasions, mainly for co-op, impact conference if I get in, and "business casual" (vaguest thing ever) occasions.
The buttons are really nice too.
I'm just trying to make myself feel better "orz

These Tron posters helped a lot. Can't wait till december! (Burlesque will tie me over until then)

21 October 2010


so tired...
reason is cause of this

it's backwards, whateverrr.

Orientation today, did mostly dry policy stuff. Learned alot about safe food storage haha, most of the stuff that my parents do are completely wrong XD Three more sessions, one on sunday that will cause me to miss UT lecture ;__; So very sad.
Also very sad that my dinner times will be messed up by night shifts. Popcorn will have to carry me over until like midnight.

Co-op interview earlier in the day at AREA Architects. Their walls are a pretty colour haha. It was more of a casual conversation rather than a strict interview, me likey. Too bad my CAD skills are way too basic, those floor plans look impressive haha. Gonna be doing mostly admin work, which I don't really mind.

Now that I have a job and co-op placement, I am all set for Shad backup.

No free movies for you.

19 October 2010

dessert xchng-peanut butter/oatmeal/choco cookies

recipe found at thekitchn.com
Gah, photo makes it look like a lab specimen instead of tasty food @_@

Very easy, though quite messy, to make. I've been avoiding any chocolate related recipe for half a year cause I don't want to wash the bowl XD

Despite all the clean up, this cookie is soooooooo yummy! The oatmeal and peabut butter gives it a chewy texture and the chocolate fudge topping just blends everything together! I would give it a few minutes extra than what he recipe calls for so the cookie turns out sturdier.


Been very much tied down to applications lately. Another reason why I dislike the beginning of the school year is all the forms I have to fill out @_@ Impact National Conference is due this friday (inspirational speakers+fancy hotel!) and Shad Valley is only a month and half away. Shad is especially stressful because I have absolutely zero idea what to write for the essay.

But physics class just makes everything all better. Mr. Caruana is aweeeeeeeeesome.

Presenting Joyce in a G-Suit (he bought it off some russian guy XD)

Forgive the crappy cell phone quality.

Notice how tight the uninflated suit is on her, the suit is suppose to be for a grown, buff, man at least a few heads taller than her. Learning acceleration has never been this fun XD

17 October 2010

tiffany blue

7 Essential Skills You Didn't Learn in College
from Wired
Interesting read ^


Went to the newly opened Michael's (beside costco) today, to use the overused comparison, it's like a kid walking into a candy store. Scrapbooking, needlework, jewelry making, general crafts, art supplies, floral, seasonal, evvvvveeeeerrrrryything! *u*

I spent a good 30 minutes staring at all the different papers in the scrapbook section. There's a bajilion different patterns, weights, and sizes. I need to find a hobby that'll let me buy as much paper as I want haha. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the special kind that I use to make flowers with. Saw it once in a dollar store, but never again. The shop in China that I originally bought from closed down as well @_@

The other sections were also well stocked, though not as impressive as scrapbook. Oh they have loooooads of ribbons, bought 6 wheels on impluse haha. Anyone willing to pay me to make your christmas presents look awesome? ;D

16 October 2010






14 October 2010

multigrain italian bread

Weijie is finally employed~
very very happy.

Now if only I could get a co-op placement...

In other news,
I had a fantastic time listening to Rui and David "debate" (plus rui rant) today afterschool. Instead of solving CNML questions in Infinity, they discussed the pro and cons of a stable income lifestyle. David's dream and goal is to be rich, Rui wants to help people through being something in the medical field...I dunno what's mine o_o There's things I want to do, plenty of things, but what is my DREEEEEEAM? Decided to be vague and said "enough power to get what I want once I figure out what I want".
Headed to outside Loblaws afterwards. David treated us to a loaf of yummy bread ;D More talking, with Mary joining us half way through. Topics that were covered includes economics, relationships, families, cultural influences on an individual, etc etc. Very productive discussion haha.

I realized I really enjoy listening to other people talk about their discoveries and insights. Wish I was a wealthy ruler in the Renaissance so I could invite great thinkers and artists to live in my court and just hear them talk all day *u*

12 October 2010

the weekend: with content

Everything in this post is a little late, reason being that I finally decided to catch up on 3 seasons worth of anime.

mini rant: Uraboku's anime ending is so....non satisfying "orz Does not tie anything up....
LUKA X YUKI (prefer slightly more in the female form)! Luka has a reeeeeeally sexy voice, especially the few lines right before the OP (not typing it cause that'll be waaaaaay cheesy). Chinese title also sounds way cooler and easier to remember 无法逃离的背叛~

Never the less,
Happy belated Thanksgiving!
I am thankful for...
  • Friends and family. You're all very nice people (to various degrees ;P)
  • The essential materialistic possessions. "Want to have more, Need to want less"
  • All the great men and women of the past that contributed to the vast amount of knowledge we have today and the conveniences that exist as the result of such knowledge. (I think I know physics history better than general history xD)
That more or less covers all. What are *you* thankful for?

Think long and hard about that question while the photos below load~

My family went south down to Hamilton to view maple leaves this year. Unfortunately, most of the leaves weren't red nor on the trees. Fortunately, there were waterfalls to see :] I apologize in advance that there's some overexposure in every picture, mostly the sky and water.
clickly for fullview in lightbox~

Webster Falls. Not that great of a photo, but it's a decent wide shot.

Down stream it goes!

In retrospect, I should not have been that close. This picture was taken without zoom on a little patch of mud right at the edge of the waterfall. Coulda been dead if I slipped...thankful that I am still alive. Hurt my knee while trying to climb back on land, let the scab be a reminder of my stupidity XD

Encountered these half way through the hiking trails! I've never been on a train before haha. Proud to say that I walked the furthest without falling on the metal beams :]

Terribly overexposed sky T_T
This is the view from the summit of the mountain. The climb up was not very pleasant.

Tew falls, taller but way less volume.

The rocks were where I took the summit photo, aka far far away. Walked a total of 10km that day @_@

Below are photos from the dslr, which has MUCH better colour turnout.

Walking along the stream~ Was not a carefree stroll, infact, the hike was very trecherous. One person wide turns + slipper mud = one wrong step and you're tumbling down the side of the mountain and into the water with jagged rocks.

in the sun

in the shade.
TOTALLY different moods. The flatter sections of the wood gives me the impression that a Disney castle is right around the corner and a prince riding a white horse will come galloping by~

leeeense flareeeeee.
Very dramatic xD

My favourite combo of bright leaves against pure blue sky.

Much safer yet still as close to the edge option.

10 October 2010

the weekend


more wordy post tmrw~

08 October 2010


You are already Perfect.

good way to start a long weekend~

06 October 2010

dessert xchng

I think a wonderful system is in works in my circle of friends.

Monday Mel brought cheese biscuits for us to share.
Today Janice brought pancakes (I got the largest one >D)
and tomorrow, I'll bring some cake for everyone.

Get to a man everyone's hearts through their stomach! LET'S KEEP THIS UP!

I've also come to love and appreciate creaming the butter and sugar together by hand.
At first, I thought it was tedious. The feeling grew to the point that I avoided recipes that needed to have butter and sugar creamed. However, all recipes require so. Somewhere along the way, it's become almost a meditation XD Just the butter, sugar, spoon and me. Quite a peaceful feeling although I'm smoshing them together with great force.

om nom nom.

03 October 2010

brunch: pancakes

I am proud to say that this is my own recipe ;D

Slowly getting better at flipping, slowly. Figured that the trick is to flip it really fast and in one fluid motion. No more jiggling the spatula under the pancake and slowly lifting it up. Also figured out that the optimal cooking time for side 1 is the time it takes to smear a stab of butter on the previously cooked one.

makes 7 palm sized pancakes

1 cup +more pancake mix (had a box sitting in my pantry, might as well use it)
1 cup milk
oats (quick or regular kind). Amount depends on your preference.
1 egg
1/8 cup butter, melted (this would be uhh...4-5tbsp?)
cinnamon, powdered ginger. Amount depends on your preference.

strawberry, sugar, powdered sugar, maple syrup, whatever you fancy.

1. Soak the oats in the milk, this should be done overnight, but whatever time you have.
2. Mash the strawberries in a bowl with desired amount of sugar. "smosh, smosh, smosh"
3. Mix the milk, oats, egg, pancake mix, butter, cinnamon and ginger. Use your judgment, if the batter seems too runny, add more mix. I had to add about...1/4 cup more? The amount will depends on how much oat you added to the milk in step 1.
4. Let the mixture sit for a while. This makes the pancakes more fluffy.
5. Cook.
6. Top with the strawberry mush (doesn't that sound appetizing ;D), maple syrup, sugar, etc etc.

02 October 2010


Just saw Kevin's post on tumblr about a mental exercise we did in English class, thought I would share what I came up with as well.
I'm laying on my rococo styled bed piled with pillows and quilts, all in rich colours and exquisite patterns. Sinking into the quilts, I sit up and glance outside my opened window. The sight that greeted me is a meticulously maintained garden with lush grass and a grand fountain in the center. While admiring my garden, I hear a knock on the door.

I open the door and sees a little child looking up at me. "Who's this?...oh, it's myself." I offer the child my hand and leads her inside.

We sits in silence on my bed, staring outside my window. After a while, the child turns and says to me "I'm here to tell you what you forgot..."

Immediately after the child finishes, she gets up and walks briskly out the door and down the main hall, where crystal chandeliers and great paintings hang. With a great sense of urgency, I follow closely behind.
I admit the setting is much inspired by the Palace of Versailles (I would die happy if I got to live in that) and the strange happenings by a manga XD