30 June 2010

Tenth grade...results

92.5 consisting of:
Business: 94 (darn the summative)
History: 88 (omg it went up! yeaaaaaah)
Civics: 95
English: 91 (down from 97 first term, so so sad)
Careers: 99 (my 100 T_T")
SAP: 85 (so so bad)
Math: 92 (meh)
Science: 97 (ehh, alright)
Tech: 94 (good enough haha)

I'm okay with it, not happy, not sad, just okay.
Looking forward to gr 11.

28 June 2010

outdoor habitat

^not for me haha. Camping was fun noneless!
(long post, sit tight.)

Site: #76, Canisbay, Algonquin.

Left the comforts of flushing toilets at 9am and arrived at the campsite at 2ish. We split up into 2 to set up the tents for ourselves and janice's parents. Grace, David, Alex, and I finished the bigger tent waaaay before the other losers :] "push the pole in!" & million other jokes, guys will always be guys. After they finished, they came back and we furnished the tent with air mattress and sleeping bags. This is where I would have a picture, but I was too lazy to bring my camera.

The day t'was still young, so we played some cards. Real original and camp like I know ._." WINNER'S MATTRESS YEAHH. <- mean mean people, ended up staying with gracie on the other side for the later half of the game. David couldn't stand how unactive&camp-like playing cards with, so we all went for a walk. Didn't last very long, apparently we walked roughly the length of alex's driveway. Played guessing games afterwards, I'm improving haha. Janice had her lil winning streak xD

Dinnnnnnner dragged into late night snack time! Parents had to help us make the fire after Nick' numerous tries. We all suck at skewering hotdogs haha. Shoulda went out and bought better skewers, almost burnt myself (Janice did). Had some pizza too, bottom = burnt, top = lukewarm @_@" Shoulda waited for fire to die down to coals and cook it in that. S'mores were yummy. Grace&Nick are very uptight about perfectly toasted marshmallows.

Night time, where the fun begins.
All was well, we all were in bed (with much debating), someone said they heard something. Uh huh... People went out and saw stuff in the food tent was displaced. Weird, but whatever, back to sleep. A few minutes later, "omg I hear it again! Gogogo!" Hmm this is getting scary, we all stayed outside and waited for it to come back. I question what "it" is, people insist it's other people. David's theory goes that they think we have beer in the cooler. "Shh" goes janice. "THERE IT IS AGAIN! GO GO!" But we were too slow and "it" has escaped again. Change of plan, everyone go back to sleep while Janice, David, and Nick patrols outside."oh Nick you brought a bat? Janice get the knifes from the food tent!" Haha now we're armed and Grace is really scared. "It" came by again, and escaped again, oh our fruitless chase. Alex gets called out to help. This lasted till 3am, when everyone was finally convinced that "it" were raccoons, which imo is worse than people "they don't giveeee uppppp".
Time of falling asleep & end of this madness: 3am
Interruptions during sleep: rain dripping on face, snoring people, raccooooooooons @_@" Some more came and they were fighting over the food. They sound meaner than most dogs D<
Time of waking up in the middle of the night: 4am
Saw that David was up and decided to go for a walk. Stupid Nick tied the zippers together, trapping us in D: Much effort went into getting out. The woods look soooooo coooooooool, again no picture, so use your imagination.
Time of refalling asleep: 4 somethingish?
Time of deciding to get up: 7.
fiveeeeee hours of sleep, not that bad. I'm hoping I'll last till 11.

Got up, damage control @ food tent. They ate all the junk food and didn't touch Alex's stash, pity. Breakfast consisted of watermelons. More packing up afterwards and we headed home~

1.5hour more, must not fall asleeeeeep.

26 June 2010


(clicky on image for awesome lightbox effects)
L->R: Gojyo, Hakkai, Goku, Sanzo. There's a four leaf clover next to Sanzo.

Summary from mangaupdates
Having been assigned by the human elders the mission of stopping a mystical plague that has afflicted the Youkai with madness, Genjyo Sanzo assembles his team of Youkai warriors, desperately hoping that the disease will not affect them. He sets up qualifying tests that will help him determine the loyalty and worth of Cho Hakkai, Son Goku and Sha Gojyo. The team then journeys west to rid the land of madness.
Goes from Saiyuki Ibun (pre-prequel, story of Sanzo's master) to Saiyuki Gaiden (prequel, story of the party's preincarnations) to Saiyuki (main story) to Saiyuki Reload and Reload Blast (title change from change of publishers). All are very loosely based on 西游记 (Journey to the West).

*random insert* Sanzo is ranked 2nd after Icarus <3

Seeing the rate of update, I'll probably never get to read the ending. So here's my own version (aka spoilers and skip down to image):
First off they accomplish their objective of stopping the resurrection, then beating the crap out of Ukoku Sanzo (he's really creepy, but kinda cool in his own way). But before he dies, he uses his power of denying existence (really awesome power, I'd like to have plz.) to destroy the castle. Sanzo & party tries to escape, but is killed off one by one. This becomes a repeat of their escape from heaven in Gaiden. Goku realizes, turns to true form, saves everyone's dead bodies, regain memory etc. Kanzeon Bosatsu (she looks really manly...) feels really guilty cause all this happened again, somehow bargains/threatens (cause that's much more like her) the emperor of heaven and the souls of Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo returns to being Gods in heaven, in turn regaining their memory. Goku & Nataku are friends again. Last page would have 2 panels, top one shows Sanzo telling Goku something like "see, we kept our promise", bottom panel would be all of them enjoying the cherry blossom at the place Goku promised to show Nataku. Big happy ending :]

(click for fullview)

Isn't Goku adorable? *u* Moderately editted by moi and is looking beautiful as my wallpaper.
Scan (and the first 2 images) from Salty Dog V and IV respectively. Gotta love 'em artbooks.

25 June 2010


What type(face) are you?
I'm Corbusier Stencil :]
very interesting quiz, very interesting. Beautifully done too.

diggin' up old Jay Chou songs cause I refuse to listen to the new album till I get my hands on it. Love the melody of this one:



24 June 2010

Flan is karma!

title from Battle Angel Alita, go read it ;D

New pretty theme, based off Whiteness (from quiterandom.com) modified by yours truely. I did enough to it to make it seem like my baby <3
Rants on coding:
  • Freakin bg: You don't know how many times I measured it, but it would never work. So I gave up on the original idea of gradient border and just changed the css border. blah. Then I thought of pinstripes, which was easier to implement.
  • Header image: it was spelled kramatic for the longest time, until kenn pointed it out. Much thanks.
  • Coding in general: had to dig deep into my memories of when Donna&Eva still made websites. I learned the very little html/css that I knew from them XD Fun times.
Awesome new thing:
yes I have to make it fancy and add jquery, which thankfully didn't give me a hard time. Only annoying thing is that I have to manually add 'rel="lightbox"' to every image. Look forward to seeing it in action for the next brunch post (or whenever I post a nice image).

But now it's done, and beautiful.
Funny how everyone has to change their blog design at the same time.

23 June 2010

post exam splurge.

stupid nail polish is the same price as my lunch T___T"
but oh how pretty it is.
Dark teal/borderline navy with a chrome green sheen. So so pretty.
Can't capture it on camera though, so I'll leave it to your imaginations.

Also wanted to buy the cupcake mask from Lush, but they ran out so I got catastrophic cosmetic. Smells like yummy blueberry. If I won the lottery, Lush would be rich XD

There was an EARTHQUAKE today! Didn't feel anything though, pheww. What would I have regretted if I died? good question (what would you regret?)

loooooooking forward to camping. hahaha @ seating plans. I plan to lay outside the tent and watch the stars, if I can stand the bugs.

Stand by me,
Nobody knows the way it’s gonna be,

22 June 2010

tenth grade

I'm half way through high school, uh oh.

I remember back in Cummer, I reeeally wanted to graduate, get school over with, get working...guess just grow up in general. Now I want to stay a kiddddd (still am, phew).

So what have I learned this year? Hopefully the list will be long.
  • English class: despite all the Michael Jackson-ness, I actually learned how to write a proper essay! Saw a great improvement (I hope...) in the structure of my writing (all those long answers for the exams...@_@). Intro paragraphs are a lot easier now, general statement->relate->preview->thesis, yeah!
  • People relations: messy messy. Staying out/avoiding the situation works well temporarily, but causes problems in the long run. I will make a conscious effort to not go the easy way out next time. (for people reading this: everything is fine, my writing just seems to exaggerate things.)
  • Friends: they're nice people, I should be nicer to them (I hear janice cheering in the background). Actually, I should be nicer in general. KARMA!
  • Clubs: Tried a bunch out, was decent-y fun. Waaaay too many bake sales, thank god Alex was there to wash dishes. Motivation to participate in clubs burned out half way through, so gotta prioritize next year.
  • Junior Achievement: the key to high sales is to be annoying. I will find a better strategy next year.
  • Volunteering: Quality over quantity. I need to choose 1/2 organizations and stick with them for a loooong time. Gotta work on building good relationships for future reference :] Was alright volunteering at the OSC, takes a lot more commitment than I imagined. Would be a lot easier to bear if the commute isn't that long ._. Habitat should be fun (ryan/nick?)
  • Procrastination = no.
fun times :]

21 June 2010

In and Outs #2

I feel the need for another irregular series, so here's In and Outs.

School's Out.
Will expand on this tmrw, not gonna think about it today XD

Suuuuuuummer's In!
here's a long to do list:
  1. draw. I miss being creative D:
  2. read books:
    • An incomplete education
    • The gastronomical me-MFK Fisher
    • The lazy person's guide to investing
    • The elegant universe
    • God particle (for like..the 5th time, good boook :])
    • GEB
    • Paradise Lost
    • How to think like davinci
    • Lost Symbol
  3. PHYSICS 11.In fact, I will start reading it tmrw.
  4. organize old magazines. tear out the pretty stuff, paste into hardcover book. be creaaaative.
  5. some form of exercise. this is important. i'll somehow end up sitting all summer "orz
  7. watch the list of anime that I promised kenn.
  8. organize cloth and fall/winter's shopping list.
Gonna spend lots of time reflecting. I don't think I'm going where I want to go, that's assuming I know where I want to go. Something's off haha.
Summer's gonna be fuuuuuun :]

19 June 2010


Got my sunglasses today! Bring it on sun.

The frames are originally for glasses, so it looks a little odd. Butttt, it makes my face look slimmer, so all good. I also feel taller wearing them for some reason XD

Apparently it's handmade in Japan, apparently. Sales people are a tricky bunch to deal with. The lady that was helping me the day that I ordered it said that it came with the original manufacture's case, which is sleek and black. Instead, when I went to pick it up today, it came in this hideous poach thing @_@" Shoulda argued with them. Luckily my mom liked the poach and offered to switch her green one with me. Moral of the rant: "people might talk about a good experience, but people will always talk about a bad one."

2 more days till I get to fully enjoy the sun. SAP final, here I come.

17 June 2010


There are lots of fish in the sea..
there`s also sharks, seaweed, & toxic waste.

-some wise soompier.

我并不孤单 想你才孤单
被淹没一样 不作响
缺氧 鱼失去海洋



I shall study sap, I shall do nothing but study sap. Maybe then I can save my mark xD

15 June 2010


it means heavenly flower in Greek!

Happy birthday to mommy dearest <3

Went to buy her flowers after math exam (blah factoring, blahhhh). Luckily carnations bouquets were on sale ($1 went to chairity!)

Moderately photoshopped pics, full view please, I really like how they turned out:

should cleaned table xD

close up! The purple to orange gradient has such a lovely effect *u*

13 June 2010

brunch: zesty baked yams with miso soup

plus other foods in the previous week

Purple yams! *u*
Seasoning consists of olive oil, star anise, lemon juice&zest, ginger and s&p. Mmm, the star anise gives it a nice kick haha. This would make a good cook-up-a-whole-batch-on-weekend thing.

Miso souppp.
I always end up adding too much tofu and not enough miso paste ._."

Last Wednesday's (lunch for people over studying):

Mooooore miso! This time with the addition of noodles, easy-over egg, and spinach.
Again, didn't add enough miso, I feel bad feeding Janice/Nick underseasoned food ._." Must make something better next time!

Last week's brunch:

Bagel with meaty scrambled egg, blueberries and tomato.
Used up leftovers in the fridge.

and last but not least, chocochip meringue cookies!

Doesn't it look like a pizza? XD
Me likey much better than regular chocochip cookie. Just gotta up the amount of meringue next time, barely covered the cookie.
I'm very proud that I hand creamed the sugar and butter, it's actually enjoyable now. "smooooosh, smoooooooosh". Makes me feel all nice and calm afterwards haha. Also attempted hand whipping egg whites, that didn't turn out so well.
Gonna bring some of this to school on monday *u*

11 June 2010

kino no tabi

^go watch that if you haven't. Very thought provoking, or at least eye opening. Art's beautiful as well, soooo many great wallpapers on animepaper.net *u*
Why'd I suddenly mention that? Cause a quotation from it is being used as a little blurb for my tumblr. (I feel the need to shamelessly self promote).

Also, I'm officially lauching my test blog (idea thanks to Kenn)! Blog's had this design for waaaay too long, mainly cause I like it too much xD


dun dun dunn. I'm sure Janice will love the title.
Started working on it the day before science exam. Bad time to start, but I needed to clear my head for the night. Tweaking it here and there in between studying for exams, aka now, when I should be reviewing history notes, oh well.
Templet's based off Whiteness-3c from quiterandom.com. I modified the header, sidebars, other stuff, etc. Should learn how to code from scratch haha. Look forward to seeing it implemented by end of this month?

lastly, I'd like to state that I incorporated Michael Jackson into my english exam essay. It gives me a (false) sense of security that I'll get a good mark.

10 June 2010

om nom nom not.

Today was another trip to the dentist's office.
But before that, science exaaaam, oh jooooy e_e"

The exam covered a lot less than I expected, a lot of the stuff I studied was no where to be found. Recognized most of the m/c questions from review sheets from various classes. That said, I'm still not sure about how much I got wrong. The acid/base question, some people say it's neutralization, I disagree (austin and alex agree with me on this). It's....sodium carbonate (Na2CO3?) and hydrochloric acid (HCl). Definitely a double displacement, right? So far so good? Na2CO3 + 2HCl -> 2NaCl + H2CO3? Salt and Bicarbonate? Pretty sure I'm righhhht @_@

Since I had dentist a few hours afterwards, I followed Austin and Alex to the library with the intention of studying history. Some work actually got done XD Eaaaaasy 9 marks! I better do well on the history exam, must not screw social sciences over!

Now to the rant.
I now have a gap wide enough to fit my tongue through between my upper and lower teeth. Why? Cause my teeth kept biting the lower wire off (the longest time it lasted was 2 days). Without the wire, teeth won't align properly, so on and so on. So now I can't chew at all. It's a handicap as bad as like...only having 1 finger on a hand (a slight exaggeration). It's like swapping your entire set of teeth for 2 pebbles to grind food between, not fun. Also extremely awkward looking when I smile "orz
Guess my menu for this month will be entirely consisted of congee.

08 June 2010

In and Outs

School's out.
Exams are in.

Yearbook comments are in.
Sleep, unfortunately, is out. Oh why must I have problems falling asleep right before exams start "orz
Though this year I lack the motivation and care to study extremely well. I just know that I'll make some idiotic mistake and get a mediocre mark. I'm unsatisfied with my business summative mark, sure I didn't put a lot of efforts in, but the reasons that marks were taken off are really stupid (for the lack of a better word.) My group's game was really engaging and fun, but we only got 14/20 cause we should have not changed the rules to adapt to the situation -o-
ah whatever.

go go go go.

05 June 2010

moleeeeeeskin *u*

Notebooks = love.
Moleskin = extra loveee.

03 June 2010


Almost done with summatives. yay.

I juuuuust waaaaant toooo sleeeeeeep.

byebye science and business mark, we had a good time.
that means I'll have to study extra hard for exams, aka byebye sleep as well.
refer to line 3.

oh noes.

something more enjoyable than my rant:


01 June 2010


first off: happy birthday Alex! Difficult person you are.
Got him a card with the most white space, yet we still managed to fill it over the top. Janice, Soph, and Donna had the write on the front and back covers xD
I make a conscience effort to be nice on birthdays.

Civics center is lotsa laughs. Ice cream bars hahahaha. Its like a repeat of the situation all over again. Should go there more often haha.

Another thing that made me smile today: futureme.org
Really entertaining seeing how the 'weijie' of a year ago thought, usually very different from the current 'weijie'. Ch-ch-ch-change! k no, not that song. In retrospect, I blow everything out of proportion, evident in me not getting the references that I made myself.
If Grace still goes on the computer, she would laugh at this: caaaaaaaaaaat.
haha no.

I shall work on summatives while still feeling motivated :]
yeah, go send an email to the 'you' in a year! You'll be surprised at how warm and fuzzy it feels to read 'em.