30 May 2010

newest obsession

soooooooooo pwetttty.

semi-related rant: Valkyrie profile won't work on Donna's DS T_T" why oh why.

so here's my attempt:
copied straight from a page in the early chapters of the manga adaption of the game
(oh, remember how in the previous previous post I said I would go sleep early? Guess what I ended up doing till 11:40):

The above is from Lenneth valkyrie, Hrist's looks pretty cool too.
Best lessons learned from art class: fill up the whole page, and line weight, when done properly, is awesome.

and to put mine to shame, here's an much much better one found on dA:

Valkyrie Profile PSX by ~diegofcp179
Much better details and circlier circles. Yeah, almost 10 years of art lessons and I still can't draw straight lines/perfect circles "orz

T>eternal gratitude for one of these kickass helmets.

29 May 2010

"moderate hatred" serve

Nick's birthday party todaaay.

Beach volleyball:
sand = scorching hot. Had to dig to the wet sand to keep our feet cool. I broke my I-only-sit-around-and-can't-play-any-sports stereotype and have battlescars to prove it harhar. Cummer>Bayview.

Water fight:
"I call the hose!" Everyone was so lame and stayed in the no water zone D: I had fun sneaking up behind people and hitting them with the paddle. The squirt-y thingy was also fun, psssssh who needs water guns. Water balloon=fail grenades, they bounce off the person then explode D:

Food was gooooooood. I've never liked crackers+cheese (marble) so much. The dip for the veggies were good too; cucumbers were gone in the first 2mins haha. Homemade patties ftw, it's at least 3 times thicker than a ripoff McD's one, had a hard time taking a bit. Later we had fruits and cake. I ate SIX slices of watermelon, which was too much. Although I was bloated, I still had a slice of tiramisu. I can't wait to try the authentic ones in gritaly *u*

lol @ car ride home. Haven't seen a sunset for a looooooong time.

28 May 2010


oh so very tired.

been going to bed a little later than usual, overanalyzes things while trying to sleep and so falling alseep a little later than usual, in the morning the light is waaaaay too bright so waking up a little earlier than usual...all these add up.

so tired and so much still left to do XD
I'm sure if I stop complaining/getting distracted and actually concentrate on working I can get everything done easily. But alas, it's not possible. I shall hope for a miraculous surge of motivation and energy so I can get everything done. I'm looking at a history summative, sap summative (darn you social sciences!), and exam prep.

I'm sure I'll be fine. Believe in yoself, ya.
...I believe that I will go to sleep early today "orz

27 May 2010

Nephilim John

Summary from MangaUpdates
Battle angels, Lucifer, demons, and holy wars: a nephilim by the name of John is abruptly thrown into this world one day when Michael, a battle angel, comes crashing into the room he is in.

Same author as Ares, aka, it's gooooooooooood. In fact, doesn't Michael (the angel) look exactly like Baroona? Yes, yes. For those who think Ares' art is hideous (which is completely false, the art suits the genre well), Nephilim John's better while retaining the same rough, fluid style :]
Big bonus that all the chapters are scanlated.

My thoughts about the ending below, aka spoooooilers
The ending is sooooooooooo open ended, it's about as open ended as anything can get. Am I upset over this? Ehhh, a little. The manga starts in the middle of John's life (his parentage was never explained) and so I'm not that upset. Plus this means there's a chance of a sequel ;D Sure hope so, love Ryu Geum Chel's works. I'm also surprised that John didn't end up with Isabel. This is another situation that I would usually be upset in (cough Legend of Nereid cough), but I'm quite okay with it in Nephilim. Loki's pretty cool, I approve hahahaha.

See, things that I usually can't stand in other mangas I'm completely fine with in this XD Another sign that it's worth the read.
This totally extended my patience for the release of Ares 177 :]
haaaaaaappy day.

26 May 2010


Today in history, while supposing to be prepping for summative, a bunch of us was talking about shows that we watched in our childhood.


Best. Thing. Ever.

Although I don't quite remember watching it on TV, I do vividly remember reading all the books during library time in elementary school.
Those were the daaaaays...
I think the blonde kid in the front was the really wimpy one. The girl in the first window was...athletic? Haha I dunno, but I'm certain that Ms. Frizzles always wore different outfits and earrings that matched the adventure that they're gonna go on. I would LOVE to have her as a teacher *u*

I wish my school had magical flying buses D:

25 May 2010

heat "orz

Why is it already 30?
That should come 2 month later "orz

ABC is a painful game.
Though I can't complain since I hit hard too XD

Exams are just around the corner...
I shall prepare my hideout with the dust bunnies.

later addition: I dont wannnnnaaaa make history notes -whine whine whine-
I spent a good 10 mins flipping through my history textbook trying to find my review sheet. Page by page, page by page. It generated a nice breeze though. Didn't find it, was about to panic, stood up, notebook fell from lap, review sheet fell out! A good mix of frustration and happiness occurred. I'm just writing this to procrastinate, terrible me.
tmrw's history summative, sigh. I can't do in class writing. Need time to rest and review work -whine whine whine- I think I'm just talking alot since my throat was hurting the entire day. Don't think I'll go to JA if throat is still acting up.

(dont bother reading the above chunk of text) I think next year can be better.

23 May 2010

brunch: green fried rice + belated last week's

Fried rice with broccoli, green pepper, eggs and minced meat.

Broccoli = good addition to fried rice. Pepper, not so much, it gets mushy too fast. Wanted to make something veggie filled in attempt to balance the fast food yesterday @_@" Turned it pretty good, would be better if my sinus wasn't blocked so I could actually taste the food ._."

Last week's:

Penne with zucchini and button mushroom stir fry.
Tasted a it bland, not a huge fan of zucchinis either.

22 May 2010

sunny days

Rained, so plans to be active with Janice and David got canceled.
Instead, I(mom) got myself some materialistic goods.

FINALLY items: Heeled sandals (wedge, since I rather my feet doesn't hurt) and satchel. Originally wanted nude strappy non wedge heels, but it was impossible to find any in walkable heights. My search shall continue next year!

Sun dress and cardigan with ruffled shoulder details. Bad dining room lighting ruined the colours, both looks much better (and less washed out) irl. I think I have too much sun dresses, should start wearing them more haha.

(this is more for my mom, but I intend to improve my negative eye lining skills.)
I would totally jump on the MAC bandwagon if I had more money ._."

Ended up eating fast food for dinner, I feel myself dying a little faster now.
Had reeeeeeeeally spicy thai green curry. I pride myself on my spiciness tolerance, but e___e" that was unbearable. The coconut milk was also very overpowering. Was not very pleasant.

The rest of the weekend shall be dedicated to academic excellence.

21 May 2010

happy day :]

Today is a good day...
(because I saw lots of red cars) no, that happened last sunday. The Curious Incident With The Dog In The Night Time (what a long title to type...) is a good book though.

because I had some oh-so heavenly brownie cupcakes from the rugby bakesale. "made with love" hahahahaha, I wish. But really, someone who can bake AND break arms, that is a very good package. Back off Melody D<

That alone is enough to make it a good day, but I found this totally awesome image:

via techi.com: craziest gif we've ever seen

Too bad the version I uploaded isn't animated, so head over to the original source, save image, apply as wallpaper, tiled, for the full effect.
Work of genius.

much loves to Linnee for the information.
I shall be a good fan and not illegally download it. I shall patiently await the arrival of my dad with the album.

19 May 2010


I waaaaant toooo gooooooo.

to see David, cause I had to sketch his eye in art class. Don't underestimate Michelangelo, one eye is darn hard to draw.

to eat good pizza and pasta. Much like how Canadian bubble tea can't compare with ones in China.

to sit in a gondola in Venice with the love of my life, which does not exist, so I'll settle with my friends :]

to see St. Peter's square.

to marvel at the mindblowing architecture of the Pantheon. Greek mythology is awesome.

to blow lots and lots of money on gelato. Mmmmm.

17 May 2010


"House, it's not your fault..."
"You think that's gonna make me feel better? I did everything right and she still died?"

Just finished watching season finale.
Woahhhh, just woah.

It's too...happy ending-like.

I hope Cuddy and House end up together, but in a more fullfilling way.

16 May 2010


(image from Gilly, thanks a bunch!)

Sooooo gonna rewatch this in the summer.
jay <3
(I came home to see my mom watching his world tour dvd lovelovelovelovelove.)

15 May 2010

Microcredit Wrapup

I totally forgot about this post. Was gonna do it right after it ended, but then wanted to wait until final report is done...then forgot XD
S'why procrastination is baddddddddd. (note to self: start studying for exams, now.)

The Planning Stage:
Was all fun back then, energy and caring level was very high. The 4 hour brainstorming session at bubble tea was fuuuuun! Everyone else finished their bbt in half an hour while I slowly drank mine delish passion green tea over the entire span on time. Lots of ideas came up, some alright...some a little outrageous (we considered auctioning our friends for physical labour haha).

The "oh crap, this idea is gonna take a lot of work" Stage:
aka when research was done. Yeaah, reality sucks haha. T-shirts were a little more expensive than we thought, same goes for bubble tea, school was a little harder to get through, and everyone didn't really communicate well. *key to success: talk.*

The "i think everything is gonna work out, I hope" Stage:
Various hurdles were resolved. Donna and Lyon's various trips to suppliers, my various meetings with teachers etc etc. We managed to pull things together pretty last minute.

The Actual 10 Days of Competition:
HUGGGGGE thanks to everyone that helped bring in the bubble tea in p2 lunch. I don't appear very thankful, but I am. I am. That's to Donna, Lyon, Alex, Janice, Nick, Roy, Kevin, and others that I probably forgot. I loveeee you guys <3

On a last note: I'm so proud of how our blog looks. 960 grid is pure awesomeness.

13 May 2010

A day in words.

raining, therefore gloomy.
science = good for sleep.
need money for gritaly.
Superior Cross *u*
screwed up SAP.

12 May 2010

heeeeeung heeeeeung

For the explanation of the title, refer to the video in the previous post. Bang! Bang!
(my inner fangirl has been reignited)

Stratford photos!

Our lovely lunch table. Fisheye camera, menus, glass of water, CLOVER, and my drawing of the 4 patrons (from l->r: jine, rui, janice, myself).
I find it very smart to line the table with craft paper. One it's cheap for the business, second it keeps the guests entertained. Annnd it looks very nice with the royal purple napkins, +3!

Haha, Rui and I should never be left along in a bakery. We ate a lot of bread...a lot. In our defense, that's some mighty good bread.

My intensely manly lunch. There's like...5 types of meat in that sandwich.

Awesome flash gone wrong photo XD

for complete photos, head over to facebook. Can I have 1 more basket of bread?

11 May 2010

jolly rogers

that was one cool scene. Peter Pan is a good play :]

Stratford was fun.
I'm tired.
will post pictures when I am less tired, and done careers.

later edit:
I'm done careers, PC decided to not be mean after 2 restarts.
I'm still feeling awfully lazy (the actor/ess all had such cool british accents *u*), so photos will wait until another time.
but watch this now (courtesy of Mel):

sooooooooooo adorable
heeeeung heeeeeung.
omg "orz

"What happens in stratford stays in stratford"

09 May 2010

brunch: mother's day gingerbread crepes

I am getting better at flipping!

recipe adapted from theNotice

The picture does no justice to the food.
I wanted to make a blackberry syrup to go along with it, but I discovered that we ran outta blackberries, so had to do with nutella, honey, maple syrup and blueberry yogurt.

Original plan was an extravagant brunch with lots of baked goods, but karma made me extra sleepy and mom had to actually wake me up at noon. If she had left me along, I probably coulda slept until 2. Goes to show how sleep deprived I am xD Probably should be in bed by now...

will go do that.
Happy Mother's Day!

08 May 2010

nothing on you, baby.

Jonny and Helen sing so well (OD too!)

Karaoke was funnnn! At first everyone's a little awkward, but by the end, we still had 26 songs leftover. David and I trained our finger muscles pressing the down button trying to look for Jay Chou songs (青花瓷 is playing as I write this). I don't know as much songs in Shout as Yonge, still lotsa fun though.

Gotta practice 爱在西元前 Really sad how I all the geographic locations in English @_@"

more loveholics <3

07 May 2010

t.h.e w.i.n.d.y

alternate title: I can stare at CLAMP's amazing art for ever and ever.

Presenting: Card Captor Sakura Clow Cards <3
an early apology: I am deeply sorry for the crappy quality. Shot the pics at night, under the glare of a coffee table lamp. I feel bad having such bad photos of such pretty cards "orz

amazingly beautiful illustrations no?

My favourite card (in function and pretty high ranked in deisgn). God knows how much easier my life would be with it.
In terms of looks, I like the 4 elements and light/dark. soooo pwetty *u* The sword is pretty kickass too, I use to be able to draw that so well...

Sakura cards:

I don't think the deck I got was legit, drawing looks a lot worse than the clow cards.

I shall attempt to read my fortune with these, as soon as I find someone with better Chinese.
(shoutout to kenn)

06 May 2010


Made my monthly trip down to the dentist today, been going there for a reeeeeally long time.
reeeeeaaaaaaaally long.

Turns out I do need those pesky elastics. Most people had to get it for the front, not me! I need it at the back, where it's impossibly hard to change "orz In addition, the bottom hook scrapes my tongue everytime I talk or eat. It's unbelievably annoying (and painful).
I never have much luck with teeth.

On the positive side, I will have perfect teeth later in life. Only question is how much later.

05 May 2010

new portal


Yes I love my clovers that much.


today was very hot @_@"
Didn't help that I had to wear long pants and closed toed shoes to tech. I think I'll go the laurie way and bring lounging pants to wear over shorts.
Also didn't help that I forgot it was a late late start day. Took janice's advice and played sc all morning. I still suck at macroing haha. Scourges are amazing against carriers, amazing.

wanna lay on a field of grass in a thunderstorm *u*

04 May 2010

happy jedi day!

May the forth be with you :]
I find that unbelievably funny.

also (Fe)y
(courtesy of Kenn)

more cool stuff: time machines (blueprints from stephen hawking)!

02 May 2010

brunch: noodles with poached egg

first off, last week's:

Noodles with poached egg, spinach, and leftover meat wrapped in tofu skin.
I'm still kinda bad at cooking Chinese noodles, I turn off the heat, does something else for a min, and the noodle's overcooked -o- Mehhh, I'm good at seasoning though.

Wed night:

Most delicious (and easiest) bowl of veggies I ever had/ate. Just some eggplants, button mushrooms, and asparagus. Sauce was leftover from a fish dish last night: oil, soy sauce, garlic and ginger probably. Mmmmm.

Saturday I think...

Sweet potato vermicelli...uhhh I dunno how to describe it xD It's a traditional street "fly" restaurant food from my place in China. Getting better at making medium-over eggs though.

and today's brunch would have a nice picture but I slept in, got lazy, and just ate take-out fried rice. Shame I know ;_;

tmrw comes business test, then essay, then careers stuff @_@"

01 May 2010

Back Up Plan

(happy belated birthday to helen!)
Was awkward watching that, good ol' david covered his eyes ;D

Then had (very loud) fun at Nick's. Played SC...was winning, forgot to build defence, lost. Blahhh, I shall build more spore colonies next time. Also more mutas baits to draw the damn carriers out.

Lastly, went to Ajisan for dinner, free noodles ftw!

Fun seeing Grace and Mimi again, mannn I miss grade 8. Focus of life then was to eat fast and get to the basketball court before the grade 6s do.

Tmrw will have quadruple food post. yumm.