29 April 2010


in chronological order:

Tech Class: someone was obviously very bored and very awesome. (you better click that link)
Our group (consisting of Laurie, Mary,and I) is gonna make a kick ass treb that, if we have time, will look like a duck. heck yeah >D

History: Had a quiz, did not study for quiz, got 100 on quiz. What a sweet feeling that is >D

Lunch: Bbt sales are well. Very well >D

Science and Business is just normal. Got black currant gummies from Jacky, nom nom nom >D

Rugby game afterschool: we looooooost. Mainly cause 4 of the starters were switched off half way through the game. It's nice letting everyone play and all, but not really at the expense of winning. Tackles look like they hurt, Nick disagrees, but it looks like it reeeeally hurts. First you get whipped to the ground, then 5 people pile on top of you e_e"
An interesting observation that I made: guys' voices go lower when they yell, much lower.

DONE MY (ROUGH) ESSAY. It's no where near great, but that's what editting tmrw is for.
Done all my applications as well.

moar loveholic love: LOVEHOLIC (러브홀릭) - 화분 (I hope I got it right...)


oh and, ahahahah I got 97 in gym last year >D

28 April 2010


Loveholic is now my favourite korean group <3

More wordy posts coming after next tuesday. If I am to type, it should be going towards my eng essay.

27 April 2010

days in recap

get up.
go to school
wake up.
sell bbt and eat lunch.
school ends, go bbt place to order tmrw's.
go home.
think about doing work, might get a bit done.
think more about doing work. actually get things done.
really doesn't work anymore, hopefully didn't stop working.

brunch will be up...soon.

to make this post slightly more meaty, here's a Linkin Park song that I really like xD (love the album name)

I also love sparkly glowy stuff *u*

25 April 2010

cardboard slippers

2nd sleepover at the science center!

But before that, blood test @_@"
The nurse scared me when she said she couldn't find my vein, uh ohh. So she took out a bigger needle and kinda stabbed it in where a vein it's suppose to be. Good thing she was right. Soooo much blood was taken out, 1 large tube and 2 small tubes.

After a quick lunch and episode 2 of saraiya goyou (am I the only one that likes the character design? It looks good and matches the story so well!) I headed to the OSC.

To summarize it was cold, fun, tirinnnng, science show was awesome, and will have to do again next week. April and I pretty much gossiped for the entire duration, sighhhhhh <_<" It was volunteer appreciation week, so we got coffee crispes and this really cute star for recognition lol. "I'm gonna frame this and hang it on my wall!"

23 April 2010

*a face with mixed emotions*

I am back from being buried in work, somewhat.

Done business ISP, SAP paper, english 2/5 essay. Pretty good work considering how demotivated I feel. Don't think my group did so well on business, didn't rehearse the actual presentation enough. Extremely unsure of my mark, I had only 3 slides to present, but I pretty much made everything (sans the content). We'll see, and I'll argue.

*random intrude of some gorgeous bcbg dress*

What I would wear to JA banquet if I was richer and cared more.

Oh I got my science test back, I was initially depressed, then hopeful, finally satisfied. Went from like...84% up to 88 and finally 98. Skills yo. Rather, science teacher being extremely kind. Karma bless him.

Still have to work on:
-finish eng essay
-careers budget
-careers SUMMATIVE. my next week will be pretty much devoted to this.
-ccsc exec app (won't take long)
-OSC summer volunteer app.

20 April 2010

dun dun dunn

Tmrw's start of impact.
We're not prepared, mm. Hope for the best and work hard! (buy a t-shirt!)

Tmrw's also business ISP presentation.
I have ample faith in my group. Minus one guy that didn't gimme the info on time. Goal = 100%.


18 April 2010

brunch: more tofu stir fry! and plans for the week ahead

Tofu, bok choy, and mushroom stir fry with sesame sauce.
adapted from food network.

Same base ingredients as last week (since I only used half of each pack), different style. Mmm tasty. Stir fried tofu + random veggies are definitely on my-foods-to-eat-during-university-and-beyond list.

Plan for next week/things I must get done:
-SAP paper. Shouldn't be that bad, doable in 1 night.
-Careers safety test. Again easy, common sense+try really hard to remember last tuesday's class.
-Business ISP presentation. Need to get the last section from Tim. this is why I dislike working in groups. There's always gonna be some problem that causes someone to lag behind. Gonna work like crazy on this.
-Careers Budget. Gonna get this on tues, should be fine.
-Careers Summative. I know what I'm gonna do in the future (no Alex, it will not change drastically. Plus I have back-ups). Just gotta get the info, organize the info, and make the info look nice.

Stupid t-shirt place, stubborn bbt places. No worries though, I'm sure we can find a way to solve these. Just wouldn't be fun if there weren't any obstacles. Look forward to some kick ass t-shirts and delicious bubble tea (and if things go really well, DDR tournament).

17 April 2010

trefoil knot

Interesting day :]

Woke up at 11:20. Haven't had a nice uninterrupted (by myself) sleep in a loooong time. I usually "half wake up" a dozen times at some time in the early morning. What do I mean by "half waking up"? It's like...you know you're awake, but you're not, like your mind is awake and conscious, but your body is still asleep. Kinda cool feeling ;D

So yeah. Got up, got ready, ate lunch and headed to Earth Day volunteer across the street. DAMN IT WAS COLD. Was in the same team as David, Donna, Austin, and Jine. Most of the garbage that was on the ground was cigarette buds, disgusting e_e" Why would you damage yourself, the people around you while you were smoking, and then the environment afterwards? That's not very nice.

Afterwards, headed to the library to model for Janice's north window portrait assignment. Kinda sat around the 2nd floor balcony dazing for an hour or so. The potted trees there are pretty under the sunlight. What if we were tiny people living on a tree? The tree would be our planet. We then crossed to the other side to read my nerdy scientific magazines. Read this really cool article on holographic knots? Topology seems interesting. I'm good at tuning people out ;D

Hmm, what if a tree was the whole planet (kinda like the Yggdrasil tree of Norse mythology)? Or what if we lived in a big tower (like Blame!)? Haha eventually I'll learn to appreciate being normal.

16 April 2010

Saraiya Goyou

Awesomeness right here.

The OP's GORGEOUS. (Not #1 for me, but it's up there.) I usually get tired of op sequences within the first 5 episodes then proceed to skip over it for the rest of the show, but this one? Nooooo. So much details in the back and foreground.

Since I refuse to let myself watch the rest of the episode until I have my english essay body paragraph 1 typed up, I'm watching the op in fullscreen HD on repeat. I urge you to do the same.

Gotta get that english done! *u*


I liked it :]
Art style is totally in align with me, love love love.

14 April 2010

tell me the secret of your dreams

I feel an urge to do a current fav music post. Probably cause Janice and Alex posted some jay songs recently <3 To be fair, any of Jay Chou's songs are not counted, they're always my fav.

1. 忘记时间-胡歌 I remember feeling very strongly about the ending of the show. Went on sina.com forums to dig up more stuff xD
2. 热带雨林-S.H.E I like their older songs better ._. newer ones sound pretty much alike.
3. 此生不换-青鸟飞鱼

Songs from animes (overrides the genre of the song):
1. Waltz-Suneohair The mv is so cool. Yeah, wouldn't be a fav list w/o H&C. Just wouldn't.
2. Shinkirou-Loveholic ;___; his face just looks so sad at the end.
3. 空と海の詩-Tenmon shoutout to Gil :]

English ones. I'm terrible at putting things into genres.
1. Beside You-Marianas Trench
2. Good People-Jack Johnson
3. All the Right Moves-One Republic haig masquerade plz.

In other languages:
1. One-Epik High Thank you to Mel for introducing me to epik high <3
2. Joy-YUKI
3. Ne me laisse pas l'aimer-Brigitte Bardot


an awesome looking t-shirt.
one that looks like this:


this is the fourth place that I've posted this. For the other three, check out facebook (x2), and I Believe In's official blog.

13 April 2010

*insert the most satisfying face here*

Ares chpt 172 came out.

from that we can assume:
1. I am very very very very very happy. very happy.
2. I will continue to be very happy for a while.
3. Homework is not done. (All the ones due tmrw are, so all's good.)
4. *u*

Icarus' surprised face is so cute. Why can't any real guy be like him lololol brains+looks+charisma=win.

I shall submerge in my little happy bubble for a while.

12 April 2010

report cards

I will post my marks up when people have forgotten about this.

English: 92 (-5). Messed up a little on Frankenstein, a lot on hmwrk during break. Should be fine as long as I get good in essay and exam.

Math: 91 (+2). Yay. Bombed a few quizes, did okay in last test. Just can't mess up on exam (and tests) and I'll be good.

Science: 99 (+3) HURRAY (for worksheets!). As above, don't screw up.

Tech: 96 (+4) The teachers for tech are all awesome. "MINUS TWO MARKS!"

History: 84 (-2) Me no likely. Me will be very specific in my writing.

SAP: 91 (+4) This mark is going to die in 3rd term. Dieeeee. I don't do well in social sciences.

Careers: 100. Actually 100.4, cause I'm pro like that. (and yes, I will flaunt my careers mark.)

Business: 97 (-1). Will work very hard on ISP to bring back up.

11 April 2010

brunch: tofu stir fry

Fried marinated tofu with bok choy and button mushrooms.
recipe more or less follows Matinated Tofu-deconstructed stir fry

I will be forever thankful to my mom whenever she makes me fried food. T'was not fun standing next to the burning stove for half an hour. Effort turns into result though, tasty tasty result :]

10 April 2010


I feel like I've done something today.

English outline: DONE!
take that essay to be! Took me a loooong while, 3 hours to be exact. Lots of distractions to keep my motivated, yes it works that way. My writing haven't been this small since my grade 7 Pinto days.

Twitter for I Believe In: DONE! (@impactorg has a really pretty profile *u*)
I now feel really stupid. I was fiddling with the size of everything, trying to squeeze it all in less than 200px of space. Didn't realize that crop was set to a dead size, so whenever I select a smaller area, it automatically enlarges to the set size. Took about 5 tries to figure that out @_@" I'm getting dull at photoshop, nooooo.

Other stuff for I Believe In: pretty much done until we get approval!
Other stuff include blog (will be messing with design later this evening), raffle ticket design, poster if we're gonna use them, and nag Alex to finish the proposal.

I caught a monster mouse ;D

09 April 2010

magic bag

rooooooyally messed up on SAP test. It was so bad that I didn't even feel like spazzing. Now I'm predicting a....87.

Currently battling a tummy ache e_e"
Magic bags, which my mom uses for her shoulders, works wonder as a hot press. I suspect the cause of the pain is the cafe's spicy Jamaican patty, that or the weird meat filling in my bread. Either way, not gonna buy food from cafe again, saves money, healthier, will help me learn cooking faster.

Speaking of food, Janice bought me a reeeeally good chocolate muffin at lunch today (mucho thanks! <3).


snwod dna spu ynam os
my heart's a battleground
snoitome eurt deen I
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
snoitome eurt deen I

you showed me how to see,
that nothing is whole and nothing is broken

I get such a magical feeling from this song *u*

08 April 2010


*donna made twitter to promote our impact group! go follow @donnayann please :] *

English essay outline: time to get my ideas in order. I will do well on this, my mark is somewhat dependent on it.

Lit test was so chill haha. Janice and I switched roles, I'm usually the one freaking out and she's usually the one telling me to calm down. The granola bars at snack time was good.

weekend = work time. gogo.

Since Alex did a report card prediction, here goes mine:
1. English: dropped, by quite a lot probably. Didn't do so well on some assignments. 91
2. Math: saw mark, went up by a bit. Failed a bunch of quizes, did well on a few tests, all balances out. hurray 91! (if alex ever sees this, hahahahahhaa)
3. Science: dowwwwwwn. Chem unti test was a killer *sees everyone in my class nod in agreement* Was 98 last time I saw, probably a 93/4 now.
4.History: the death of my grade 10 mark. 84
5. Careers: 100.4 lolololololol.
6. Business: hmm, didn't get perfect on a few assignments, so probably a small drop. 95/6?
7. Tech: around 92/3 depending on hand tool test.
8. SAP: 91. Good on assignment, good on test, baaaaaaad on reflection. Without reflections, I bet I can get a 96/7 <_<"

death day is april 12 ;D

07 April 2010


which is weird since I got 25 extra minutes of sleep today.

don't feel like doing anything. DEEEEmotivation.

but I'm done my DEEP app, which is good. Go enrichment camps!

Lit test tmrw, have to wake up early, blehh.
I shall learn how to function on less sleep.

06 April 2010

ja wrap up

Money in: $41.75
Money out (from lost inventory, which I didn't lose, but arguing would cause too much trouble):$12
Money on hand: $29.75
Money actually made: $9.75

Severely underpaid for my efforts lol. Nahh, it's all good. It was pretty fun.
Lesson #1 that was learned, to sell stuff, you have to be shameless, annoying, and guilt trip. I'm sure I slightly pissed off some people, made some feel bad (then feel stupid for feeling bad), etc etc. Props to Donna for selling an insane amount of products.

Now that's over with....who would buy a t-shirt that says "I Believe In ____________" (you get to write whatever in the blank) for $10? ;D

05 April 2010


Impaaact launch party. T'was awesome. I met a lot of people there, all very inspiring. How inspiring? Well, I was EXCITED to wake up early to email them the next morning. I really hope I get accepted and get to work with them soon :]

Janice came over to work on science. It doesn't really feel like a summative for some reason, hmm. Nick came over later cause he was really bored (aren't you always?). Went to play frisbee when science was done, jump Janice jump! First time wearing shorts this year, got cold and changed back to pants haha. Met up with Roy and Donna, walked around wasting time and headed to BP for April's party.
I got the time wrong and arrived half an hour too early. Somehow the foodies ended up sitting together again haha. Saw Eva and Andrew (who didn't say hi) there, small world eh? Kevin got April an rather "interesting" gift. It was so funny when Austin and Linnee took turns reading the instruction outloud.
Birthday parties are always fun :]

and tooooooooday:
microcredit stuff better get done.

02 April 2010


a day well spent.

01 April 2010


Gotta love how Easter comes 2 weeks after march break.
Lots of things for me to look forward to :]

Ended the school day waiting for Janice to finish her photography assignment. First few turned out pitch black lol, but eventually it worked somewhatish. Joyce's looked amazing *u*

Thing #1 that I look forward to: Kevin (froggy's) birthday dinner tomorrow!
rofl @ the drama in fb thread about the gifts. I think this qualifies as something that I can look back and laugh it.

Thing #2: April's birthday dinner on sunday
So many birthdays near each other haha (eg. Helen and Tony's, which we still have to think of a plan for...). Annnyways, last year's was funnnn. lol @ weijie food, good times.

Thing #3: Impact soiree on saturday.
I wanted to use the word "soiree" sounds so cool haha. Went shopping for this last saturday, business casual is such a tricky word. Hopefully my cold is completely gone by then. Gotta put my people skillz to work, smile, be interested, be interesting, smile some more.

Thing #4: Impact microcredit competition planning meeting on monday.
I sincerely hope that we can get the proposal done.
hotdogs ftw.

and although this doesn't fit into the long weekend:
Thing #5: House of Five Leaves (さらい屋五葉).

SG trailer
Uploaded by manuloz. - Discover more animation and arts videos.

(here's to kenn's lovely preview)
(a different trailer is out on the official website)

I have HIGHHHH expectations about this show. Mainly cause it's timeslot is where Honey&Clover (you all should know how wonderful h&c is and how much I love it) and Eden of the East (still waiting for dvd to come out) aired. The description of "semi-realistic samurai" also drew me in. Finally, I like the character design and art style in general, fits the mood of the story quite well.

What spring anime will YOU be following?