27 February 2010


Was talking to Gil about photoshop, which led me to remember this:

random edit that I did of a photo that Janice took.

I would like my dinning room to look like that *u* Simple long rectangular table surrounded by cottage style chairs, lined with a lux table runner. The wallpaper will be of a similar style, and on the walls will hang mirrors with gold coated rim. Below the mirror will be dark stained, low cabinetry with ornate golden handles (dunno what they're actually called...). To illuminate the room, there will be the chandelier that I love in debors....sighhh *u*
Speaking of rooms, I really like Summer's apartment in 500 Days of Summer (good movie haha, "it's not a love story, it's a story about love")

Staying at home makes me want to eat.
(Mm, nutella hot chocolate with cinnamon sugar toast. mmmmm)

26 February 2010

hockey semifinals

final moments were pretty intense, reminds me of playing in gym
"it's stuck! ughh"
"just kick it!"

go canada! goooooo!

25 February 2010

floating around

I feel so sleepy this week, probably cause I've been staying up till midnight everyday with olympics. Canada is doing well. I prefer listening to people talk.
Also been feeling procrastinating. I should be working harder as the year goes on, but I just don't feel as motivated since history screwed my mark over. Science went up though, so it balances out ish.

One thing I never figured out: is this line of lyrics from All We Are "is everything, that's right" or "is everything that's right". It's been bugging me for a looooooong while. I over empathize with lyrics haha, especially cheesy tragic-y mando pop.

Consistency is nice.

I want Ares to come out, maps and potions to drop in mousehunt, spring to come, buy more materialistic stuff. Thats a lot of wants.

24 February 2010

有些话从来不急 一直都放在心底

Janice has Show, I have Jay Chou >D


墙角迎风的雏菊 茉莉花开的香气
闭上眼回到过去 划分界限的桌椅
下课却靠在一起 我就是离不开你
一路乘着溜滑梯 我们说好走到底 因为从此就分离

慢慢清晰 原来思念你 是加了糖的消息
我用铅笔 画得更仔 细素描那年天气
蝉鸣的夏季 我想遇见你

戴竹蜻蜓 穿过那森林
你我翻滚过来的榻榻米 味道熟悉
所有回忆 在校当口袋里
一起荡秋千的默契 在风中持续着甜蜜

有些话从来不急 一直都放在心底
但错身而过的你 已经离去

哦慢慢清晰 原来思念你是加了糖的消息
我用铅笔 画得更仔细素描那年天气
蝉鸣的夏季 我想遇见你

所有回忆 在校当口袋里
一起荡秋千的默契 在风中持续着甜蜜

所有回忆 在校当口袋里
一起荡秋千的默契 在风中找寻着甜蜜

22 February 2010

ice dancing

gooooooo canada! *u*


I wants to record everything, whatever form that might take, so I can metaphorically stop time (how cool does that sound) and look back when I'm 20, 30, to see how simple I was.
But when I actually do, usually late at night cause that's when thoughts wonder and emotions gets lose, I realize how everything's perfectly fine and normal and it's just my perception that is over dramatizing everything. Though high school would be so boring without exaggeration XD
it's all gooood :]

21 February 2010

brunch: root veggie fried rice

adapted from smitten kitchen
my version looks a lot worse haha.

Switched onions for leeks, added some green onions, didn't really fry the garlic and ginger....yeah. Tasted mediocre at the start, the flavours grew on me though. Should have caramelized the onions more, the sweetness would have balanced the sharp flavour of the ginger. Goes extremely well with some good green tea.

yesterday's late night snack, should have made this at 8am instead of pm:

chocochip pancakes with blueberry yogurt-y smoothie.

I cannot flip pancakes for my life T_T" Aside from the terrible looks, it tasted pretty good. Then again, you can't screw up pancakes. Smoothie was good, blueberry plus lotsa yogurt and a splash of orange juice.

While on the topic of food:

Adobe Photoshop Cook from Lait Noir on Vimeo.

total awesomeness.
me wish was real.

20 February 2010

fill in the blank

via fubiz.net

Another day of feeling extremely unproductive, been getting a lot of theme lately. A thousand thoughts run through my head, don't feel like acting on any of them. (oh interesting fact learned from sap: the average number of thoughts that go through a Man's head every day is 60000.)
I find it extremely satisfying to stare outside my window at night, especially when I feel "frozen" for a lack of a better word. Or when I can't sleep, works extremely well. The same scenery is so different from day to night, the lights in the distance looks like a blur of trails left by some magical creature. They twinkle too, cool eh? I really want to just float amongst the clouds and stare down at earth, what a view that must be.

Science center training was uhh...educational. So much policies regarding customer service to disabled people @_@" Mary made the Free the Children conference sound pretty exciting though, wishing I was there.

Go get WhatPulse! It's a little app that counts your key frequencies and mouse clicks. *Very* useful information to have. If you do join, leave a comment so we can be in the same team (@kenn: doing my part of advertising)

19 February 2010

还有你 值得我去珍惜

shoutout to nick!

Today I would I like introduce you all to a very special place: The Boredom World. In this curious land, there is an overpopulation of crayons, especially the menacing white crayons.. In order to combat the white crayons, the local residents have developed a plan to build a colour coded lego castle. The colour of the lego block corresponds to the colour of crayon that it will keep out, therefore, the plan is to surround the outside of the stronghold with white blocks.

...then figure skating came on, so I came out of the boredom world.


我怕来不及 我要抱着你
直到感觉你的皱纹 有了岁月的痕迹
直到肯定你是真的 直到失去力气
为了你 我愿意

也要看着你 直到感觉你的发线
有了白雪的痕迹 直到视线变得模糊
直到不能呼吸 让我们 形影不离

如果 全部世界我也可以放弃
至少还有你 值得我去珍惜
而你在这里 就是生命的奇迹

也许 全世界我也可以忘记
就是不愿意 失去你的消息
你掌心的志 我总记得在那里

我们好不容易 我们身不由已
我怕时间太快 不够将你看仔细
我怕时间太慢 日夜担心失去你
恨不得一夜之间白头 永不分

old song, just remembered how much I like it.

18 February 2010

gooo patrick chan!

hehe 3 golds now.
I discovered how fun watching sports can be :]

It's such a bonding activity haha, I feel so familiar when everyone go "OHHHHHH!" and "YEAAA!" simultaneously. It seems like everyone is suddenly an expert, "oh nono! why did you do this!". So much conversations can arise from a 20 second footage haha.
I feel so bad when I go "fall, fall, fall" and when the athletes actually do, I feel so bad e_e" Must be hard having the whole world scrutinize and criticize your every action. Lol I never have to worry about that, go couches. Especially the Russian pair in pairs figure skating, they did so well in the short program.

I laugh at the difference in opinions of quads between plushenko and patrick chan.

17 February 2010

wind wind go away

Wednesday mornings are so relaxing ^^

While the attention is focused on Whistler right now, let's take a look at the other side of the world:

Timelapse movie: The Alps -- part IV (weather) from Michael Rissi on Vimeo.

Time elapsed videos of the Alps :]
via vimeo

16 February 2010

first step

Most of my (superficial) miseries are self inflicted haha.
I often go oh this person is so good at this and that, and that person is great at that blah blah, but when I stop and think about, those people all have put effort into whatever they do well.
Myself? I would think long and hard about what I'm discontent with, and even come up with a plan on how to achieve them. Countless hours of thinking, planning, and whining.

I don't ever translate the thoughts into actions though.

I would always wish for second chances at things, but would I really make the most out of them? Probably not. "Nothing will work unless you do"
(yet I'm complaining about this on a blog post, mm.)

15 February 2010

closed curve thoughts

End of long weekend, was not very productive for me.
Let the dumping of thoughts begin:

Saw a lot of olympics, Canada came close to winning a medal in so many events, but close won't do haha. At least we got gold in mogul >D Hopefully China will get gold in pairs skating (I swear, pairs look so much like paris).

edit: yeahhh. gold&silver to china harhar *u*

Was craving bread for most of the week, strange impulses I have haha. Perfect bread for me = thick crunchy crust and a dense soft center. Mmm.

Careers is gonna eat up a lot of paper plus ink.


Please release Ares faster e_e"

"I think therefore I am" go go go.

14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

(via telegraph.co.uk)

Chinese new year portion comes later today (probably tmrw) ^^
edit: lots and lots of it.

GOLD FOR CANADA! men's mogul, yeahhh.

12 February 2010


This manhwa is epic.

(baroona, ares, michael)

baka-updates' description
the story takes place in an era similar to that of ancient Rome in a country called Cronos. It follows a group known as the Temple Mercenaries. In particular, the manhwa is about Ares, Michael and Baroona, three young warriors with mysterious pasts and surpassing skills...

The manhwa is notable for its subtle use of anachronistic elements (Ares' shoes are similar to that of classic Adidas), as well as very dynamic and fluid action sequences.

I find it hard to express how good this is, but it's good enough that I didn't mind losing a few marks on a business test for; and I love my marks.

Reading this made me discover how I actually prefer this genre (good action&drama) much more over good romance&drama. The art is superb too, very fluid fight scenes. The style initially reminded me of TWEWY. Awesome character development, all (of the main ones) have interesting history. Unlike a lot of series, I failed to find a single character to hate, although the antagonist (in the later parts) does some pretty shitty things. The plot is a typical "hero journey", but with a twist...
my thoughts aren't flowing well. Point is this manga is good stuff.

I shall go pray to the gods of scanlators that vl 22-7 gets released soon.

10 February 2010

smoosh. smoosh. smoosh.

Feeling particularly thoughtless today. Time to pull out some backlogged cool stuff:

via flickr

Tracked mouse pointer during a session of photoshop (not mine). Been opening ps a lot due to careers, I swear, my ink and paper are gonna die cause of that course.

09 February 2010

"janice is cool"

Jump to the bunny lady's blog for my awesome vandalism skillz.

That was the most fun I've had in a looooooong time. Shows that it is possible to find joy in almost anything, even the things you thought you disliked. (let this be a lesson to myself)

I think I like winters a lot more now :]


and while I wait for my mh timer, I shall ramble on. I'm fear nights when there's nothing to do, no work to be done, no book to read, battery drained ipod, etc. I start thinking when there's nothing to do. Not good productive solving world poverty thinking, but ones that makes me paranoid. I somehow manage to make myself feel so regretful (worst emotion ever. yes.) and then finally fall asleep cause I just want to shut myself up.
and then I wake up and everything's just fine.
all that feeling bad for nothing.

08 February 2010


I woke up happy today. Today is a monday. I never wake up happy on mondays.
Why? First cause it was sunny, my mood has a direct correlation with the amount of cloud cover in the sky (those who took statistics, don't correct my wording). Second, my hair was unbelievably smooth, that never happens. Lastly, the darn remote control started working again, which is very good since I wasn't gonna sit there and manually flip from the 800s down to 24.

then it got progressively worse. hint: cupcakes.
but that's alright. "shared joy is double the joy and shared sorrow is half the sorrow"

07 February 2010

brunch: udon with...lots of stuff

"open truth: you must leave the room and the others will decide on a question"
"...so whats your favourite food?"

noodles all the way!

(forgive the screwed up white balance)
udon with mushrooms, chicken, tomato, fried egg, and veggie.

The stock was sooooo good: canned chicken stock plus mushroom and tomato slightly overcooked is heavenly *u* Noodles has all the attributes of a good dish imo, it's quick, filling, tasty, minimum clean-up and warms you up in this darn frigid winter (well this winter isn't as bad).
nom nom nom nom.

06 February 2010


My evening went by peacefully until...

friend: I just made my blog! follow it! :D
me: sure! *follows*

a few moments later:
friend #2: fine I'll make a blog
.................k I'm done
me: *follows*

few other moments later:
friend #3: go follow mine too!

so I present: donna, janice, and roy.
I've started a trend ;D

05 February 2010

resolutions revists

Roughly 4 weeks since I've made my goal to sleep more......
yeah it's not working out haha.

Not entirely a failure though, I have been going to sleep earlier (11:30), though that's still half an hour later than my goal. I feel that I've put in considerable amount of effort in getting off the computer earlier (then all efforts went to hell cause of mousehunt).

Have been waking up earlier though, especially on late start wednesdays. Shocking I know. It is a pretty nice feeling not having to rush in the morning: slowly washing my face, slowly heating up a bowl of oatmeal, slowly chewing the oatmeal while enjoying the scenery outside my window....ahh *u*

(will continue to try to sleep earlier though)

04 February 2010

metal brackets of doom

So I went to the dentist yesterday.
It's actually pretty scary seeing 2 faces peering over you, each holding various machinery that makes weird buzzing sound, with a overly bright light shinning right into my eyes.

But anyways, I got a pair of new brackets on my lower jaw. Huuuuuurts, especially when I chew/bite ._. This is like...I'm not gonna think about it e_e"

The god of braces hates me more than karma.

02 February 2010


Why hasn't anyone mass marketed this:

idea&image @ not martha

feeling soooo tired today. yay for late start tmrw.
i'm gonna run outta time for tech.
(i realized that I don't post much of my thoughts/feelings as other bloggers do. janice will be tempted to say it's cause i lack them, i disagree.)

01 February 2010


I'm gonna get lower in history than I did in schimdeg french.
that says something.

(dunno how the other class is getting so high o_o my class is like...failing with the exception of one person)