31 January 2010

brunch: classic noodles

Noodles with A veggie, marinated meat and eggs, green onion, and jalapeno pepper.

Been making this for the loooooongest time, only one that I'm confident with pouring seasoning straight from the bottle. Yumyum.

30 January 2010


this was so worth getting up at 6 for.

29 January 2010

lack of zzzZz

This week was suppose to have 2 school days in which I could have slept in, but nooo, activities have to come up.

monday: normal lack of sleep
tuesday: supposed half day (due to gr 12 exams) but had to bake for haiti bake sale. Not too much complaints here, it was for a good cause and had some fun moments with truth/dare while waiting for cookies.
wednesday: late start day, but janice made us go early for yearbook photos. I set my alarm for it, got up, and just totally forgot about it. Didn't manage to fall back to sleep.
thursday: science center trip, had to get there at 8:45. Was pretty grumpy the entire day.
friday: again, normal lack of sleep

and tomorrow (saturday): have to arrive in downtown to volunteer at 7:15. yeah, arrive->7:15->am

27 January 2010

rpv in the osc

edit: got in >D

"I'm a rpv, in the osc,
science is our passion, it's fantistic,
we can have fun, while learning about the sun,
imagination, that's your creation!"

thats my group's really cheesy cheer to the tune of Barbie Girl xD

The group interview was really fun actually. I was in a decent group, one of the guy is named "Jesus", such an awesome name eh? First we spelled out letters with our body, then designed crests (exploooooosively fun!), played this carpet game, balanced a pip with our fingers (both are team building activities) and did a final cheer. I'm pretty confident that I got in, since they're only cutting 5 people and one of the supervisors came to look at my name tag twice.


25 January 2010

leprechaun mouse

*Fb app link*
It's soooo addictive!

24 January 2010

brunch: baked mushrooms with congee

The meat is actually home-dried/preserved/uhh...I have no idea what the english name is. Basically it's raw meat rubbed with salt and pepper left to wind dry. Oh, it's those that are sold beside the Chinese sausages.

close up of mushroom:

(sorry for the bad pics)

Mann, rosemary has such a strong taste; lesson learned: less is more, especially when seasoning.

...btw, go play mousehunt

21 January 2010


(forgot where I got the pic from e_e I apologize if I accidentally stole this off someone's site)

for the gloomy days when nothing seem to be right
(which is not today because late start is totally awesome)

20 January 2010

the nay, yay and tasty

Some lady has been calling my cell at the 7:15am, every wednesday, for 3 freakin weeks already. What's worse is that every single time I've told her it's a wrong number, sometimes twice in one call. But does she listen? nooooooo. Gosh, I'm sure anyone would stop dialing the same number after being told that it's the wrong number SEVEN times.

Leadership workshop was awwwwwweeeeeeeesome.
Well not that awesome, but it was worth not sleeping in on wednesdays for. I had a bit of a citrus overdose at the breakfast that they provided (around 5 clementines and a box of orange juice). The activities were fun, marble and the pipe was hard e_e" we dropped it right before the bucket. It wasn't very educational, but very funny :]


Noodles with chicken and A veggie.

Wednesday got added to my cooking duties xD

18 January 2010

resolutions revists

Sooooo, 2 weeks sinceI vowed to sleep more, how successful am I?
I'd like to say very, but thats a lie xD Good thing I'm usually in bed by 11:30. Bad thing is my goal is by 11, 30 whole minutes away.

Time to move onto stage 2: nothing new after 10:15pm.
This shouldn't be very hard, since my brain pretty much goes dead by 10. I'd usually be mindlessly finishing off hmwrk or randomly surfing the net.

go me go.

(also, I'd like to make it one of my goal to not seriously shop (more than 2 hours in mall, $20 or 2 items, whichever's less) from now until May. go shopping ban!

17 January 2010

brunch: frans + shopping haul

Nice to have someone else make my brunch :] (the photo is a lie! you only get one pickle!)

Went to Frans (at College and Yonge) with Janice and Roy today, pretty nice place. Decor is all retro-y. I would have uploaded pictures, but we sat downstairs (roy: "why are they bringing food down to the washrooms?") which looked normal ._. Got pretty good seats though, right infront of the TV, watched a bit of the raptor's game before we left.

Afterwards, we headed to eaton for some shopping. Note to self: must resist temptation to spend at lush <_<" yeahhhh, that didn't go so well:

Came home with Cosmetic Warrior fresh mask and a sample of Vanishing Cream (man, the full size one is $35 e_e"). Also got the father frost soap (buy 1 get 2 free is still on! ha katty >D).

If that's not bad enough, I also hauled 4 books (plus 3 since Janice and I are sharing) from chapters. Omnivor's Dilemma, This Side of Paradise, The Portrait of a Lady, Anna Karenina, Vanity Fair, Moonstone, and The Awakening.


funny coincidence:
friend: hi
me: bad timing! dinner, see ya.
*I come back*
me: hi
friend: dinner, see ya! no lie.

15 January 2010

tourist mode

I feel like a tourist everytime I visit downtown @_@"
There's just soooooo much architectural detail to be observed and admired. Darn my lack of talent in art.

Here's some that stood out (forgive my shaky hand)
Unprocessed as well. I'm much better at post production than actual photographing.

Above 3 are from the Ontario Legislative Building in Queen's Park. Went there on civics trip today, mucho fun haha.

My attempt at panning. This is a staircase in city hall.

14 January 2010

i'm freeee

got the bulk of my work over with!

found on xkcd

time to waste time~

another reason to be happy about: dad called and told me that my taobao order arrived *u* whoooo~ Can't wait to see my huge haul of summer dresses (I bought like 5 lol e_e") and green cardigan haha.

13 January 2010


My summative for civics is one gigantic reflection.
Out of all possible things, why a reflection? whhhhhhhy. I actually rather have an exam.
*enter janice calling me crazy: reflections are so much easier than exams, gee!*

But due to my lack of expressive skills and more fundamentally, lack of an opinion, reflections for civics is insanely hard. It's interesting and all to learn about goverment and democracies, but I just don't feel strongly for any of the things we've discusses.

I don't want to just make crap up because a) it'll be bad but more importantly b) she's a cool teacher and I really did enjoy our lessons.
"t-th-that don't kill me can only make me stronger"

11 January 2010


More proof of Ikea's awesomeness:

complete set of images @ abduzeedo

10 January 2010


it makes me sad.
Gil is officially the awesomest person. (even though he cheated with google)

brunch: dduk gook with popovers

dduk gook modified from thekitchn
(tk: tell me if it's authentic?)

As the popovers were baking in the oven, I realized I didn't have any daikon. Thankfully there was a pot of chicken stock in the fridge (note to future self: in case this happens in my future dinner parties, always keep chicken stock on hand). That actually saved me 20mins of time since I didn't have to make the stock from scratch. Rest of the process was all good, I threw in some cabbage for a slight nutritious value.

Taste wise it's a bit bland, which I should have guessed since this isn't suppose to be eaten as the main dish xD Oh well, nothing black pepper cannot fix.


One thing that I absolutely detest about living in high rise buildings is the goddamn fire alarm. For some unknown reason, 3 alarms occurred in the span of 2 days. Both of them were on the forth floor, only 1 was actually a fire, small kitchen fire. The remaining 2 is just....PAIN.

09 January 2010


parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

that's wicked.

08 January 2010

3 multiply 7, oh it's 24.

Had to wait for Janice afterschool today.
Roy and Alex were mean and ditched us for a free cookie at subway.

In the 1 and half hour that I waited, I learned how to turn film into nice 6 x 4 prints ;D So first you put the film between the plates, then stick that into the machine, then set the exposure (3.0 times whatever looks the best from the test strip). Slip the photopaper (man they're expensive, $1 per), into the frame, position the frame and press the start button. blahblahblah (that's probably what this paragraph looked like) blah blah blah developer 1min, stop bath 15sec, fixer 2min, rinse with water blah blah blah.

Yeah it's pretty cool, despite all the complaining and glares that I gave Janice. Sigh, why aren't more of my friends guiltable.

06 January 2010

crunch time

School just started and this is what I got:

-Tech handtools test: must get over 90% on this else I don't get to use power tools
-History presentation: poster making @_@
-Science test
-Business assignment: this one's pretty easy
(thats something to do for all 4 periods on day 1)

-English seminar: I wonder how we will ever finish this
-Civics assignment: easy to lose marks on, have to be super specific
-Civics test: gonna do not so well on this due to reflection questions e_e"
-Civics final: 'nuff said.
(woah civics makes up for all the classes that I don't have evaluations in ;_;)

I'm sad...and overworked.

04 January 2010

resolution #1: sleep more

First day back from school was decent, hurray for not falling asleep in class (rofl david hahaha). Had quite an insightful discussion in tech, pesa's cool :] managed to get 0.5 extra on my history quiz (teacher wasn't very good at counting up marks) and science was nice xD

I've decided to start with my resolutions. I chose the goal of sleeping more since it will benefit me all year long (not that others won't, but meh). A huge reason is because I'm pretty much dead in school. First period I'm waking up, second period I become hungry and sleepy, third and forth period I become sleepy again cause I ate, fifth period I just wanna get home and sleep e_e" Getting more sleep will also (hopefully) contribute to my physical growth and clearing of complexion.

goal: I will lay down on my bed with the lights off and nothing in my ears (meaning ipod earbud) by 11:00pm.
trigger: going to bed
baby steps: 1) make a mental note of the time starting from 10:00pm
...................2) don't start anything new by 10:15pm
...................3) shut off the computer by 10:30pm
...................4)sleep before 11 ;D
(I know the method says 8 steps, but 4's enough. 1 per half a month)

gogogo me!
(the 6changes method @ 6changes.com

03 January 2010

my little pony~my little pony

I never had one of these, but now I wish I did @_@"

more pics&credits to blog.spoongraphics

01 January 2010

(500) days of summer

Watched it yesterday, what a gloomy way to end the year haha.

A very smart break up movie :]

The events that happen are pretty realistic but oh so entertaining. "I don't want to forget about her, I want to get her back." Great character development too, nice to see Tom (main character) grow up from obsessive to (dare I say) wise as the 500 days pass. The ending is satisfying as well, so punny that the girl he met at the end is named Autumn.

I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a romantic comedy that's a tad unconventional.