30 November 2009


it's that time of the year again ;D
report cardddds! yay.

Business: 98 (whoohoo!)
History: 86 (boohoo ._. I can improve this in term 2 though)
Civics: 92 (meh, "be specific")
English: 97 (lol mondrow ^^)
SAP: 87 (thought I'd get higher...shouldn't I? have 87 on the relfection and 90ish on my test. weird)
Math: (leaving it blank cause it's just so terrible)
Science: 96 (would be much higher if the open book quizzes weren't weighted as much as the test -o-)
Tech: 92 (ehhh okay I guess, considering how much I screwed up on the tests)

avg: 92.1
gahhh, 0.3 lower @_@ gahhhhh!

(hi donna lol)

29 November 2009

(please take me away from here)

Music Videos by VideoCure

I'd love a magic button

28 November 2009

bowling nicknames

ahhh, Mimi's party is so hilarious xD

All started with Roy's text at 11:50 saying how we got double booked for paintball so Mimi changed it to bowling. Fastforward to today noon, helen actually arrived on time for an event, gasppp! Waited till everyone arrived, got introduced to the havergal girls and started to bowl.

Alex, who had the present (that we saved $82 cause of The Body Shop's black friday sale) arrived an hour late. Before he came, everyone took turns bowling for him and somehow got him a higher score than ourselves. After he came...well he still beat us ._." I got third for all the games.

Then we headed for some pizza since ppl didn't have breakfast nor lunch. We somehow managed to arrange 13 chairs around 3 tiny tables. After cramming into our seats, a game of broken telephone started. That is the best party game ever hahahaha. 50 calculators!

Unfortunately, the havergal people had to go back, so the haig/newton/northview/jeyran's school people fought the bitter winds and went to Helen's condo. Her place is like the bat cave irl! Pool, bowling alley, billiard, bunch of other rec rooms all nicely decorated too *u*

Tony later joined us for dinner at Hello Wonton. "happy hours" hahahhaa. Aside from broken telephone, the next essential party game is truth or dare. I made up some really wacky ones ;D Janice had her fun hitting OD and getting teased at. Laughed for a good 3 hours before we all split and went home.

25 November 2009

brunch: popovers

Mm, return of the popovers. My mom loves them the best out of everything that I bake xD
Served with a side of scrambled eggs with ham and olives and a dollop of natural yogurt.

The popovers didn't "pop" as much as last time, probably cause I took them out 10mins early. Eggs were bit salty since I added too much ham, 1 more egg would have balanced it out.

23 November 2009

warehouse haul

I'm gonna have a spending problem in the future haha.

(rly crappy webcam quality)

-Gucci Envy Me 2 (bottle is gorgeous *u*)
-Smashbox lipglosses (the nude one has such a pretty metallic pink lid)
-Smashbox liquid foundation
-Red Earth single eyeshadows (awesome frosty sea blue)
-This really awesome metallic warm grey nail polish


21 November 2009


Orange Yogurt Cake

minus any hint of orange...
(forgive the bad quality, webcamed it)

Lots of mistakes were involved in making this: I substituted grapefruit for oranges but those didn't zest so well, poured the batter into the wrong sized pan twice, and left the non-stick pan in the oven while baking. Despite all that, the cupcake itself turned out great.



伤痕在心田 滚烫的蔓延

断了的琴弦 弹奏着从前
昏黄的光线 照射陈旧的水面


喔...断了的琴弦 弹奏着从前
昏黄的光线 照射陈旧的水面

断了的琴弦 弹奏着从前
昏黄的光线 照射陈旧的水面

20 November 2009


Vow of Silence today~
Not being about to speak for a whole school day isn't as bad as I thought. Got through the day with only nods and head shaking (except for the one time that I had to ask Mel where the loonie was).

Jenga @ lunch.

26 stories of awesomeness...until Jine (I think) pulled out a piece on the side. Or was it Kevin who was pulled the one on the side on the ground cause of Paul's dare..hmm. We'll all be failures if we ever become surgeons xD

i've joined the dark side of sudokus @_@

18 November 2009

end of term hectic

With marks having to be in by this friday, all the teachers are mad with handing out assignments. The majority is done, all there left to tackle is history (oh im going to faillllll e_e") and english.

I've been slightly out of it lately, things on the back of my mind's been bothering me for a while. Almost lost 2 textbooks, did terrible on the previous history assignment (reason why I'm so worried about my current one), messed up on JA, etc etc. Lots of extracurricular activities too, meetings, bake sales, yearbook photos. I don't regret joining so much clubs though, 's been fun!

All good though, winter break will be here before I know it. Gonna be gift wrapping with friends at Yorkdale, hopefully we'll be the best team and get some money as well. Sooooo many things I'd like to buy.

Back to history I go e_e"

17 November 2009


blah I lost at JA xD

I can only blame myself though, I didn't expect marketing, my second choice, to come up first. So it kinda messed up my flow. Made up something crappy on the spot. Then for my actual position, human resources, I decided to skip a part cause of the time limit and then skipped another part unintentionally. sighh.

Better luck next year! or I can hope to be secretary.

15 November 2009

pillow clouds

awesomeness...in bed ;P
(no pun, really)

12 November 2009

lol xD

saw this while randomly browsing tumblr's theme garden:

* Jack: Hey, you know what sucks?
* Lindsey: vaccuums
* Jack: Hey, you know what sucks in a metaphorical sense?
* Lindsey: black holes
* Jack: Hey, you know what just isn't cool?
* Lindsey: lava?

ahahhahahaa xD

Made some popovers today, they were gooood.

recipe from the kitchn
True to it's name, these babies were crispy on the outside and soft at the center. They go perfectly with some good jam. Hehee I can just imagine myself in some english garden sipping tea while munching on one of these.

09 November 2009



午后的风摇晃枝桠 抖落了盛夏
我对着蝉认真说话 在对你牵挂
玩风琴就是爱瞎闹 堆积着无暇
我跟着站在碧沙岸 让你放不下

这风景如画 (让晚风恍惚幻化)
院子里画沙 (摇晃着画着情花)
等最美的晚霞 等故事长大

才说过的永远 我们一定不会擦
因为大声说爱你 而沙哑

也答应说好的未来 全部(不?)会重画

挑上脸 挑上花 有你的记忆干燥成瓶中沙
傻傻的 还想着你滴滴答答
擦美丽的指甲 喝你泡的茶

爱过你的风沙 你的风沙 我一样值得你爱
管他风怎么刮 管雨又怎么下
回头过去原来 (别说傻)
回头不说一次 (值得吧)
我爱上这泪光 问你会不会爱我

这种景如画 (让晚风恍惚幻化)
院子里画沙 (摇晃着画着情花)
等我们的童话 等誓言落下

才说过的永远 我们一定不会擦
因为大声说爱你 而沙哑

也答应说好的未来 全部(不?)会重画

才说过的永远 我们一定不会擦
因为大声说爱你 而沙哑

也答应说好的未来 全部(不?)会重画
因为我爱你呀 (因为我爱你呀)

08 November 2009

> b

Finally went to Gracie's house yesterday *u*

Her new house is sooooo pwetty, especially her dining table chairs. After a brief tour, we (Jeyran, Janice, Grace and I) started to play with her dog, Cookie. He's adorable! I had too much fun watching Janice trying to get him to sit on her command.

Then we got called in by her mom for some delicious snacks. The four of us devoured a plate of dumplings, a plate of bread, half a bottle of apple juice and some cheetos. The bread had amazingly soft texture.

After snacks, we were suppose to help Janice on her business assignment, but somehow ended up in the basement playing wii. I still suck in mario kart e_e After a disastrous round of leaf cup, we switched to playing brawl. At first, Jeyran was reluctant to play, but she turned out to be a beast at kirby. I'm not very good at brawl either, a complete failure at trying to get back on platforms. Pit's blue wings are so cheap, wish I could pluck them and put it on Ike xD Rest of the afternoon/evening was spent trying to side b everyone before I eventually fall to my death.

06 November 2009


We're in the negatives already!
Although I didn't see any snow, the stray puddles of water on the road have turned into ice overnight. @_@

on a completely unrelated note: wheat crackers + ham + plain yogurt as topping is pure love <3

04 November 2009

brunch: potato stew & rice

My asian take on Jamie Oliver's Potato and Leek soup.

Was going to make cabbage stew, but my mom threw the remaining cabbage out without telling me, so I had to resort to potatoes. I didn't have leeks either, so it turned more and more into a chicken soup with rice and potato replacing the noodles.
Very filling as well!

03 November 2009


First session of JA today!

I speed walked to the p&g building thinking I was gonna be late. Turns out a little less than half of the people arrived more than 10mins after the meeting started. Tsk tsk, tardiness on the first day.

Went through the round of usual introductions, tried my best to look friendly during the people bingo xD Finally met the Alex Wu that I mistakenly added on fb, makes him the 3rd person with that exact same first&last name I know.

Rest of the meeting was more introduction stuff, info about the program etc. One thing that surprised me was the amount of people that wants to run for exec, almost everyone! Sigh, real world's competitive haha. Gonna try to be human resources or marketing/sales VP.

Form filling/speech writing time!

01 November 2009

belated halloween

Halloween night was freezing e_e. The wind made 5C feel like 0.

Melody and I, being such nice people, spent the night volunteering at unicef/cadbury haunted house. First we were distributing unicef bags to people in line. People were swarming around us as soon as we unpacked the bags. Despite us telling them the bags are for kids only, a whole bunch of adults grabbed bags. Thanks to them, 20ish boxes of bags ran out not even half way through.

The line was looooooong, it extended a big block from College all the way till Dundas. As the night dragged on, more and more people arrived. The police had to cut the line off so the event wouldn't drag into the 11:00s.

Mel and I were puzzled at why all these people would wait up to 2 hours, turns out at the end of the haunted house Cadbury was giving out handfuls of chocolate, at least 10 houses worth! As a thanks to the volunteers, Cadbury gave each of us one HUGEEE filled bag of chocolates & etc. The bag weighted more than all my textbooks combined @_@

On the subway back home, I met one of my teacher's daughter. Thankfully, she loved the chocolate and I was able to give half of my bag away. After existing the subway, I saw a classmate and proceed to give another quarter of my chocolate away. Even though there's only a quarter of the chocolates left, I highly doubt I'll ever finish them.