27 October 2009

brunch: spaghetti

ahh, good ol' spaghetti
it's my I-forgot-to-plan-what-to-make-but-look-I-still-have-some-pasta-sauce-leftover dish.

the nicely plated version

the all mixed up version xD

Not much to say about taste and stuff o_o Looks decent and taste decent~

26 October 2009


It's not even been a month since the last time. I guess this is what I get for sitting around all day. The tissue (I pronounce it funny xD) population in my home is going to be extinct very soon.

I'd love some brownies and chicken noodle soup, not together of course.

23 October 2009

haunted house!

hehee, got my first phone interview ish thing today XD
I feel so happy for some reason, mm.

It's for volunteering at UNICEF's Halloween event: Cadbury Haunted House (link disappeared on unicef's website o_o) I'm suppose to assist in handing out candies and and collecting donations ^^

They first called me during math class, I asked them to call back later, but my phone was either off or out of battery. I feel so bad about troubling the really nice lady that calls e_e" I'm glad that they didn't just kick me off cause of this.
For once I won't be spending the rest of the year trying to finish all the candies.Can't wait :]

22 October 2009


I'd have enjoyed science a lot more last year if we made edible chromosomes ._."

image (c) Kevin Van Aelst

18 October 2009


source: web designer depot

17 October 2009

rice krispes

I'd totally hang that on my wall.

cereal taxonomy @ kitchenbitzch.wordpress.com


on a side note, my christmas cactus bloomed ^^
I can proudly say that a plant has flowered under my care, harhar.

14 October 2009

late brunch: pancakecake

totally forgot to post this lol.
I made the cakes on saturday, was gonna wait till sunday to post 'em up but eventually forgot.

again, loosely based on a the kitchn recipe (forgot the link)

This is 100% foolproof. Can't get easier with pancake batter, apple chunks and some brown sugar topping :]

13 October 2009


that thing is DEATH.
death with good results hopefully.

After reading this thread on soompi, I went out and bought my own bottle of Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in hopes of clearing my complexion.

Stupid as I am, I drank it alone. Why? I thought I had a pretty high tolerance of "bad" tasting foods, eg. chinese medicine. Dayummm, it burned ;_; first in the throat, now in the stomach. Guess I never made the connection that vinegar = mildly acidic.


12 October 2009

Happy thanksgiving~

11 October 2009


woah, everyone's been getting boots this weekend o_o syncornized shopping lol!

my babies <3
arent they prwetti? *sparkles, unicorns, other cute glittery pink stuff*
they were so cheap too! Probably cause it's not real leather, but meh o_o I'll probably ruin any nice shoes I get.

pics about today's trip to the cold cold north up later. my fingers still feel cold e_e"

09 October 2009


First round of testing/major assignment handing in for the 09-10 school year is overrr!

Theres no official thing like that, just my impression of the amount of work I've been getting. Did 3 tests, 3 big assignments (all in this week) and still working on 2 more assignment and 1 more test. Not gonna complain much as Jine had 3 tests all in one day, suckkks.
I do wish everything's not so clumped together, but that'd would have to mean different starting dates for different courses... sigh, final weeks are gonna be *fun*

yay longweekend~

08 October 2009

They'll be the King of Hearts, and you're the Queen of Spades

How much I wish my school's semi formal was of this caliber.
pretty cool mv *u*

07 October 2009


I really need to watch this drama e_e"

lyrics by the awesome guy: 方文山





04 October 2009

brunch: suan la soup

aka Hot & Sour soup

recipe: the kitchn (my new favourite food site)

Amazinnngly simple to make, it makes it such a ripoff to order at restaurants XD Taste great, looks great with the exception that the tofu would be better diced. Perfect for when I'm feeling lazy (that's most of the time) during the winter time.

Bonus: baked apples!

recipe also from the Kitchn, forgot the link though.

Even easier to make, bake apples are impossible to screw up on. Grace and I forgot about them and left it in the oven for 15mins longer than it's suppose to and still turned out great! Dare I say even better? The crunchy oat filling compliments the soft apple perfectly.

Happy moon festival btw :]

03 October 2009

33 x 12

@ volunteering for CIBC's run for breast cancer today:

They had a really inefficient process for these juices. First we all pile them on the table, then after lunch we slice the top piece of plastic wrapper off, then after setting up all the t-shirts, we come and take the entire wrapper off -o- It would be so much easier if we just took the whole wrapper off before we piled them on top of each other?

All the pretty coloured shirts were not for volunteers ;_;

02 October 2009

moar house awesomeness

haha so cute *u* cuddy & wilson

credit & full list of images @ abduzeedo