30 June 2009

fail whale

let's say that monday was awesome, minus the headache that I slept away.
So after a whole month of figuring out who's bringing what and the time and date, the pool party at April's was da bomb!

Thats the fail whale haha. Almost everyone tried to ride it but as the photo shows, they all failed (hence the name).

Success! cause I'm cool like that.
kay no, April also got on, but I was first~

About the tube, I can swim, but not so well.
After a while, it started to rain, so we changed back and started to make lunch.

Our awesome lunch, double pattied burger with lettuce, cheese, pickles, sauteed mushroom and onions.

After lunch, we played bunch of wii games and DDR. April's awesome TV room, our couches have nice comfy pillows.

Melody and my (lack of) DDR skills.

Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids, hilarious seeing everyone "dance"

Preparing for dinner. Cause seeing the vodka in the marinate for the steak light on fire is that interesting.

Eggplants are delicious, do NOT deny that.

Shrimp... Let's just say that it would have been delicious if the acid in the mariante didn't cook it. It was intended for lunch, but we were too full. Someone put it in the fridge and totally forgot about it until dinner was half way done.

Dinner is served! Clockwise, grilled zucchini and eggplants, steak, roasted potatoes, curry fishball, lamb chop, more lamb chop and shrimp.

The girls got the nice swingy chair.
Conclusion to this wonderful day: way too much food.

27 June 2009

s.l.o.w and d.i.r.t

I was extremely bored.
I'm guessing that Roy, Alex, and Tony were also extremely bored. So we decided, against my better judgment, to play monopoly.

a little background story on monopoly: I absolutely refuse to play with 2 of the people mentioned above. They are cruel, cruel inhumane creatures during trading time. My clearest memory is paying 30million (electric monopoly) for the yellow properties, at least 5 times the price.

Still, I was bored.
So the game started: I landed on the exact places that Alex landed on for the first 2 turns, got both the "lose your turn" chance cards, and kept landing on other people's properties. In the end I ended up with 4 properties while Roy had double the amount. "the game hates me"
After trading and building hotels, I was the only one that landed on Roy's $500 hotels and I also landed on Alex's $900 houses twice. twiceeeee.

lesson learned: never play monopoly again, or signal.

26 June 2009


report card dayyy~!*<3

I would be happier if it wasn't 10 in the morning, I don't handle marks well without my sleep. So I trudged my way in the heat to school, make my way up the stairs, see the notice that said my teacher was in a different room, make my way there...good mental image yet?

the most terrifying number on the blue paper of doom: 92
art: 96 (yay)
geography: 96
english: 90 (so happy I didn't bomb the exam)
french: 89 (yes, it finally moved up *u*)
math: 90 (not so happy that I did bomb the exam)
phy ed: 93
science: 94 (ugh, terrrrrribbbbbleeeee)
tech: 88 (bad as well)

25 June 2009


(wonderwall by Kunisaki on dA, browsing dA when drawing is like "watching the foodnetwork while eating")

It's been a whole week since Higashi ended,
I'm sad ;_;

It's going to be a long and painful wait till november when the first movie comes out. Then a day of bliss followed by another slightly shorter but equally painful wait till the second movie in...january?

24 June 2009

"no i'll get shot!"

A casual afternoon with my friends at pmall turns into an epic (and feet hurting) adventure that lasted 3 hours and $5 extra.

The original goal of this trip was that Donna can buy a R4 and Alex buy his family gifts, but neither got done and we ended up watching Steven blow $15 playing DDR Supernova for 2 hours, straight. But darn he was good ;_; xepher on extreme is crazzzzy. I attempted to play twice, once with heels (almost lost balance twice) and once bare feet (hurts like hell and most of the steps didn't' register).

Then we aimlessly wandered around, passing this store at least 4 times. Grabbed some bbt, Steven handed me David's large bbt by accident, too bad he noticed ;_; By now I was searching everywhere for chairs, my only summer shoes were flats and heels, both painful to walk in. Stupid Steven decided to go to Market Village and we wandered aimlessly there too. How can 5 guys stay in a cute stationary store for like..40minutes? But One's is HEAVEN for my mickey obsession:

I'd like that on sept 8th please :]

two awesomes combined: pretty notebooks and mickey!

I was planning on leaving before 6 since Mom cooked a wonderful dinner, but everyone was staying for dinner. Peer pressure sucks. I ordered a LEAN beef and ended up with more fatty parts than Lisa who ordered a normal. Ended up picking out the noodles and onions.

We were planning to leave right after dinner, but Roy and Steven decided that they need to get a soft drink from McDonald's, which is in Market Village on the other side of the restaurant in PMall. So we walked allllllll the way across and alllllll the way back. We saw the bus leaving when we got out.

23 June 2009


my "it" movie
i've been anticipating it ever since Donna told me like..month ago, and it's looking greeeeat! What is there NOT to love about alice? Lewis Carroll is a genius for making nonesense this awesome.

info from coedmagazine.com

Plot outline: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp (as the Mad Hatter) take on Lewis Carroll’s classic.

Director: Tim Burton

Cast: Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Michael Sheen, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Crispin Glover, Christopher Lee

COED’s Take: Who better to take on Carroll’s cracked-out, drug-influenced Alice in Wonderland than Burton and Depp? Plus, the six of you who saw the first season of HBO’s In Treatment already know that Mia Wasikowska will give a terrific, star-making performance as Alice. The only red flag? An odd March release date. We thought the combination of Depp and a big budget made for an automatic summer debut.

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

I believe this is the...queen's garden?

more pictures (and info) on ricebunny!

22 June 2009

the proposal

"You're allergic to the entire spectrum of human emotions"

it's such a touching movie ;__;
you have no heart if you aren't touched by it (yes donna, you)

21 June 2009

down the rabbit hole and...

Happy first day of summer!

weather's finally getting hot enough for going to the pool, but for now I'll have to live with these totally awesome underwater Alice in Wonderland photos.
credits to sugarock99 on dA

the queen's qorquet

the mad tea party

through the looking glass

through the looking glass ...again

20 June 2009


proof that pixar is awesome:
UP in real life

source: topcultured.com

19 June 2009

monkey bars

Because I am *sooo* healthy and active, Janice and I went to the park near Pemberton to play with the seesaws. Then we (mostly me) realized how painful it could be to bounce up and down on a lever while holding passion tea/green tea lemonade.
So we (mostly Janice) decided to do the next best thing, climb on top of the monkey bars. Not wanting to waste the moments, I grabbed my camera and followed.

she would have almost kicked me

Then we headed over to the park near her house, sat on the swings while she tried to (and succeeded, sadly) trick me into thinking that she actually called alex. I'll remain gullible forever (:

On the way home, I noticed these awesome clouds:

18 June 2009


last of exams are

just reading that makes me smile (:

Jimmy Choo, the British accessory brand best known for its celebrity footwear, is creating a collection for H&M
that makes me smile too (:
source: guardian.co.uk

17 June 2009

coffee prince <3

no, not the drama, though I did have an urge to watch it while ago.

I am officially 83% done my exams.
some caffeine to recharge would be nice. I can see the staff at starbucks knowing me by name in the future. addictive black liquid (with steamed milk of course) D<

one of these babies (found on soompi) would be much appreciated:

dr. seuss much?

16 June 2009

magical carpet


用我的晚安陪你 吃早 記得把想念
存進撲滿 我 望著滿天星在閃

別怕我們在地球的兩端 看我的問候
騎著魔毯 飛 用光速飛到 你面前

少了我的手臂當枕頭 你習不習慣
我楹心地等 隨時歡迎你靠岸

少了我的懷抱當暖爐 你習不習慣
世界再大兩顆真心就能 互相取暖
想念不楣衛 我的夢通通給你保管

15 June 2009

chocolate & ginger

I was worried that I wouldn't have anything to give to my awesome, lovely, wonderful, fantastic, marvelous, amazing, other good things etc, mom for her birthday...until I borrowed a miracle (Donna Hay's Flavours) from the library.

but for now, here's yesterday's brunch.

Lady Brunch Burgers, from the food network.
I'm slightly bad at estimating patty sizes, so I made the first one too small. Had to adjust the 2nd patty's size to even it all out. The leftover meat (mixed with onions and garlic) will probably rot in the fridge.

burgers with tomato and cucumber and passion fruit tea.

well, not really a burger. Bread layered with easy over and burger patty haha.

After exam (which I bombed, stupid math D< ), I dragging shampoo, mary and janice to the library to find a recipe for chocolate cake.
They can't deny the funniness of "Geography and Physics is the original rock and roll" (credit to typetees).
I was planning on going to loblaws and buying some lemons since mom likes lemon cakes the best. However, the store was closed due to mysterious reason (ohhhh~) so I was stuck with the only abundant ingredient that I have: chocolate.

melted dark choco chips with butter. smells heavenly, but hell-like for your arteries.

janice especially separated the eggs for me. lawl @ 2.5 eggs. Both the egg yolks and whites are HAND whipped, grr.

all mixed together~

the lovely finished product. The only time the family ever uses this glass plate is when I make cakes in the loaf pan haha.

close up. Yummy Nutella frosting. Mom said the sweetest was perfect! It's surprising that even though I added too much flour and probably not enough egg yolks that it turned out so well. I'm one step closer to hosting dinner parties ("and 10000 more to go")!

Since I felt that one cake wasn't enough to compensate for the zara giftcard and paper flowers, I decided to cook her dinner. On the menu: chicken poached in ginger broth.

All nice and chopped up. Took me forever to cut the gingers into perfect, thin strands.

Into the wok it goes.

as well as the chicken

then you remove the chickens and add the spinach. The recipe originally calls for snake beans, but those are ridiculously expensive in Toronto. Impressive how the huge pile wilted down to a single layer.

Doesn't the bowl just bring out the colour of the dish (I'm not hallucinating)!

I must say, it turned out delicious. +1 domestic skillz!
Everything was nicely seasoned even though I only rubbed salt on the chicken, no wonder the recipe didn't call for additional salt. The ginger gave it a very nice kick, yummm.

13 June 2009


If I ever go to japan, that'll be one of the first places that I go to *u*
and look what I found!

Both from the lovely mutated field outside my condo. Janice and I found 5 (three was lacking bits of the leafs) in less than half an hour. Too bad I'm terrible at pressing them.

12 June 2009


exams are
If english is not included, I'm moderately content, if english is, my friends would be deaf from my spazzing by now.

change of topic, I reaaaaally want to paint my walls, or at least wallpaper it. Unfortunately, my mom would never agree. So I'm stuck admiring these oh so lovely interiors from Jill Crawford:

10 June 2009

year 8025

(warning, image heavy)

here's the promised photos of my yearbook. My camera is really bad at macro shots, so the pics are a bit blurry. I so want a macro lense ;__;

while the photos load, I shall complain about how there is not enough space for signatures, my crappy middle school one had 4 extra pages, Haig's has...all possible spaces added together, 5. Yearbook signing is really hectic, most people just write boring generic stuff, few highlights:
"I had fun breaking your waterbottle" JH
"Weijie is Zzzzing in englis class! Ms Mondrow just lost her yearbook" KL
really, really, really long one by Aida
Ones that take a lot of effort to get are really worth it, beats my entire paragraph pssh. sorry to people that had to cram it in impossibly small spaces~

(just realized I forgot to click upload, waiting some more...)

cover~ 80 is for Haig's 80th anniversary and 25 for Claude's 25th.

Old and New~ The artifacts in the first photo is given by Earl Haig's wife, yes i read the fine prints on the bottom.

I look terrible with long hair ._. 2nd row, 2nd from the right.

HA I SURVIVED THIS. My buddy was adorable haha. 3rd left of the letter M

Not fair that LC doesn't get a coloured spread! I'm under the "o" in promotions.

The oh so awesome main staircase, except the picture on the stair doesn't really show up in b&w.

Art room! I usually sit at the table that's right infront of you (with the ruler).