31 May 2009

rice vinegar

Oyako Donburi: recipe from here~

in the wok:

I really need to learn how much oil to pour, or a new nonstick pan. The onion at the edges got a bit burnt and stuck to the pan, it was impossible to wash off.

haha you can't really tell what's what in the bowl.
It tasted alright, mainly cause I couldn't add any rice vinegar, as the lid refused to open. How I wish I had one of those grip thingy that makes it so much easier to open jars.

30 May 2009


Thursday: the cake.

It's almost Alex's birthday and Janice, being the official cake maker, is making some short chocolate cupcakes.
The cupcake itself was pretty uneventful, I discovered at I fail at greasing pans. In my defense, silicon brushes are much harder to use than expected.

The icing however, was hilarious. "work those arms baby~" I was in charge of stirring the coffee/sugar/i forgot what else was in there mixture on the stove.

It looked like it was aliveeeee.

Honey looks adoorbell with the cupcake liner on her head *u*

Turns out I'm actually decent at frosting, though jancie's had more structure. I'll beat her next time!

Friday: the movie.

UP is awesomely awesome. As probably everything by pixar. The beginning Ellie part actually made me cry a heck lot more than when Kevin broke her leg. No can beat the dead wife.

Isn't it so cool that the ticket booth has a WHOLE BUNCH of balloons right behind the promo posters?

Afterwards we stalled time at my place. I ate a very unhealthy (no veggies! gasp) dinner while trying to cram for my art hmwrk while the rest of them watched baseball/play cards/annoy each other.
Grace insisted on going out, great timing as it started to rain as soon as we walked out the door (literally.) We then went to 4 dollar noodle place to eat some more. Tony finished his jumbo bowl of noodles before I finished Donna's complimentry tiny bowl of soup, sad eh. Then me, roy, and alex drank tea mixed with hot sauce, vinegar, and soy sauce. It wasn't all that bad at first, but the after taste was terrible. Tasted like really bad gummy bears, according to alex and the black jelly bean according to me.
It was getting pretty dark so we ran back to empress in the rain and headded home.

28 May 2009

night time ascend

original photo over here :]
it's on my dA, don't you love the pretty light textures? yes they are gorgeous.
Love the new cs4 adjustment panel, makes adding layers so much easier. so so much. The draggable interface is a little annoying as I misclick it all the time, but overall it's awesome.
one day I'll be rich and blow a grand on the newest version, sighhh.

27 May 2009

yummy gooey stew

I had such a good dinner yesterday.
so so delicious.
and surprisingly simple to make. I shall take a shot at this some later sunday.

(the emphasis in the picture should be switched haha)
Tomato fish stew with some asian vegetable with peanut sauce.


remember the math test? remember how I said it will come back and bite me?
well i lost 2 marks cause I didn't show me work for finding the third angle in a triangle.
it's sooo obvious though!
but it is my fault since it says in nice bold letters to show all of our work.

26 May 2009


This will be new...
usually I complain that I did really bad on my tests, especially the math ones. There's just something with math that I also do good on the quizes but never the test!
But not today.
Actually it'll be pretty sad if I didn't do so well...it's angles @_@" easssssy stuff.
...watch as that come back and bite me.

So for now, I shall waste my time on this awesomely awesome jQuery/CSS game:

ball dropping >D
best time waster ever.

more cool usages here: noupe.com

25 May 2009











24 May 2009


*reeeeeeeeally* creative business cards from webdesigner depot:
(click for full view! )

23 May 2009


I came across this by pure co-incidence while talking about higashi...

it totally resembles the ed animation!
(found on smashing magazine: floral typography)

22 May 2009


that is gorgeous.
yes it is.

Exams however, are not.
To (over)prepare for a week of filling in papers that are worth 30% of my mark, I lugged various textbooks and binders home. The current stack of 3 courses worth of material measures around 14cm.

3 more to go, rawr.

20 May 2009

new header image~!

The previous one was a tad bit hard to see.
Maybe a little more than tad, but I liked the minimalistic design. It was barely visible, but added a hint of colour.


So here's a new one, made with my current technique of obsession: adjusting thresholds.
The images of the buildings are actual buildings in Stratford, which I took when I went there to watch West Side Story (that totally deserved a post, but after uploading all those onto Woophy, I gave up).
Janice should be able to complain loads about how I periodically stopped, sometimes right in the middle of a sentence, to take pictures of those oh so gorgeous buildings (and sky).

...does this count as a design statement? @_@"

where oh where?

Don't even try to deny it's cuteness....

t-shirt design from Design By Humans

19 May 2009

day in logo

I saw on Digg somewhere this awesomely awesome idea.
Here's my May 19th, 2009 in logo:

18 May 2009


me vant mng blazar.

it actually looks pretty good on me. by that I mean it fits perfectly! PERFECCCTLY.
that rarely ever happens.
It's not all that formal either, it's 85% wearable to school. It's not insanely priced either, $80 is pretty decent for a staple piece that'll most likely last a few years .


solanin iz gud.

it's adoorbell and a tad bit depressing. But the art is fantastic, not the usual style, but fantastic noneless.

17 May 2009


to back up my argument on bento...

cloverrrrrr! *u*

I think this is from this rly old anime...o_O

all images found *here*

16 May 2009


okay okay, no more h&c...
for now.

time to be an apple fangirl! >D

it is so so so so so so so so so so cool!
and pretty
and awesome
did I mention pretty?

btw, it's hand drawn. Scary I know, how can anyone be allowed to have such artistic skillz!
unfortunately, the site doesn't let me save pictures, so you';; have to head over to Gizmodo for more awesomely awesome pictures.

15 May 2009

and spinning

forgot to include:

there's a vectored wallpaper version of this on animepaper *u*

huckhuck, ayu showing off her legz again

the midget xD

I loveeeee the watercolour-esque art style

morita terrorizing hagu again?

and lastly: higashi >D

(looks like morita and ayu, no?)

14 May 2009

the bicycle wheels keep on spinning

(a mini rant at the beginning: it huuuuuuuuuuuurrrrtttttsssssss ;_;)

Out of pure boredom, I decided to rewatch the oh-so-lovely 2nd season of Honey and Clover.
...it was just as, if not more, sad.
poor poor Mortia!
Hagu looks even more adorable!
I always hope that they would release a side story about Yamada, she's my absolutely favourite character *u* I love seeing her cooking attemps haha (to make myself feel better). Although the ending squence implies that she's happy with Nomiya, but I was hoping for a bitttttt more. After all the misery that stupud Mayama made her go through, I feel that she's the first one that deserves to be happy.
go iron lady!

13 May 2009

a moment of silence

first for yesterday's anniversary of the earthquak.

second, a slightly longer one for today, in which my voice decided to take a vacation. Saying only 5 sentences for a whole day is pretty hard, especially when I had to ask my art teacher for opinion on the 30% of my mark, sighhhh.
But luckily it's nothing serious, stupid media hyping swine flu. When I went to a clinic at around 7 yesterday, it was PACKED. The line extended from the foyer all the way out the hall. Though I would gladly trade 2 hours to know that I am okay.

and finally some awesome artworks (kinda piling up...)

*found here*

11 May 2009


i feel terrible.
stupid (possible swine) flu.
I reeeeeeeally hope it's not.

karma sucks. got hit in the face by soccer ball.
must have looked retarder walking around holding ice wrapped in paper towel on my eye.

house season finale tonight *u*


10 May 2009

happy mother's day

I bought my mom foot balm...
it's a very good one though D<

and made her (a more special) brunch:

(recipe found here)

I added too much soy sauce. In my defense, the recipe called for 1/4 cup for 2, and I added a even less than that! Stupid Canadian soy sauce must not be salty...

09 May 2009


I have a geography test on monday.
I totally forgot about it...until (exactly) 12:00 last night. I have no idea how it managed to slip my mind, I even talked to janice about it over the phone. But somehow I completely forgot about it.
Which means I didn't bring any notes home. None at all.

When I almost drifted asleep, thinking about...buffalos and ice cream (which I'm not eating! rawr), and BANG! I realized that I forgot my geo binder in my locker. Random, yes. A bit too late, yeah that too. I guess the nerd in me won't let me fail a test.
So I tossed around trying to find my cell amongst my various pillows and cushions. Texted (read spazzed to) Aida, asking if she can photocopy it for me tomorrow. Turns out she didn't have a copier. So I spent around I-dont-know-how-long (I have no sense of time when I'm half asleep) spazzing in my mind about it. I decided to set my alarm early and run to the school in the morning (of a Saturday) to see if I could get it.

Luckily the school was open, so now I'm happily cramming for my test ^^

07 May 2009

Playing with food con't

This is all Melody's (and to a lesser extend alex)'s fault!
darn playfish games, so addictive.

The concept is pretty lame, you open your own restaurant, serve people, get points, level up...Trade with other people to get higher level food that gets more points.
This is monopoly all over again! (I have bad experiences...)

but so so addictive.

06 May 2009

playing with food

perfect thing to post when you're famished!

more (awesome ones like the spaghetti monster) at Dark Roast Blend ^^

04 May 2009

beans, beans

this is suppose to be yesterday's post...
but I was busy studying for science (cough cough)

anyways, my yummy brunch:

Tortilla with romaine lettuce filled with red kidney beans, ground pork with this chinese vegetable (no idea what it's called), egg and tomato.
Think I made too much filling haha.

A note on the weird vegetable, it is INCREDIBLY delicious. Adds a whole lot of favour to just about everything. It made the filling extremely tasty with just a dash of salt and freshly ground black pepper!

It's more like a taco than a warp~

02 May 2009


After seeing the oh-so pretty blog themes made by thebikiniboy on blogskin, I've always wanted to use them for something. However, the custom themes can't accommodate as much features as I use currently, so I was stuck.

...until i discovered woophy. (go, click on it, I'll wait)
Woophy is an AMAZING photography site, it's idea of searching for photos involves a giant map with a coloured dot representing each city that there is a photo of. Amateur photographers (eg. me, though I'm probably even worse than amateur level haha) from all over the world can contribute to the site.
Thats a bit off topic but my point is, it (plus my better camera) made me want to snap a picture of every pretty thing.

which lead to this...

my closest to a portfolio site/blog I'll ever make.

01 May 2009


Happy May Day!!
(google maps alphabet)