30 April 2009


Gucci's spring/summer 09 collection is LOVE.
oh how I wish they would look good on me.

29 April 2009


more freaky incidents!
this one convinced my mom that we have a ghost in our condo *u*

I was peacefully sleeping, and dreaming about something (i forgot). Over and over again, in my dream, I hear this kung-fu sounding music.
Irritated after countless repetitions, I somehow woke myself up. But the music is still playing.
So I climb out of bed, slowly and grudgingly (im not a very pleasant person when just woken up) walked towards the living room. Guess what? The DVD somehow turned itself on and was playing the opening of the kung fu drama that my mom was watching. I turned it off, stared at the blank screen for a moment and went back to sleep.
A while (my sense of time is nonexistent when I'm alseep/just awake) later, I heard the melody again!
This time I was even more fed up, what does it have against me getting a good night of sleep? I quickly walked into the living room and turned it off.

In the morning I realized how scary it is for a DVD player to turn on itself....

28 April 2009

mirror mirror

House was so freeeeaakkkkyyyyy yesterday.
It must be cause I was so scared that I made a completely idiotic mistake.
must be.

I was working on my brochure for my art summative. After spending roughly an hour on the outside covers, I saved them and started to work on the inside info. Since I spent almost 10 minutes oh-so-carefully placing guides so no information will get chopped off in the printing process, I decided to use the same document.
2 more hours later, I'm *finally* done the inside. It took me forever to clone the desert and sky using the trackpad on my laptop. (stupid mistake #1: my tablet was less than a meter away.."orz). Not that bad, at least I'm done. Scared that photoshop might crash (like 1 in a billion million), I decides to save it. Cmmd+s!

...oh crap.
same document=saved over=lost my first hour of work

itttzzzz allll ammberrrrz faullltttt

27 April 2009

exacto knife

...tech quiz = fail "orz

but this is pure awesomeness:

more on his flickr: Brian Dettmer

26 April 2009

panda land~

I found *the* perfecr volunteering oppurtunity (yes, even more perfect than habitat for humanity)
*Helping out with the pandas in China*
info from the site:
Project length: Min 1 week
Project costs: US$640 for 1 week
Location of project: 16 km from Ya’an City, China
Arrival airport: Chengdu
Volunteer work: handeling pandas, food preperation, cleaning enclosures and observations
Number of participants: 5 - 10
Age limit: 18 - 70
Too bad I'm 3 years too young *sobs*.
It's also located very close to my hometown, so I could just stay in my own house after the week of volunteering~
Awesome, no?

25 April 2009


I sooo want that dress for semi formal.
Unfortunately, they only have it 2 sizes (or more) bigger, boohoo. ;_;

but towel cakes cheered me up:

some look better than actual cakes! (minus those they do on Ace of Cakes)
(more photos on soompi)

24 April 2009

*snap* keep cool

杨瑞代 Ft. 周杰伦 月光

23 April 2009


Today is the cultural caravan for geography class (which I painfully spent nights emailing people to remind them to bring their info for), whohooo~
Thanks for Katrina's wonderful beautification of the info, the food lables are sooo cute!

Kat and Christina's awesome set up!

I'm the little green lable in the middle of China! Panda land~

Foods *u* from top down: sticky rice, egg tarts, and various snacks. the strawberry eggroll is guuud.

Moar food! Fried Rice and DimSum.

The extremely heavy 100% authentic tea set that I brought. Sad that there wasn't enough time to actually prepare tea with it...

Close up of the food lable. So pretty, no?

Let's hope that our group beats Ryan's >D (they got 100%...so I'm hoping for bonus marks haha)

19 April 2009

west side boundary


cranberry oatmeal with scrambled eggs&turkey, bagel and blackberry smoothie.

yummy oatmeal *u* I think I overcooked it...or under-added milk.

I find it a bit funny eating chicken and eggs together...

delicious smoothie! It has blackberries, banana, vanilla ice cream and milk. My mom froze the bananas with the skin on, it is IMPOSSIBLE to peel off... had to chop it off with a knife.


my *lovely* (sarcasm) week ahead:

plus a possilbe french summative and tech quiz.
that's a total of: 3 summative, 2 quiz, 1 presentation and 1 field trip. yay~

18 April 2009


images from Signalnoise.com
work of Jen Stark

17 April 2009


*mucho thanks to steven*

I admit, it's incredibly geeky. But incredibly awesome as well *u* It would be soooo cool if we can rotate the view of our world and things not seen does not exist!

16 April 2009

cram cram cram~

It's never fun to work on a science project for 3 days straight.
Not fun at all.
Then again, a few of my friends are probably still working, so I'll hold off the complaints until after my presentation.

Nvm, can't resist. My teacher changed her mind about the presentation not once, not twice, but three times. THREE! At first, she was like "oh students, be sure to remember to sign up for your presentation date!" Then she told us that "nevermind, I'll just pick randomly on the day of the presentation, so all of you should be prepared!" Lastly today, she said "Oh I discussed with my colleagues and decided that we'll randomly pick the presentation dates now." Blah, at least now I know that I have until thursday to memorize my script.

Today is also report card day *drum roll*
Visual Art: 93 (yay ^^)
Geography: 95
English: 93
French: 85 (...all I have to say is thank god I'm not taking it next year)
Math: 90 (boo!)
Phy Ed: 97
Science: 97
Technology: 89 (blahhh. must ace wood tech!)
overall average: 92.4 (whohoo~ Only 0.6 lower than soph!)

Today is also also park clean up...which is all nice and happy until I discovered that we had to walk back to school. Bathurst and Sheppard all the way back? Oh dear... 30mins of walking complimented with cramps (cause it's right after lunch) is not fun. At least I got my exercise?

12 April 2009


chop banana, chop chop banana
mash banana, mash mash banana

eat banana, eat eat banana

go bananas, go go banana
bananas of the world to the left

bananas of the world to the right
mm bananas, come and take a bit

I think it'd look much better if I didn't halve the ingredients. The full amount would have filled the loaf pan and the sides would have been golden.
But mm indeed.

11 April 2009

Primmmmmmme Rib

what was left of my prime rib after an hour

restaurant is so dark @_@


our pathetic attempt at self cam

10 April 2009



ED's style is very VERY similar to H&C's OPs. Sooo creative, no? It's gonna be my obsession for a while.

Info (taken from random curiosity)
If Ristorante Paradiso isn’t your thing and you want the series that truly looks like Honey and Clover, then look no further than Eden of the East because it’s got H&C’s mangaka Umino Chika doing character designs. And after seeing the trailer, it also happens to be one of the series I’m most excited about. Being animated by Production I.G, Eden of the East is an original story of a Japanese girl on a trip to America who gets saved by a naked guy in front of the White House. The guy, who is also Japanese, has no memories and carries only a gun and a cell phone with tons of money on it. The mystery deepens to involve terrorism and a missile attack on Tokyo. The trailer really, really impressed me, particularly their choice of music (I can already tell that I’m going to love the ED), so I’m really looking forward to seeing this.
(Ristorante Paradiso is also pretty good *u*)

09 April 2009


my friend janice is going to Montreal for the easter weekend, so she asked me to take care of her lovely lovely bunnies. One is named Honey, the other Mustard. It would have been oh so perfect if mustard was clover. *pardon my obsession*

Aren't they the most adoorbell bunnies?

That's Honey. She's the quite, shy one. The bare patch on her back is from when Mustard bite her! Terrible, I know. Mustard always bullies her!

Adooooooorbeeeeeellll *u*

That's Mustard, she's the friendly, hyper one that eats A LOT.

Prove of my last statement.

Janice has given me *very* detailed instructions on how to care for them, so we shall see how they end up after 3 days~

08 April 2009


For my serious chocolate craving:

Life size Barbie chocolate cake.
I would never dare to sink a knife in that awesome thing T_T

found on soompi (has more photos)

06 April 2009


It's April...
it's snowing...
the phrases above do not belong in the same sentence. Oh no they don't.
But it is snowing..in april... WHHHHHHHHHHYYY!

here's a song to compliment the *lovely* weather.

作詞:LARA 作曲:張傑

下雨天了怎麼辦 我好想你
我不敢打給你 我找不到原因
為什麼失眠的聲音 變得好熟悉
沈默的場景 做你的代替

誰和我一樣 等不到他的誰
愛上你我總在學會 寂寞的滋味
一個人撐傘 一個人擦淚

怎樣的雨 怎樣的夜
雨要多大 天要多黑

其實 沒有我你分不出那些
差別 結局還能多明顯

誰和我一樣 等不到他的誰
愛上你我總在學會 寂寞的滋味
一個人撐傘 一個人擦淚

怎樣的雨 怎樣的夜
雨要多大 天要多黑

其實 沒有我你分不出那些
差別 結局還能多明顯
別說你會難過 別說你想改變

怎樣的雨 怎樣的夜
雨要多大 天要多黑

其實 沒有我你分不出那些
差別 結局還能多明顯
別說你會難過 別說你想改變

05 April 2009


Sunday's always my turn to make brunch, so today I tried to make Piperade&Poached Eggs, a recipe from Brunch: Recipes for Cozy Weekend Mornings by Georgeanne Brennan.

The thing in the bowl is the piperade and eggs.

My mom insists that it looks better without the bowl haha.

Piperade, according to wiki, is a Basque dish that consists of pepper, onion, and tomato sauteed in olive oil, ususally served with eggs on the side.
In the recipe, it's served with bread as well, but to my horror I discovered that the only grain product left in the house was some rice. So in the end I ate it with rice topped with seaseme and some blackberries.

04 April 2009

100% vitamin C

I would totally buy one of these...

They are created by Naoto Fukasawa, a Japanese industial designer. The packaging looks and FEELS like the actual fruit skin. It comes in strawberry, banana, kiwi and soya milk.

03 April 2009


(click for full size please~)

I love how the style is so watercolour-y *u* Make your own here!

02 April 2009


You know when you go through a lot of trouble, such as waiting in your doctor's office for an hour (while missing the first half of House, to get something (in this case acne cream) and in the end it wasn't worth it at all?
Well this is worse, cause instead simply not working, it caused a huge HUGEEEE allergic reaction.

So I ended up with both of my eyes swelling. A lot.

Somehow, I didn't notice it at all during the day. Sure I saw that parts of my face was overly red and felt that my eyes were really itchy, but not swelling. But when my mom opened the door, the first thing she screamed was "OMG WEIJIE WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR EYE AHH!" Hearing that, I ran to a mirror and checked, there it was, my eyes were clearly swollen. Oh joy.
Just to add to the trouble, I ran out of Reactine.

01 April 2009


where's my pot of gold? D':

(pic found here)