30 January 2009

tock tick

Creativity comes late at night, in this care, 11:45pm:

#%^(*%@blahhh full view plz!
I can only trace photographs haha. failz@anatomy without reference... my art teacher would be very unproud haha. Turquoise is a very pretty colour, and apparently flattering on all skin tones.


math...just ew.
watch as they all get higher marks than me...brrrr. Parents spazzed at me throughout the entire dinner, what fun.

french mani: success?

either tha $1 e.l.f polish sucks, or the top coat is expired haha. started the chip the 2nd day. boo!

29 January 2009

ax, bx^2, c

blahhh. got AT LEAST 5 wrong in math midterm. stupid abc!


地址寫的是心底 你能不能收到它

天有點冷 風有點大

你說會記得我 還記得嗎
忙碌嗎累嗎 心還會痛嗎


昨天遠了 明天還長

你說會記得我 還記得嗎
忙碌嗎累嗎 心還會痛嗎
你說會記得我 還記得嗎
忙碌嗎累嗎 心還會痛嗎
快向快樂出發(Hebe:快向快樂出發 Oh...Oh...OH..)

28 January 2009

road kill center

that's eaton.

Went with a huge crowd (roy, tony, od, janice, grace, and helen) to buy donna and mimi's waaaaaay overdue birthday present. 2 month late to be more specific.

We waited at the bus platform for over an hour. Firstly because the bus that tony has to take took forever to arrive, secondly because mimi money disappeared. After a lot of blaming the person that stands next to you and talking on the phone to alex, we made it to eaton. Annnnnd discovered that we actually had enough. hurray!

We bought mimi:
something thin and plastic-y

We bought donna:
something soft
something flippy
and something...that roy and grace thinks is really fun and amusing.

and I bought myself:
this AE sweater thats only $15!!
this book (layout index) cause im a big nerd that spends way too much time on title pages that's not gonna even be marked.
these oh so lovely soap (sexy peel & sultana)from lush that smells oh so great. I put them in my purse for half a day and now the whole bag smells citrus-y

Lastly, my e.l.f order arrived, another hurray! Though I have absolutely no idea how to use eyelash curlers...

25 January 2009


being a good fan,
I woke up at 7:42 to watch Jay Chou perform in the cctv Chinese new years eve gala.
To find that he sang for less than a minute

his pants were pretty *u* black with gold embroidery...

22 January 2009


My awesome auntie bought these lovely (too cute to be used) stationary:

Erasers in shape of sweets?

erasers in uhh fried rice, dim sum, some sorta noodle...and an odd pineapple

Nooootebooks! 3 more to add to my almost full drawer. The paper inside's adoorbell as well *u*

oh and jay chou's new album. cover art's...hideous. Songs are pretty good though haha. 说好的辛副 ftw!

21 January 2009

international delivery

awesome, no?
realistic, no?
It looks like real bread, feels like real bread, even smells like real bread. Too bad it's not edible.

comes in the following "flavours"

If I win the giveaway I'll...be happy! hurray.

20 January 2009

On this day in history

at a few minutes pass noon...
when the 44th president of USA (stuttered when he) was sworn in...
I was in french class.
thinking about how cold my lunch is

18 January 2009



16 January 2009

"knock knock"

"who's there?"
no one. cause I locked myself out! yayy.
After being tried for the whole day (got woke up in the middle of a dream), I was planning to go home and take a nice nap. Not going to Sean's house, not Janice's not starbucks, straight home! All is well until I reach into the pocket and discovered it to be empty. Instead of having (relatively) more fun or a cup of lovely berry chai, I was stuck sitting in front of my door doing math.
weekend's off to a great start.

15 January 2009

vertically challenged

why is it hardly ever unfair in my favour?

After volunteering for Haig's gr 8 parent night, I witnessed a sad sad truth. Most of the gr 8s are so much taller than me...
yah whats wrong with them!
They can pass for like, seniors! blah!

time to buy heels.

14 January 2009

12 January 2009


ahaha. haha..AHHAHAHAA xD


I can officially say that my headphones are broken.
Left ear bud stopped working, now I have to turn it extra loud @_@

anyone wanna donate $25? yes?

even worse news: got exam schedules, blah! At least it's same time as friends...

11 January 2009


I wonder why eyes are such a popular topic for macro photography (at least on dA).
cliche = eyes are windows for your soul, a bit far fetched imo...
Is it the reflection? the colour? the...way the eye lids fold?
(I need something better to do...)

10 January 2009

awe inspiring

from Just Creative Design (again) xD

09 January 2009

206 berries

I actually had fun doing (art) homework...bones are surprisingly entertaining the draw.

right side looks better haha


Berry chai tea is love.

08 January 2009


changminnie <3

07 January 2009

06 January 2009

apple for apple

I lol'ed

05 January 2009


2 manips that I recently did:

My dA gallery is so empty @_@