31 December 2009

onto 2010!

(original image from flickr)

2 hours left of 09, time for a little reflection?

Mm let's see, decent ending to grade 9, met a lot of new friends and kept most of the old ones. I thought it would be awkward to see people that you were really close with but that was just me being paranoid. Learned important lessons, such as not overthinking (lol janice) and seeing things from over people's perspectives. Good conclusion to something that I've let drag on for too long, tbh I should be very happy about how it turned out. Wonderful trip back to China, thank god I went back this year. Beginning of grade 10 was fine, life goes on haha.

My selective memory remembers mostly good things, but as for the bad... a few loses and almost loses in terms of family. First term wasn't as well (academically) as I expected, no super high marks to pull the rest up haha. Gotta turn that into motivation for the next term!

Onto the resolutions.
I know ones from last year got absolutely nowhere past the first few weeks, so I'm trying 6changes this year. (from the writer of Zen Habits, which I have on rss). My 6 changes for 10 are:
1. Sleep more
2. Move vigorously (eg. jogging) for 5 mins each day (pathetic I know)
3. Get higher on my average
4. Organize and keep track of my personal possessions. (esp. cloth)
5. Think less before I talk/express my feelings more (oh how much regret I have relating to this one)
6. Be more optimistic and have a positive attitude

wish me luck~

30 December 2009


Hot pot was funnnnn. We way overdid the food (as always), had 2 packs of yam noodle, 3.5 packs of beef, half a cabbage and other little things leftover.

Also overdid the chips @ Nick's. We had like...10 bags? Only ate 2 xD Everyone was too focused on the video games to even eat. Mafia wasn't successful either, poor Gracie. All our parties can be simplified down to 2 activities: game & eat.

but guess what goodie I found when I got home:

(forgive the webcam quality and the fact that it's backwards...)
Nivea Creme! aka the poor (wo)men's la mer!
makeup alley review: 4.2
It came at a good time too, just running out of my Clinique DDML. Gonna be trying this as my winter time night cream, hopefully it does wonders for me too~

29 December 2009

brunch: day after christmas

brunch: Leftover Omelet

(green pepper, frozen carrots, corn, pea and spaghetti).

This is like the ultimate fridge cleanup-er. Since I haven't been eating in during the past few days, all there left in the fridge were a few stray veggies and bunch of frozen ones. I wanted to press the spaghetti onto the bottom to form a crust, but that didn't go so well. It tastes pretty good though, and very filling.

dinner: butterflied steak with asparagus

First time making steak...overrrrcooked @_@" I followed Jamie Oliver's recipe which called for 4 mins with a flip every min, which was a tad long.

Rest was good though: juices were still in the meat and nicely seasoned. Not an utter failure :] (expects kevin to disagree)

27 December 2009

christmas recap

24th aka Christmas Eve:
It's a tradition that my family always go over to our friend's place either on xmas eve or actual xmas. After saying hi to all the aunts and uncles (not literally, just how Chinese ppl say them blahblah aiyi, blah blah shushu), all the kiddies go upstairs to play wii or the computer.

We tried to play Mario Kart (woke up early to borrow controllers ;_;) but the disc was weird and won't load past the character selection. Switched to Wii Sports and pwned at 110m hurdles :] I suck at every other sport though, especially table tennis.

Food at family friend gatherings are always awesome, had this great roast beef *u* Only had 5 plates of food since I ate too much choco hazelnut pie before dinner. While eating, one of the adults gave us a math problem to work on (putting it up since he forgot to tell us the answer):
in triangle ABC, since AB =/= AC, prove that AB=AC.

Rest of the night was spent on more math problems (what a nerdy way to spend xmas eve haha). I'll forever love anyone that solves this: star puzzel.

25th aka Christmas Day:
Went to Donna's house for some hotpot :]
It tasted aweeeeeeeesome *u* Loved the seaweed, beef, and tofu! I feel bad that I kept hogging all the tofu @_@" Somehow finished 2 bottles of water and a cup of soy milk while eating, maybe the soup base was too salty?

Since I didn't get to use those controllers yesterday, I was determined not to let my waking up early efforts go to waste. OD was nice enough to bring his wii for a fun night of brawl. Got slightly better at using Ike, big muscle man jumps so little ;_; Teaming OD with Donna is hilarious, she edge guards but if he does come up I just fsmash him right back xD Played a little Mario Kart too, I'm still every bit as bad as I was. I can survive rainbow road only if I stop accelerating at the turns ;_;

26th aka Boxing Day:
Armed with my lack of sleep and unprinted plan of attack, my mom and I drove to Vaughan Mills at 9 in attempt to actually buy stuff. Saw many people that we knew in the first hour, most of them already have bags in their hands; wonder when they woke up @_@"

Most of the stores didn't have such bad line ups, with Tommy being an exception. The line stretched from the front of the store to the back and back to the front e_e. Dunno why I decided to line up for 40mins for only a shirt and a pair of pants. Training for wonderland? ;P

Anywhoo, where's my spoils of war (yes roy I am posting them):

leather boots & jacket~!<3 love love love. the boots are soooo comfy!

two hoodies, three co biglow lippies: 2 gloss and a balm, and that shirt from tommy @_@"

T'was an efficient day.

26 December 2009


(it's sorta a christmas tree if you look sideways...)

sooo tried @_@
24th: family friend's house till 1
25th: friend's house till 11
26th: up at 7:30 for boxing day

It was satisfying though: ate good food, gotten a tad bit better at brawl, and shopped until my legs turned into tofu (40min wait in Tommy -o-)
In detail recap tmrw~

Happy Boxing Day and belated Christmas~

24 December 2009

gingerbread yumminess

(gingersnaps are still better, but since no one builds houses out of those...)
all images and additional description (c) weburbanist.com

looks like an awesome site for a holiday party *u*

life size gingerbread house. Disney never fails to impress.

21 December 2009

northbound from downsview

I'm a pro at gift wrapping now :]
Most useful tips that I learned was first hide the tape and second to make sure the corners are sharp. The 2 above actually makes a huge difference.

a slightly related video:

lego is awesome haha.

20 December 2009

brunch: thai style pasta

Thai style pasta (not really haha) with snap peas, chicken, pineapple and peanut sauce.
(from Better Homes & Garden cook book)

Uhh...it was alright. mediocre in every aspect, a wee bit light on seasoning. Tastes a lot better with more soy sauce and a hint of chili oil.

19 December 2009

step by step

The elevators stopped working today.
The main control board stopped working after a brief (false) fire alarm and the maintenance people can't come any time soon since it's a saturday.

Which meant that my mom and I had to take the stairs up, really steep stairs. Unfortunately, my mom decided to buy a watermelon, bag of milk, 2 cans of soy milk and other groceries. Up 22 (actually 20 since there's no floor 13, or 14) flights of stair is more exercise than I do in a month <_<"

On the bright side, it's prep for boxing day.

17 December 2009

pina colada

got this baby today :]
on top of smelling great (I love the pina colada starburst too), it's 100% and 93% organice annnnd handmade in Canada. The latter is a rare sight. (kissmyface.com)

I feel complete with a lip balm with me.
Now to replace that c.o. biglow menthra lipgloss *u*


I will never attempt to saw maple wood again.
*after an hour of Laurie and I trying to saw this tiny piece of wood*
teacher: so hows it coming along?
me: it's not...
teacher: haha i'm not surprised, you got the hardest piece of wood in this shop

16 December 2009

pigs and pepper

Alice's Adventures in (algebra) Wonderland

a very interesting view of the book.
very very interesting.


a very relaxing last week of school.

History test was soooo easy, despite saying that, I think I lost some marks because my answers aren't as specific as his standards (I don't think anyone...maybe except Sophia's is). SAP...good test mark and bad reflection mark, so I guess it evens out. Got an extension for English seminar prep and civics (well no, I just thought it was due earlier).

me happy (and therefore has emotions.)

13 December 2009

brunch: udon with assortment of veggies

assortment of veggies include: mushroom, cabbage, tomato, seaweed, bamboo shoot with shrimp and egg.

last week's:

elbow pasta with italian sausage and sweet peppers.

12 December 2009


I think I'm developing a cosmetic obsession @_@"

10 December 2009

french toast apron

French Toast Full Apron for Women with Amy Butler and Moda Fabric
(pamwares @ esty)

I want that for christmas...
yes I want a apron <_< the fabric is soooo gorgeous! With this, I can finally wear my white shirts when cooking.

09 December 2009

cinnamon sugar

Baked some of my JA cookies yesterday :]

To my surprise, it turned out GREAT. I thought they were just gonna be another mediocre sugar cookie mix, but dayum it tasted good. Props to Kate that found the recipe.

The cookies are really soft straight out of the oven, left to rest for a day and it'll turn into normal hard sugar cookie texture. I (well Janice did) added a bit more vanilla extract then required and it gave the cookies a wonderful fragrance. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and you've got an epic win.


To contrast, the first snow storm of this year is hell <_<" It's more of a rain&snow storm, which makes things much much worse.

For some reason, I decided not to wear boots today. One good thing that came out of that is my boots are still nice and dry, but that's about it. My socks, jeans, coat, backpack, hair, and face got soaked on the way to and from school. There's also really strong winds on top of all that.

Winter's finally showing it's fangs...

08 December 2009


I wish I could cross my arms and cross your mind
Cause I believe you'd unfold your paper heart and wear it on your sleeve
All my life I wish I broke mirrors instead of promises
Cause all I see is a shattered conscience staring right back at me
I wish I had covered all my tracks completely
Cause I'm so afraid, is that the light at the far end of the tunnel or just the train
Lift your arms, only heaven knows where the danger grows
And it's safe to say there's a bright light up ahead and help is on the way

I forget the last time I felt brave, I just recall insecurity
Cause it came down like a tidal wave and sorrow swept over me

Depression please cut to the chase and cut a long story short
Oh please be done, how much longer can this drama afford to run
Fate looks sharp, severs all my ties and breaks whatever doesn't bend
But sadly then, all my heavy hopes just pull me back down again

I forget the last time I felt brave, I just recall insecurity
Cause it came down like a tidal wave and sorrow swept over me
Then I was given grace and love
I was blind but now I can see
Cause I've found a new hope from above
And courage swept over me

It hurts just to wake up whenever you're wearing thin
Alone on the outside
So tired of looking in
The end is uncertain
And I've never been so afraid
But I don't need a telescope to see that there's hope
And that makes me feel brave

07 December 2009


向左走 向右走

我真的迷了路 在喧鬧人群中

如果你是真的 想念就是真的
分兩頭 從每一條路到每一個錯過

一直走 也酗ㄙ器D往哪里走
我相信 夢就是輪廓
而我們圍繞著在尋找中 愛在某個角落

向左走還是向右走 幾天幾遍我一直走
晴天雨天沒有停過 你一定要等我

向左走還是向右走 我努力選擇 努力記得
不管世界有多遼闊 只要向著你走

向左走還是向右走 幾天幾遍我一直走
向左走還是向右走 我努力選擇 努力記得

04 December 2009


food is the ultimate comfort *u*

(didn't bother rotating photo)
My afternoon snack, though it's usually less elaborate. Warm milk mixed with honey, blackberry with natural yogurt and danish cookies to dip in the milk with :]
I need a tray, should make one in tech @_@ glass plate isn't the most safe serving platform.

03 December 2009


forgot where I found the image @_@
but credits to whoever made it (not meeee)

flawless animation!

02 December 2009

cookie kits~

hey lookie: my ja company's website isn't all that bad looking
it's just....really incomplete.

but our product is AWESOME.
it's the most awesomest cookie kit you will ever have.
for a mere price of $5, you can be the proud owner of a magical mix that will create 36 scrumptious sugar cookies. and a 100% recyclable and biodegradable box that you can reuse as a container for the uneaten cookies.

(it's better than candy kebobs)

30 November 2009


it's that time of the year again ;D
report cardddds! yay.

Business: 98 (whoohoo!)
History: 86 (boohoo ._. I can improve this in term 2 though)
Civics: 92 (meh, "be specific")
English: 97 (lol mondrow ^^)
SAP: 87 (thought I'd get higher...shouldn't I? have 87 on the relfection and 90ish on my test. weird)
Math: (leaving it blank cause it's just so terrible)
Science: 96 (would be much higher if the open book quizzes weren't weighted as much as the test -o-)
Tech: 92 (ehhh okay I guess, considering how much I screwed up on the tests)

avg: 92.1
gahhh, 0.3 lower @_@ gahhhhh!

(hi donna lol)

29 November 2009

(please take me away from here)

Music Videos by VideoCure

I'd love a magic button

28 November 2009

bowling nicknames

ahhh, Mimi's party is so hilarious xD

All started with Roy's text at 11:50 saying how we got double booked for paintball so Mimi changed it to bowling. Fastforward to today noon, helen actually arrived on time for an event, gasppp! Waited till everyone arrived, got introduced to the havergal girls and started to bowl.

Alex, who had the present (that we saved $82 cause of The Body Shop's black friday sale) arrived an hour late. Before he came, everyone took turns bowling for him and somehow got him a higher score than ourselves. After he came...well he still beat us ._." I got third for all the games.

Then we headed for some pizza since ppl didn't have breakfast nor lunch. We somehow managed to arrange 13 chairs around 3 tiny tables. After cramming into our seats, a game of broken telephone started. That is the best party game ever hahahaha. 50 calculators!

Unfortunately, the havergal people had to go back, so the haig/newton/northview/jeyran's school people fought the bitter winds and went to Helen's condo. Her place is like the bat cave irl! Pool, bowling alley, billiard, bunch of other rec rooms all nicely decorated too *u*

Tony later joined us for dinner at Hello Wonton. "happy hours" hahahhaa. Aside from broken telephone, the next essential party game is truth or dare. I made up some really wacky ones ;D Janice had her fun hitting OD and getting teased at. Laughed for a good 3 hours before we all split and went home.

25 November 2009

brunch: popovers

Mm, return of the popovers. My mom loves them the best out of everything that I bake xD
Served with a side of scrambled eggs with ham and olives and a dollop of natural yogurt.

The popovers didn't "pop" as much as last time, probably cause I took them out 10mins early. Eggs were bit salty since I added too much ham, 1 more egg would have balanced it out.

23 November 2009

warehouse haul

I'm gonna have a spending problem in the future haha.

(rly crappy webcam quality)

-Gucci Envy Me 2 (bottle is gorgeous *u*)
-Smashbox lipglosses (the nude one has such a pretty metallic pink lid)
-Smashbox liquid foundation
-Red Earth single eyeshadows (awesome frosty sea blue)
-This really awesome metallic warm grey nail polish


21 November 2009


Orange Yogurt Cake

minus any hint of orange...
(forgive the bad quality, webcamed it)

Lots of mistakes were involved in making this: I substituted grapefruit for oranges but those didn't zest so well, poured the batter into the wrong sized pan twice, and left the non-stick pan in the oven while baking. Despite all that, the cupcake itself turned out great.



伤痕在心田 滚烫的蔓延

断了的琴弦 弹奏着从前
昏黄的光线 照射陈旧的水面


喔...断了的琴弦 弹奏着从前
昏黄的光线 照射陈旧的水面

断了的琴弦 弹奏着从前
昏黄的光线 照射陈旧的水面

20 November 2009


Vow of Silence today~
Not being about to speak for a whole school day isn't as bad as I thought. Got through the day with only nods and head shaking (except for the one time that I had to ask Mel where the loonie was).

Jenga @ lunch.

26 stories of awesomeness...until Jine (I think) pulled out a piece on the side. Or was it Kevin who was pulled the one on the side on the ground cause of Paul's dare..hmm. We'll all be failures if we ever become surgeons xD

i've joined the dark side of sudokus @_@

18 November 2009

end of term hectic

With marks having to be in by this friday, all the teachers are mad with handing out assignments. The majority is done, all there left to tackle is history (oh im going to faillllll e_e") and english.

I've been slightly out of it lately, things on the back of my mind's been bothering me for a while. Almost lost 2 textbooks, did terrible on the previous history assignment (reason why I'm so worried about my current one), messed up on JA, etc etc. Lots of extracurricular activities too, meetings, bake sales, yearbook photos. I don't regret joining so much clubs though, 's been fun!

All good though, winter break will be here before I know it. Gonna be gift wrapping with friends at Yorkdale, hopefully we'll be the best team and get some money as well. Sooooo many things I'd like to buy.

Back to history I go e_e"

17 November 2009


blah I lost at JA xD

I can only blame myself though, I didn't expect marketing, my second choice, to come up first. So it kinda messed up my flow. Made up something crappy on the spot. Then for my actual position, human resources, I decided to skip a part cause of the time limit and then skipped another part unintentionally. sighh.

Better luck next year! or I can hope to be secretary.

15 November 2009

pillow clouds

awesomeness...in bed ;P
(no pun, really)

12 November 2009

lol xD

saw this while randomly browsing tumblr's theme garden:

* Jack: Hey, you know what sucks?
* Lindsey: vaccuums
* Jack: Hey, you know what sucks in a metaphorical sense?
* Lindsey: black holes
* Jack: Hey, you know what just isn't cool?
* Lindsey: lava?

ahahhahahaa xD

Made some popovers today, they were gooood.

recipe from the kitchn
True to it's name, these babies were crispy on the outside and soft at the center. They go perfectly with some good jam. Hehee I can just imagine myself in some english garden sipping tea while munching on one of these.

09 November 2009



午后的风摇晃枝桠 抖落了盛夏
我对着蝉认真说话 在对你牵挂
玩风琴就是爱瞎闹 堆积着无暇
我跟着站在碧沙岸 让你放不下

这风景如画 (让晚风恍惚幻化)
院子里画沙 (摇晃着画着情花)
等最美的晚霞 等故事长大

才说过的永远 我们一定不会擦
因为大声说爱你 而沙哑

也答应说好的未来 全部(不?)会重画

挑上脸 挑上花 有你的记忆干燥成瓶中沙
傻傻的 还想着你滴滴答答
擦美丽的指甲 喝你泡的茶

爱过你的风沙 你的风沙 我一样值得你爱
管他风怎么刮 管雨又怎么下
回头过去原来 (别说傻)
回头不说一次 (值得吧)
我爱上这泪光 问你会不会爱我

这种景如画 (让晚风恍惚幻化)
院子里画沙 (摇晃着画着情花)
等我们的童话 等誓言落下

才说过的永远 我们一定不会擦
因为大声说爱你 而沙哑

也答应说好的未来 全部(不?)会重画

才说过的永远 我们一定不会擦
因为大声说爱你 而沙哑

也答应说好的未来 全部(不?)会重画
因为我爱你呀 (因为我爱你呀)

08 November 2009

> b

Finally went to Gracie's house yesterday *u*

Her new house is sooooo pwetty, especially her dining table chairs. After a brief tour, we (Jeyran, Janice, Grace and I) started to play with her dog, Cookie. He's adorable! I had too much fun watching Janice trying to get him to sit on her command.

Then we got called in by her mom for some delicious snacks. The four of us devoured a plate of dumplings, a plate of bread, half a bottle of apple juice and some cheetos. The bread had amazingly soft texture.

After snacks, we were suppose to help Janice on her business assignment, but somehow ended up in the basement playing wii. I still suck in mario kart e_e After a disastrous round of leaf cup, we switched to playing brawl. At first, Jeyran was reluctant to play, but she turned out to be a beast at kirby. I'm not very good at brawl either, a complete failure at trying to get back on platforms. Pit's blue wings are so cheap, wish I could pluck them and put it on Ike xD Rest of the afternoon/evening was spent trying to side b everyone before I eventually fall to my death.

06 November 2009


We're in the negatives already!
Although I didn't see any snow, the stray puddles of water on the road have turned into ice overnight. @_@

on a completely unrelated note: wheat crackers + ham + plain yogurt as topping is pure love <3

04 November 2009

brunch: potato stew & rice

My asian take on Jamie Oliver's Potato and Leek soup.

Was going to make cabbage stew, but my mom threw the remaining cabbage out without telling me, so I had to resort to potatoes. I didn't have leeks either, so it turned more and more into a chicken soup with rice and potato replacing the noodles.
Very filling as well!

03 November 2009


First session of JA today!

I speed walked to the p&g building thinking I was gonna be late. Turns out a little less than half of the people arrived more than 10mins after the meeting started. Tsk tsk, tardiness on the first day.

Went through the round of usual introductions, tried my best to look friendly during the people bingo xD Finally met the Alex Wu that I mistakenly added on fb, makes him the 3rd person with that exact same first&last name I know.

Rest of the meeting was more introduction stuff, info about the program etc. One thing that surprised me was the amount of people that wants to run for exec, almost everyone! Sigh, real world's competitive haha. Gonna try to be human resources or marketing/sales VP.

Form filling/speech writing time!

01 November 2009

belated halloween

Halloween night was freezing e_e. The wind made 5C feel like 0.

Melody and I, being such nice people, spent the night volunteering at unicef/cadbury haunted house. First we were distributing unicef bags to people in line. People were swarming around us as soon as we unpacked the bags. Despite us telling them the bags are for kids only, a whole bunch of adults grabbed bags. Thanks to them, 20ish boxes of bags ran out not even half way through.

The line was looooooong, it extended a big block from College all the way till Dundas. As the night dragged on, more and more people arrived. The police had to cut the line off so the event wouldn't drag into the 11:00s.

Mel and I were puzzled at why all these people would wait up to 2 hours, turns out at the end of the haunted house Cadbury was giving out handfuls of chocolate, at least 10 houses worth! As a thanks to the volunteers, Cadbury gave each of us one HUGEEE filled bag of chocolates & etc. The bag weighted more than all my textbooks combined @_@

On the subway back home, I met one of my teacher's daughter. Thankfully, she loved the chocolate and I was able to give half of my bag away. After existing the subway, I saw a classmate and proceed to give another quarter of my chocolate away. Even though there's only a quarter of the chocolates left, I highly doubt I'll ever finish them.

27 October 2009

brunch: spaghetti

ahh, good ol' spaghetti
it's my I-forgot-to-plan-what-to-make-but-look-I-still-have-some-pasta-sauce-leftover dish.

the nicely plated version

the all mixed up version xD

Not much to say about taste and stuff o_o Looks decent and taste decent~

26 October 2009


It's not even been a month since the last time. I guess this is what I get for sitting around all day. The tissue (I pronounce it funny xD) population in my home is going to be extinct very soon.

I'd love some brownies and chicken noodle soup, not together of course.

23 October 2009

haunted house!

hehee, got my first phone interview ish thing today XD
I feel so happy for some reason, mm.

It's for volunteering at UNICEF's Halloween event: Cadbury Haunted House (link disappeared on unicef's website o_o) I'm suppose to assist in handing out candies and and collecting donations ^^

They first called me during math class, I asked them to call back later, but my phone was either off or out of battery. I feel so bad about troubling the really nice lady that calls e_e" I'm glad that they didn't just kick me off cause of this.
For once I won't be spending the rest of the year trying to finish all the candies.Can't wait :]

22 October 2009


I'd have enjoyed science a lot more last year if we made edible chromosomes ._."

image (c) Kevin Van Aelst

18 October 2009


source: web designer depot

17 October 2009

rice krispes

I'd totally hang that on my wall.

cereal taxonomy @ kitchenbitzch.wordpress.com


on a side note, my christmas cactus bloomed ^^
I can proudly say that a plant has flowered under my care, harhar.

14 October 2009

late brunch: pancakecake

totally forgot to post this lol.
I made the cakes on saturday, was gonna wait till sunday to post 'em up but eventually forgot.

again, loosely based on a the kitchn recipe (forgot the link)

This is 100% foolproof. Can't get easier with pancake batter, apple chunks and some brown sugar topping :]

13 October 2009


that thing is DEATH.
death with good results hopefully.

After reading this thread on soompi, I went out and bought my own bottle of Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in hopes of clearing my complexion.

Stupid as I am, I drank it alone. Why? I thought I had a pretty high tolerance of "bad" tasting foods, eg. chinese medicine. Dayummm, it burned ;_; first in the throat, now in the stomach. Guess I never made the connection that vinegar = mildly acidic.


12 October 2009

Happy thanksgiving~

11 October 2009


woah, everyone's been getting boots this weekend o_o syncornized shopping lol!

my babies <3
arent they prwetti? *sparkles, unicorns, other cute glittery pink stuff*
they were so cheap too! Probably cause it's not real leather, but meh o_o I'll probably ruin any nice shoes I get.

pics about today's trip to the cold cold north up later. my fingers still feel cold e_e"

09 October 2009


First round of testing/major assignment handing in for the 09-10 school year is overrr!

Theres no official thing like that, just my impression of the amount of work I've been getting. Did 3 tests, 3 big assignments (all in this week) and still working on 2 more assignment and 1 more test. Not gonna complain much as Jine had 3 tests all in one day, suckkks.
I do wish everything's not so clumped together, but that'd would have to mean different starting dates for different courses... sigh, final weeks are gonna be *fun*

yay longweekend~

08 October 2009

They'll be the King of Hearts, and you're the Queen of Spades

How much I wish my school's semi formal was of this caliber.
pretty cool mv *u*

07 October 2009


I really need to watch this drama e_e"

lyrics by the awesome guy: 方文山





04 October 2009

brunch: suan la soup

aka Hot & Sour soup

recipe: the kitchn (my new favourite food site)

Amazinnngly simple to make, it makes it such a ripoff to order at restaurants XD Taste great, looks great with the exception that the tofu would be better diced. Perfect for when I'm feeling lazy (that's most of the time) during the winter time.

Bonus: baked apples!

recipe also from the Kitchn, forgot the link though.

Even easier to make, bake apples are impossible to screw up on. Grace and I forgot about them and left it in the oven for 15mins longer than it's suppose to and still turned out great! Dare I say even better? The crunchy oat filling compliments the soft apple perfectly.

Happy moon festival btw :]

03 October 2009

33 x 12

@ volunteering for CIBC's run for breast cancer today:

They had a really inefficient process for these juices. First we all pile them on the table, then after lunch we slice the top piece of plastic wrapper off, then after setting up all the t-shirts, we come and take the entire wrapper off -o- It would be so much easier if we just took the whole wrapper off before we piled them on top of each other?

All the pretty coloured shirts were not for volunteers ;_;

02 October 2009

moar house awesomeness

haha so cute *u* cuddy & wilson

credit & full list of images @ abduzeedo

30 September 2009

望着你 慢慢忘记你




29 September 2009

mm muh

Genius creations from WHYBIN for Sydney International Food Festival:
guess the country & food:

complete article/pictures @ the Kitchn

28 September 2009

brain juice

I probably bit off more than I'd like to chew.

Production crew is so much commitment e_e" Long long meetings afterschool every monday is painful. Although the director's vision is interesting o_o Tim Burton styled Midsummer Night's Dream *u* I can't wait to see the final product.

The set for the forest is very metallic-y and ethereal in my mind: dark dark gray branches weaved together with violet, teal and silver flowy fabrics, highlighted by soft ambient light. Though I'm sure it'll have to undergo many modifications to be workable, who knows how under-budgeted we are XD The thought of pulling two sets off with a tiny team of 6 people is so thrilling!

27 September 2009


My legs feel like pudding after walking around for the whole day in flats e_e"

Janice, Roy and I headed out to the University Fair, mainly to get info but also cause I've reeeeally been wanting to eat at le papillon again.
Unfortunately, being the idiot I am, I forgot to bring my camera, so imma borrow a image off the restuarant's gallery.

the interior decor/atmosphere is soooo pretty! I love the exposed brick walls and the pipe/industrial lights *u*
I ordered a Tourtiere (meat pie), it came with heavenly chutney! The Pouding chômeur dessert was also delicious! The cake was so dense and moist with a crumbly topping *u*

The fair wasn't all that exciting, so so many people e_e" The UofT booth had such a cold person, I went to ask about residence, and she pointed to the page in the brochure, said a sentence and stared at me ._." I'm overall happy cause there's so many freebies (so asian, haha)

Afterwards, at the request of Roy, we walked to eaton center. Janice was trying to find jeans, but to no avail. We did get free gum though xD Went home soon after since we all had a bunch of unfinished hmwrk.