30 November 2008


Advertisements from justcreativedesign.com

29 November 2008


I won't attempt to play that game again.

28 November 2008


how stupid is texting someone to ask them to text someone else?

rhetorical question.

25 November 2008

stars are evil

the above left is a math puzzle given by my math teacher. You can use 2 straight lines to divide the star into 10 triangles. The one on the right is one of my attempts, with 9 (forgot to lable one haha).


24 November 2008

deck the halls

This is so much more awesome/pretty than Pemberton. 

23 November 2008

some stories

用起伏的背影 擋住哭泣的心
有些故事 不必說給 每個人聽
許多眼睛 看的太淺太近
錯過我沒被看見 那個自己

用簡單的言語 解開超載的心
有些情緒 是該說給 懂的人聽
你的熱淚 比我激動憐惜
我發誓要更努力 更有勇氣

等下一個天亮 去上次牽手賞花那裡散步好嗎

等下一個天亮 把偷拍我看海的照片送我好嗎

請容許我 小小的驕傲

18 November 2008

bliss, the glass is half full.

again, FULL VIEW please ^^

Title came from Grace's "describe yourself in 6 words". That was an awesome assignment, you describe your life in 6 words, leave your name out, partner up and try to guess who wrote which. No one guessed mine haha (wonder if that's a good thing...)

15 November 2008

"life is heavy"

(click for full view...else you won't get it)

14 November 2008

the adventure of mickey mouse on a plastic waterbottle

So there's the water bottle. The one that I overly-protect. I'll shriek and freak out if I drop it, falls over, or someone takes it (especially the latter).

One (initially) lovely day, I was happily minding my own business and being extremely ignorant.
The next (much less) lovely day, first reason being I was gonna be late for class. Second being after rushing from my locker to class, I discovered that I was missing a few things. The more important being my water bottle, the (should be more important) being my homework assignment. After obtaining permission from my teacher to fetch it from my locker, I searched extensively for my water bottle. Without luck I might add. There goes the chance of me paying any attention to any of my class for the rest of the day.
Though I have no right to complain, my friend Roy lost his iPod...well someone stole it. My other friend Helen lost her $300 jacket... I don't even know why I like my water bottle so much!
The 3rd day, after staying (really) late to help clean up after parent-teacher interview night (mainly cause you get more pizza). I had trouble stuffing my bag into my locker (it contained bulky plastic containers, and at least 1 water bottle). Whenever I tried to push it in, I would hear a particular "clink" sound. "Weird..." I thought, "I don't recall having any hard plastic-y items in my bag..." So I opened every pocket again...and
BAM! look what I found.
I almost felt stupid enough to not post this.

11 November 2008


while looking through gift ideas for my friend donna...
I came across this:

Munny Series 4 Toy

Munny is a do-it-yourself toy—a blank slate for creativity. Use pencils, markers, paint, or almost anything to draw and paint on him. Comes with a "Hello My Name Is" card, one of three sets of mystery accessories, plus a coloring book from either Jon Bergerman, MAD, or Jesse LeDoux. Made of vinyl. For ages 6 and up. Two shown.
sucks that my birthday already past D:

10 November 2008

Ebullient Future/Euphoric Field

EF has such weird Opening songs...
not as weird as h&c though huckhuck.

watch me cry bucket loads at the end ;_;

09 November 2008


Who knew that dA has such good recipes? (weej-proof too)

The rice (and meat&cabbage)

The sauce (eggs, soy sauce and a working substitute for mirin)

Add the 2 togetehr and you have...da da! It actually taste pretty good, minus not enough meat and soy sauce. Shh, first timers are allowed many mistakes~

08 November 2008

for hippophant


no preview image cause it's way too big.
80 layers of text killed my computer, need..moar...ram! I can't rasterize it/merge it either, or the effect goes all wacky (in a very very bad way)

06 November 2008

where the heck was the wetland?

picture from science center trip:

Henry waltzing with his dear backpack...
Dare or dare was hilarious haha. Rolling on the floor, stepping in garbage cans, etc etc. Immature people ftw!

Inside the onmimax theater. If only I can watch 007 in there, chase scenes would look fantastic.

Tag explains itself

Elephant heart! This thing is freakin huge. (too bad hippophants are imaginary animals, excluding me)

Science Arcade. Where else can you spin/step/hit so many things without getting into trouble?

Huge ass pile of garbage from the...living earth exhibit?

Some sculpture about solids, liquid, and gas. I don't get it, but sure doesn't stop it from looking impressive.


From this really cool site that creates word clouds. I especially like the feature that lets you paste in a blog address (this one is from my friend's) and it automatically uses words from it to make the word cloud. You also get to highly customize it, layout, fond, colour etc!

05 November 2008


You know how the sidewalk is higher than the grass on the sides of it?
That raise is evil. evvvvillllll!

that or I'm totally clumsy. it's probably the latter haha.
So the story goes I was running after my friends cause they were mean mean people. By chance I happened to step *right* on the edge of the sidewalk. I lost my balance (as every other klutz would), yayy! But back then it didn't hurt much, so obviously I kept running. and BAM, a few steps later the pain shot waaaay up. Then it died down again, so all is well. Like any other paranoid person would, I went home and iced it (over exagerating much haha). So now I'm fine...minus when I turn it inwards, then it becomes unbearably painful.


dA has the weirdest and best videos.

04 November 2008

like a sweet embrace

from dA

so so clever. the song's cool as well haha.


I think I'm developing a slight case of phone-phobia. I stumble way too much on that thing D:

01 November 2008

halloween & whatever's late

I present you:

helen the emo school girl

mimi the..uh..pyjama girl with the adoorbell teddy bear

RACHEL (richard) Isn't he so sexy? *u*

Rachel and Danny (donna). They look so freakin alike from the back. We called them the wrong names more than 5 times.

Jeyran and Grace, the...devils. Jeyran has awesome eye make up...and Grace is just way too happy to be one.


the rest are photos which I meant to post long long ago but never got to.

"because you are soo cool."
why yes LOL

The huge group of properties on top (or right) belongs to...Donna? The blue were mine and the purple/pink was Mel's. It's safe to say that Donna owned us.
and yes, the girls WILL win at monopoly.