30 October 2008


even "small" for resize still doesn't fit. bleh.

After realizing how cool this looked, I decided to wikipedia what "fractal art" is. Turned out I understood ZERO of it.
sucks eh?

BUT IT'S STILL SO DARN PRETTY. Below are a few more that I (drooled) am amazed at:
(no previews since they're too big)
*one* *two* *three*

27 October 2008

draw draw erase.

animator vs animation
dA makes me sad and happy.
then again so does a lot of things.

grocery shopping is a lot of fun. buying honey bunch of oats cereals and digestive cookies ftw.

26 October 2008


I finally escaped the curse of screwing things up when I bake from scratch (or maybe cause this didn't involve baking soda...)


It somehow turned out delicious despite Grace and I's numerous screw ups. I added too much salt to the curst, forgot to sprinkle the sugar mixture on one of the filling, forgot to prebake the curst...you get the idea.
Next attempt...cakes.

25 October 2008

wonderland x7? 8?

For some crazy reason we (nine people) decided to go to wonderland today. It's just just cold, it rained (a bit) as well, yayy! Though there's like...NO LINES at all. Helen, Janice, Donna and I went on shockwave more than 5 times...
Halfway through the day, my stomach (and head) gave up on me and had to eat lunch painfully. Sucks that they don't have sub of the day anymore, eating cold meat and drinking cold water on a cold day isn't very fun (though inside was pretty warm).
Then somehow we survived waiting for our parents to pick us up. Waiting in the cold (I really don't like the cold...mm) for more than an hour isn't fun. It's a mystery how one can be fine with just a thin sweater (cough alex cough).

23 October 2008


ya know what sucks? 2 things:
a) studying for a long time (well not really, I was dazing for more than half the time) about canada's ecozones and the question on the test was only worth 4 marks.

b) racing (relatively fast speed walking) around the school trying to find room 129, which turned out to be the washroom. Then I found the other (real) room 129 and it turned out to be another council's promotion committee meeting.
T_T x2

21 October 2008


guess what?

it freakin snowed today.
October. 21.
SNOOOOOWED (haha, it was rain!)

time to dig out winter jackets ;D

19 October 2008


more of his work

I know I'm easily impressed, but this is WOAH!

18 October 2008

I love the clovers

indeed awesome.
if only I can get the channel in HD...

16 October 2008


I swear I saw a UFO today! Either that or I imagined the whole thing.
While doing my sketching hmwrk, I saw these 2 blobs of orange light outside my window. There were much bigger than the stars, but smaller than the size of the moon. Thinking they can't be lights on top of buildings (too high), I went and watched it for a while, when suddenly, BAM (well, there was no bam), one of the lights disappeared. After another while, the other one seemed to started spinning, but also faded after a while.
Sucks that my cell phone was out of battery!

15 October 2008

H is for hippophant

textures: various deviantART people
idea: here

shift+ctrl+v is awsome.

14 October 2008


Photos from thanksgiving!

from deviantART, felt like sticking pics together. It would look a lot better on film if it was sunnier.

These are from a place called Cheltenham Badlands, apparently it's part of the Bruce Trails. The weird land formation is cause it was originally the delta of the Michigan sea (now days the great lakes). The soil's red...from uh..probably not iron haha, it has weird unexplainable silver streaks in it.

11 October 2008

*ring ring*

This is the easiest 2 and half hour of volunteering ever *grin*
My position was to answer the phone in the main office in case someone calls with a question. During the entire time, we only got 3 calls, and 2 of them went straight to the answering machine hahaha.
I also had a free ticket for food from my morning shift, so I went and got $5 worth of burger/water/chips. They wouldn't open a new box of Ruffles so I got some girl's half eaten bag... and then I politely asked for a muffin which my friend bought.

Time to sign up for the same position next year

10 October 2008


It seems that photoshop somehow magically worked on Mac.
Or it could be that the trial never started...
OR the crack has actually worked and I was just too stupid to notice it.
Time to get use to cs3 though cs4's gonna come out very soon. Darn, why are Adobe people so smart?
30 days is a long time to wait and find out @_@

Actually it won't be that long, time flies when you have 4 tests to study for. joy.

08 October 2008


Top 20 in "So You Think You Can Dance" Canada, also a former dance major in my highschool.

06 October 2008


haircut...(haha ignore my weird expression)
front's waaay too short! Oh well, at least I won't need another one for a while ~

04 October 2008

evolution of dance


01 October 2008


珍惜一切 就算没有拥有

还记得你说家是唯一的城堡 随著稻香河流继续奔跑
微微笑 小时候的梦我知道
不要哭让萤火虫带著你逃跑 乡间的歌谣永远的依靠
回家吧 回到最初的美好

不要这麼容易就想放弃 就像我说的
追不到的梦想 换个梦不就得了
为自己的人生鲜艳上色 先把爱涂上喜欢的颜色
笑一个吧 功成名就不是目的
童年的纸飞机 现在终於飞回我手里
所谓的那快乐 赤脚在田里追蜻蜓追到累了
偷摘水果被蜜蜂给叮到怕了 谁在偷笑呢
哦 哦 午后吉它在虫鸣中更清脆
哦 哦 阳光洒在路上就不怕心碎
珍惜一切 就算没有拥有

还记得你说家是唯一的城堡 随著稻香河流继续奔跑
微微笑 小时候的梦我知道
不要哭让萤火虫带著你逃跑 乡间的歌谣永远的依靠
回家吧 回到最初的美好

I simply cannot wait till my dad brings it *fangirl*