26 July 2008

blast off!

Gonna be visiting that place again for a week. This time I won't forget my swimming suit.
back in a week~

23 July 2008

Why so serious? :)

Indeed a very good movie.
though a bit over freaky at times...

22 July 2008

downside up

I learned a very valuable lesson from moving.

That is never walk around without the lights on, especially if there's boxes with sharp corners everywhere.

19 July 2008

rainbow pencil lead

All We Are

I tried to paint you a picture, the colors were all wrong
Black and white didn't fit you
And all along, you were shaded with patience, your strokes of everything that I need just to make it

And I believe that I could tear you apart but it won't break anything that you are, you are
We'll say our goodbyes you know it's better that way
We won't break, we won't die
It's just a moment of change
All we are, all we are, is everything that's right
All we need, all we need, our love is at a bind

I walked a minute in your shoes, they never would've fit
I figured there's nothing to lose
I need to get some perspective on these words before I write them down
You're an island and my ship is running ground

I could tear your apart, but it won't break anything that we are, we are
We'll say our goodbyes you know its better that way
We won't break, we won't die
It's just a moment of change
All we are, all we are, is everything that's right
All we need all we need, our love is at a bind
Every single day that I can breathe, you changed my philosophy
I'm never gonna let you pass me by
So don't say your goodbyes you know its better that way
We won't break, we won't die
It's just a moment of change (x2)
All we are, all we are, is everything that's right
All we need, all we need, our love is at a bind

Just plain awesome.

17 July 2008


Now I know what game I'll be playing for a while...

16 July 2008

turn on the moon(roof)

Seat discrimination!
The back row doesn't have adjustable seats, nor air conditioning from the bottom.

15 July 2008


Ahh, in just 518400 seconds, I'll be switching from these views:

To this!

Just a subway station away and on the same floor, my new condo awaits! (The big building in the middle is my high school, no more waking up freakishly early!)



I'm never ever gonna play Ring Toss at wonderland again.
Stupid gaint stuffed bananas, IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO GET ONE.

10th dimension?

Pretty sure I understood less than half of that.

13 July 2008


Let's just say that

Timberwolf Falls x3


Rip Tide (or Cliffhanger) x2


Trying to dry off for the rest of the day

(too lazy to rotate image)
My shoes were like a miniature swimming pool, feet was all wrinkle-y (eww) when I got home. Watch me come home like this tomorrow...

12 July 2008


Still can't find that darn usb that connects my cell to my computer, I swear it pooffed! It was sitting right on my desk duirng the morning and when I came back, it's gone!
Got a picture of us (Grace, Tony, Roy, Alex, and me) soaked right after getting off Rip Tide (or cliffhanger), not gonna post the story without it *sigh* Let's hope I can get the sd card adapter thingy today.


Anyways, after we exited wonderland, I missed a call on my phone. Not a big deal... A while later, the same person (a 647 number) called, which I missed again! Thinking it might be important, I called back.
Me: hello?
Person: hello?
Me: hello?
Person: *hangs up*
So I thought it was probably a mix up, okay, fine. So I put it aside and didn't think about it, but noooooo! They called AGAIN (which I missed, I swear I can hear my ring tone perfectly fine) and again, and again. Total around 5 or 6 times? We had several guesses on who it might be, but none of them seem to fit.
When our ride finally came, we were still trying to figure out who the mysterious caller was. Suddenly, Grace's cell rang! We somehow managed to miss that call too, when she checked, it turned out to be the same person! *gasp* She called back and the same thing happened.
After a few freakouts, we arrived home and that was it.

Until yesterday, Helen told me on msn that she also got the exact same call.

11 July 2008

the dark side

after I don't know how long...
I've finally decided...

to join facebook

"Weijie Liu"
"Earl Haig Secondary School"

there's this person with the exact same name as me (which is quite freaky)

*story interuption*
(around 2 month ago?)
friend: hey, I added you on fb
me: but uh, I don't have fb...
friend: but I swear it's you! I added them and they even knew which class we were in
me: *mental freakout*
*story end*

so don't get mixed up~

10 July 2008


internet or anti virus/firewall program?
apparently Rogers's internet is in conflict with Zone Alarm, aka they can't be working at the same time.

The story about wonderland (and the freaky phone calls afterwards) will have to wait until Rogers fix it, or until I run out of patience.

06 July 2008


Melona is love <3
especially when it's on sale.


Furniture shopping, however, is not.
I seem to be prone to bumping into the furniture on display, tables, chairs, sofa, headboard, chests, the list goes on and on. Ratio of bumps to hours of shopping is 8:5, joy.

Though I think most of them can be prevented by focusing on where I'm walking rather than my ipod screen...

05 July 2008

common jasmin orange

Is it just just me...or is Jay Chou wearing a pearl necklace?


窗外的麻雀 在电线杆上多嘴
手中的铅笔 在纸上来来回回

秋刀鱼 的滋味
那温暖 的阳光

雨下整夜 我的爱溢出就像雨水
院子落叶 跟我的思念厚厚一叠
几句是非 也无法将我的热情冷却

雨下整夜 我的爱溢出就像雨水
窗台蝴蝶 像诗里纷飞的美丽章节
我接着写 把永远爱妳写进诗的结尾

那饱满 的稻穗
妳突然 对我说

整夜 我的爱溢出就像雨水
窗台蝴蝶 像诗里纷飞的美丽章节
写 把永远爱妳写进诗的结尾

04 July 2008


It is huge...


So scaryyyyy. Well not really, maybe it's thanks to my condo being so high. The view on top is so awesome, I would take a picture if the camera wouldn't fly away on the drop down.

70 freakin meters

Track Length: 5,318 ft/1620.9 m
Lift Height: 230 ft/70 m
Angle of Descent: 75 degrees
Speed of First Drop: 77 miles/hour 125km/hour


01 July 2008


I believe that was the sound of Canada Day's fireworks at wonderland~