31 May 2008


let's just say that too much baking soda is very very bad.

30 May 2008


few things that I learned from Ottawa:

-not possible to sleep with lights on.
-not possible to sleep on a bus.
-possible to sleep with tv on near max volume.
-flashy neon lights don't go well with hidden furnitures.
-loud music don't go well with trying to have a conversation.
-rush hour 2>3
-portable gaming systems are mandatory for long bus rides.
-a pound of chocolate is a lot.
-reading the signs that tell you which way your rooms are is extremely important.
-so is bringing your room key with you at all times.
-also bringing a camera would have been nice


so tired....ugh

27 May 2008

i m h`




bonne voyage!

26 May 2008

dust dragons

that is so nicely made, it won the best AMV in anime boston '07 (meaning it's FAN made)

I can't believe that totoro can seem evil.
(for those who haven't watched My Neighbour Totoro, you definitely should.

25 May 2008



24 May 2008

purple sunflower

The weather is FINALLY like what it's suppose to be. Been cloudy for the past week, very un-Toronto-y (I swear it's sunny even when there's a snow storm).

Apparently, it's quite hard to take photos on a moving car.

Good weather comes with good rewards!
-Red Chuck Taylor All Star Converse. I wanted to get the project(red) one, but they didn't have my size...
-PUMA drift cat white.
The store (Footlocker) had a buy-one-get-one-50% off sale, but unfortunately, converse and puma weren't included. Wasted half an hour picking them out *sigh*

23 May 2008

circle circle

That is ridiculously pretty.
From Victoria Frances' art book "Favole II: Set Me Free" (found it on Aetherality). I swear I could stare at her art for hours and hours, seems like it's...watercolour pencils? *immensely jealous*

oh, superior also has reeeeeeeally good artwork. Especially the coloured covers, awesome watercolour-y blends. (Made me actually want to learn watercolour, ugh)

22 May 2008



一盞離愁 孤單佇立在窗口
我在門後 假裝妳人還沒走
舊地如重遊 月圓更寂寞
夜半清醒的燭火 不忍苛責我

一壺漂泊 浪跡天涯難入喉
妳走之後 酒暖回憶思念瘦
水向東流 時間怎麼偷
花開就一次成熟 我卻錯過

誰在用琵琶彈奏 一曲東風破
歲月在牆上剝落 看見小時候
而如今琴聲幽幽 我的等候 

誰再用琵琶彈奏 一曲東風破
楓葉將故事染色 結局我看透
荒煙漫草的年頭 就連分手都

I must say, it's one of his better videos, although it has a weird mix of juxtaposing things.

21 May 2008


Lucy is not:
Roy's brother
nor a zombie.

good that I can laugh at myself...

20 May 2008

the wonderful wizard of oz

over the

ten and growing! o: Beats the HI* thingy, rainbows ftw!
(it's for donation for the earthquake)

18 May 2008

eden's perfume

How in the world did I manage to wait that long for the new SpringRolls to open?

The interior decor is just so awesomely awesome. Just in case the pic's too small, those are paper cranes hanging on the celling. I'm betting there's more than a thousand (poor employees, had to fold them). I wonder is there's enough for every customer to have a wish haha.

Mango milkshake! Oh so delicious. They actually give you a lot for one glass, the straw's super long too!

heavenly lunch.

15 May 2008


the attack of the caterpillars!
yes they're back. unfortunately.

Thanks to the cooler weather, they didn't come till now. But in the end, they returned! These freaky critters crawl across sidewalks, scaring the heck of me (and most other girls). High pitch screams can be heard at every attack, oh dear oh dear. Some of us fought back, such as stepping on them, however that was no use. Even half smushed, they continue to drag their wormy/furry bodies across, scary AND disgusting, ughhhh.

The lair of the evil villain reviled!
They rest in nests on the branches of the tree, ready to fall on innocent passing by-ers at moment's notice...

Kay I probably made most of that up, but yes the caterpillars are back. Yes they scare me (a heck lot). But they don't even turn into butterflies (still kinda freaky, but a lot better than moth)! I think I shall follow scaredy squirrel's example and prepare a escape plan.

13 May 2008

real blue sky

oh my...
it's heck worse than I thought.

12 May 2008

1000th summer

thank god for wireless communications.


A phone call woke me up this morning, at around 6:30ish. Since my mom was already up, I let her pick it up and listened to the conversation. Turned out it was my dad, who delivered some shocking news.

There's been an earthquake (7.8 magnitude, aka HUGE) around 90kms NW of where my hometown, ChengDu, is. (I would provide a map, however google failed to find any quality ones)

Thank god that neither he nor my grandpa is hurt. I swear I can imagine the police calling and saying that they're in the hospital...or somewhere else which I'd rather not think...

The earthquake was one of the biggest in China's history, it could been felt in Beijing and Shanghai, which is like...half way across the country. He said that the quake made our TV fall and the water in the toilet to spill out. Heard that there's over 8000 deaths so far, only 20 in where I lived. phewww. In the small town between where the quake started and my hometown, a school building collapsed and buried hundreds underneath @_@ Compared to those people, a TV's a really small price to pay. Also is another town that's in midway, a chemical factory exploded and spilled toxic chemicals all over the town. To reduce the risks of a gas explosion n stuff, the government cut off all gas, electricity AND water, he said that some people even pitched tents to sleep outside in...

I'm pretty darn glad that cellphone signals can't be cut off that easily.

11 May 2008


2 more weeks of hell and hopefully I'll be through most of the work for this school year!

seriously, spending 6 hours on a french project is NOT fun. especially after other classes and a very tiring shopping trip. Let's see, it's roughly like this
shopping for supplies: 30mins (friday night, the dollar store just didn't have the paper that I wanted!)

art class: 1.5 hours
shopping: 3 hours (surprising how much energy that can drain from you, and I just HAVE to buy new shoes.)
art class homework: 2.5 hours (page of faces...much harder than the hands)
project: 3 hours. (after dinner when I'm the most sleepy/blah mood)

next day

class: 3 hours (2 more to go...2 more to go...)
shopping: 2 hours (didn't find any suitable shoes last time, need a pair for grad, running, and flats)
project: another 3 hours, yayy.
I'm proud to say that I made a huge mess on the table.

end of day 1. Thank god for that cheap paper cutter thingy. I swear I would have damaged my TV if I had to mark where to cut with a pencil and ruler.

I'm guessing this isn't very environmentally friendly...


sucks that this doesn't count towards my art mark.

09 May 2008

fortress of daylight

Gosh electric monopoly is evil! CN tower with 3 houses is like..15mil. Can't/don't even want to imagine how bad it is with a hotel...*shivers* Crazy how Roy had both of them and ended up giving it to Alex as payment, so lucky! Even more crazy that Tony and Alex got in jail one after another, rolled consecutive numbers (1&6, 2&5 I think? not really consecutive but meh), got out of jail after another and landed on Sam's properties side by side, a pure 'lol' moment. Although I lost first, at least I got Parliament Hill at the huge discount (minus the no rent), I had to offer more than triple the price but Tony still wouldn't accept it, pssh.


Remind me NEVER to lick the ice cream scooper after, my tongue actually got stuck. (Not that funny compared to how I almost fell climbing out of Roy's car...naturally clumsy!) Took a huge tug to separate them, it was fine for a while...then blood started coming out. Still bleeding, (around 30mins already), I'm starting to get use to the taste of it. Too bad there's no special band-aid for inside the mouth injuries...

08 May 2008


I swear this is just as good, if not better than that limited edition Haagen-Daz honey and vanilla flavour. Just in case the pic's too blurry, it's vanilla ice cream+honey+granola. Awesome taste&texture.

I know what to look forward to afterschool everyday~

07 May 2008

criss crossing of sun beams

I never knew I had so much illegally copied movies (namely from China). Now I know how my eyes are gonna die during summer break, yayy!

To Watch (in no particular order):
  1. Bourne Ultimatum (well, all three)
  2. I Am Legend (was suppose to watch this at treater, but too young -o-)
  3. Victory (Not sure if that's the actual name, 胜利大逃亡 in chinese)
  4. Eighty Below
  5. 300 (don't have that yet)
  6. Bunch of 007 (plays theme music)
  7. Another bunch of ancient Chinese kungfu/drama. Some are pretty good, minus the special effects...
Also really want to see, but too cheap to pay for ticket. (I mean c'mon! $12 a ticket is ridiculous...)
  1. Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie Chan AND Jet Li, how much more awesome chinese kung-fu can you get?)
  2. Ironman (just cause Tony/Alex is making a big fuss about it)
  3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (even Maclean's had a good review about it)
Guess there goes my wallet too.

05 May 2008


huck huck huck, I (well, Grace did) FINALLY found a four leaf clover. (insert some complains about my webcam quality, etc etc). She found it while taking her rollerblades off, such good eyes!
Now that it's all dry and paper thin, I hope I don't loose it...or accidentally break off one of the leaves... oh dear. So many things can go wrong between now and then.

03 May 2008

forty seven

Nothing beats coming home with Mango Pudding cake waiting for you in the fridge.