30 April 2008

writing home

2 freakin hours...
I just realized how much I screwed up on the first hand...so kindly ignore that.

29 April 2008

one leafed clover

Grace wrote the perfect speech on the back of that.


Ugh, so-so. Messed up the stitches so badly...the either looks like it's floating (drop shadow didn't work so well)...or you can't tell what it is.


27 April 2008


Stupid ttc strike.
WHY DIDN'T IT END A DAY EARLIER? (thank god it's an essential service now)
gah, plans got canceled, but still had to go to class. How am I suppose to buy Tony's birthday presenttttt.

If only there was Cassiopeia (reference to the time traveling device) in real life haha. I guess I'm in a better situation than the guys, a&f/Hollister is so much further away.

I need to buy sweaters with deeper pockets, second time that my cellphone fell out. This time it dropped on cement and some paint got chipped off. *tear* At least it's barely noticeable....At least it's barely noticeable....At least it's barely noticeable....At least it's barely noticeable....



25 April 2008






awesomely awesome.

@grace: this is the song where I got the weird lyrics from (the one that I forgot the spelling for!)

24 April 2008

snow-y place!

Ugh, I'm utterly terrible at this game.
No I can't hold A, the arrows and the right back key at the same time. It just doesn't work! I'm blaming my left thumb, either that or the right thumb. Not very good at using the items either. Can't seem to roll my fingers very well...


*edit: <___< !! I can have 2 left thumbs!

23 April 2008

tasty murder

cows! (and marketing ploys)

stupid stupid employee union, environmental activists, and a whole bunch of other people.
Now I know never to eat at Mc's!

22 April 2008

if the universe is the answer

what is the question?

violas ftw!
strawberry cheesecake chunks haagen-dazs ftw as well.

21 April 2008

at the crossroad

語言:國語, 曲長:4m25s
作曲:光良, 編曲:梁伯君
監製:光良, 填詞:瑞業

不做考慮也沒半點猶豫 我就說了這一句 我等你
你眼中閃過了一些訝異 更多的是懷疑 所以你可以離去

不相信你還會回心轉意 是我任性才決定 要等你
我眼中的淚沒掉過一滴 只是隨你背影 慢慢倒流進心裡(心底)

我等你 半年為期 逾期就狠狠把你忘記
不只傷心的 還包括一切甜蜜(你應該已經和她公開在一起)

要等你 要證明自己 我可以縱容你在心底

愛到痛之極 才需要一段等你的限期 來遺忘自己


26/45. I don't know whether to be happy or sad o_o

20 April 2008

down the rabbit hole

and make $65 bucks magically appear.

19 April 2008

quater roll!

today. feels. like. summer!
I need ice creeeeeam, chocolate ice creeeeeam, strawberry ice creeeeeam, vanilla ice creeeeeam, double fudge ice creeeeeam, cookie&cream ice creeeeeam, mint&chocolate chips ice creeeeeam, butter&pecan ice creeeeeam, maple walnut ice creeeeeam... (too lazy to include more)
it's still 23C outside.
I think I'l go curl up with the dust bunnies, they have good air conditioning.

I'll never plan anything before 1:30, and leave my cell in the car. If grace screaming on the phone later won't kill me, my conscious (gasp! it's actually there!) would.
Next time I'll be sure to bring some sort of personal cooling system, preferably those hand held fans. I swear I had one...either it's lost, broken or both. I'm hoping neither.
And some extra water.


simple math is evil!

17 April 2008

under the ladder

ouch ouch ouch ouuuuch.
I keep bumping into things at home today. Rammed my knee into the wooden armrest of my sofa, knocked my toe on the corner of the drywall, tripped over a usb cord and bumped my other knee in the cpu's corner...ahhh! so to heal myself:

彩虹 - 周杰伦









(I don't think the last 2 parts of the lyrics should be there....too lazy to confirm)

colourfool ;D

16 April 2008

tree branch cage

Oh c'mon! One word away from 100%! So close, oh so close. Oh well, turned out much much better than the 67, happy happy happy! I guess this means that studying actually works...ugh no more being lazy and praying that I know it subconsciously. I was pretty shocked though, the class did so bad that he's giving some of us "retests" (I know he didn't call it that, but for the lack of a better word). C NEVER gives retests, it's as rare as A&F having a 50% sale all store wide (which I've never seen happen).


Fairy Cube
Hasumi Ian possesses the ability to perceive mysterious beings; he can also see another self of himself, a boy called Tokage. One day, Ian is witness to the "Fairy Murders" that have been shaking the world. He obtains a strange cube from the enigmatic man Kaito. But what was trapped inside the stone?

(too lazy to write my own)
suuuuuch good art! On par with uh...I don't know, death note? Similar style I guess.

It'd be so awesome if some studio made an anime out of this, great story, lots of twists and turn ahh.

back to getting slaughtered by my lovely essay...
(side note: spring's here, so new colour scheme I guess?)

14 April 2008


Sixty-seven percent...Sixty-seven percent...Sixty-seven percent...Sixty-seven percent...if that's the class average...oh dear oh dear. I don't even want to imagine what my mark is!
Ugh, music theory test tomorrow. It can't be THAT bad (easy peasy lemon squeezy?), I always get Fermata and Tenuto's symbols mixed up. Think the half the eye is fermata? ahh! Oh well, did pretty well on SOP, 4! Stupid hand was shaking a bit, horrible if you're holding the bow with that one. Blah! good luck myself!

Noooooooodame Cantabile

About this gifted conductor who wants to perform in europe, but is scared of flying on the plane. One day he meets this extremely talented girl playing the piano, the only problem is that she hates taking baths but loves mr.conductor.
Really comical story, with some serious moments there and here. Currently up to chpt 114, ugh, I really gotta stop reading on going ones. Have like...more than 10 to keep track of? Speaking of which, projectARMS 19 better be out!


stuffy nose ):

13 April 2008

through the looking glass

Stupid stupid major system.


Ah crap, integer test (no calculators!), SOP (I really hope we're having theory instead), and french dialog (forgot to bring home), and a wonderful headache. Oh joy! Why does it seem that teachers love to lump tests together and dump them on a MONDAY? Gee, what is there to look forward to? Definitely not cafe helper, have to eat lunch in a rush and probably still not make it to play basketball.



It's crazy haha. I love the white rabbit and the Executioner.

Gosh my throat hurts as well *runs off*

11 April 2008


Bridges are hard to draw.
Bridges are EXTREMELY hard to draw. Why must my art teacher be so cruel?!
Straight lines are hard to draw.
Straight lines EXTREMELY hard to draw. ahhh! Why must bridges have straight lines? (Actually, better then curved lines. Much much better)

I think I should get started on it, 6 more hours left!

(integer-oh ftw!)


now that's over with
I must find english scanlations for chpt 34+. If only my Chinese was better, they have it up to chpt 60ish

Kiddy version of Hikari and Kei! *so adorable*

It's basically about Hikari (the girl), who's always 2nd place to Kei (the guy) in everything they do. Exams, Sports, all sorts of stuff. So Hikari enrolls in the same school in order to beat him, although that haven't happened yet. The story's about the rivalry (and later 1.5 sided love) between the two.
IT'S HILARIOUS. On par with ouran, actually, it is so freakishly similar to ouran. The opening pages of the first few chapters would have this introduction that's almost exactly the same. (here's the prestige school, there's the pair/group, etc). It also has a bit of Shinshi Doumei Cross, (how they're both extremely good at fighting, thanks to their father)

I think I'll attempt to read the Chinese version...

10 April 2008

makkuro kurosuke

totorooooooo! (my neighbour totoro)

such a cute movie! I especially love the catbus and the various other alice in wonderland references (eg. the tunnel to totoro's den as the rabbit hole). The tree dance was also really cute, kinda like the leaf ritual in gr 7 haha. So many other (related) series to watch! Grave of the fireflies (heard it's EXTREMELY sad), Spirited away, and Princess Monoko? (is that the name?)

Kino no Tabi! (same uhh..creator as Allison&Lillia)
such a depressing series!

About this girl, Kino, who travels around the world with her talking motocycle (Hermes). Each world represents like...one of the real world's flaws. Examples such as war, slavery etc. I really wish it was longer, maybe 26 episodes? The ending was a tab bit confusing, since I'm pretty sure the last country was her home country. The girl that she met there, Sakura, would be her little sister... Blah! the good wallpapers of it on animepaper makes up for it. Can't wait for A&L!


Grad photos were okay, saved my arm from volleyball pain! Netsanet was reeeeally pretty, her hair is so long haha. Grace also looks really good in a dress shirt (unlike me haha). Too bad only Roy wore a tie, can't imagine what all the other guys would look at the actual grad.
Jancie is a total genius for bring her basketball to play at lunch. It is so awesomely awesome! We somehow managed to break every rules that we learned haha. Too bad I have to chug down my lunch to make enough time, and that we have to fight over the net with the gr 6s. Oh well, monkey in the middle is also fun (and tiring). Alex and Tony are extremely good at that game, the 6 of us could hardly get the ball.

08 April 2008

ferris wheel~

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride them.
If tulips were watches, I'd wear one by my side.
If "ifs" and "ands" are pots and pans, there'd be no work for tinkers
hmm, what the heck are tinkers?

Grad photos tomorrow...ahh! To change or not to change? Doubt I can stand wearing a blouse for the whole day, especially since it'll be raining. Hope it's in the morning, I just want to get it over with. Although I'm looking forward to seeing everyone kinda dressed up-ish, (the guys in dress shirts haha)!

"Ou es-tu alle?
Je suis alle en France.
Quell moyen de transport as-tu utilise?
J'y suis aller a pied.
C'est ne pas vrai! On ne peut pas aller en France a pied!
Tu as raison, j'y suis alle en bateau."

07 April 2008

death of the smile!


白色的風車 安靜的轉著
真實的感覺 夢境般遙遠
甜甜的海水 複雜的眼淚
看妳傻笑著 握住我的手
夢希望沒有盡頭 我們走到這就好
很可惜沒有祝福 當愛妳並不孤獨

我揹妳走到最後 能不能不要回頭
妳緊緊的抱住我 說妳不需要承諾
妳說我若一個人 會比較自由
我不懂妳說什麼 反正不會鬆手

我揹妳走到最後 能不能別想太多
會不會手牽著手 晚一點才到盡頭
謝謝妳讓我聽見 因為我在等待永遠

I really like his "Still Fantasy" album, although I can't pronounce the name in Chinese...

Everything's happening on Wednesday! Grad photos (had to buy a blouse just for it), school play (coughcough), and something else which I forgot. Think it's some other test (I really hope not)? Meh, je suis tres fatigue! Won't be sleeping late on the weekends anymore, stupid morning classes. The brain lightning thing better work, sacrificing $600 and 2 hours of sleep per sunday for it *sigggggh*

Spongebob is still surprisingly entertaining!

06 April 2008

if wishes were horses

05 April 2008


My art class is so conveniently located, 2 sec drive from fairview. So we drove over and bought the hat, jeans from stitches and a white blouse for grad photos. There was this extremely nice looking trench/jacket in H&M, too bad the colour was a bit off, *sigh*.
Art teacher's very picky about technique, too a long time just to get how to draw circles haha. Apples with corners for the win:


I have to say...it's a HORRIBLE mv, the sudden switch of scenes between the actual story and Jay Chou singing is just terrible. But whatever, the lyrics can make up for anything.


素胚勾勒出青花筆鋒濃轉淡 瓶身描繪的牡丹一如妳初妝
冉冉檀香透過窗心事我了然 宣紙上走筆至此擱一半

釉色渲染仕女圖韻味被私藏 而妳嫣然的一笑如含苞待放
妳的美一縷飄散 去到我去不了的地方

天青色等煙雨 而我在等妳 炊煙裊裊昇起 隔江千萬里
在瓶底書漢隸仿前朝的飄逸 就當我為遇見妳伏筆

天青色等煙雨 而我在等妳 月色被打撈起 暈開了結局
如傳世的青花瓷自顧自美麗 妳眼帶笑意

色白花青的錦鯉躍然於碗底 臨摹宋體落款時卻惦記著妳
妳隱藏在窯燒裡千年的秘密 極細膩猶如繡花針落地
簾外芭蕉惹驟雨門環惹銅綠 而我路過那江南小鎮惹了妳
在潑墨山水畫裡 妳從墨色深處被隱去

天青色等煙雨 而我在等妳 炊煙裊裊昇起 隔江千萬里
在瓶底書漢隸仿前朝的飄逸 就當我為遇見妳伏筆

天青色等煙雨 而我在等妳 月色被打撈起 暈開了結局
如傳世的青花瓷自顧自美麗 妳眼帶笑意

04 April 2008

rainbows everywhere

Hurray for P.A day! Perfect time to relax and spend money impulsively! yayy
aka I went to fairview with Mimi and Helen (cause GRACE was still sleeping AGAIN cough.)

hat @ h&m. extemely cheap ($4), somewhat good looking. I should have bought it! (btw, the lovely model is not me.)

LEPRECHAUN FLATS! Too bad they look terrible on me...

(opps, forgot to turn that around) From stitches, it was too small though. I'm guessing I FINALLY outgrew size 0. Too bad the next biggest size they had was 5, I still need a year worth of Big Macs for that.

From Garage. It's my new favourite store for denim stuff. I also tried on another demin shorts, a striped shorts. Both were too small, Mimi's method of determining size does NOT work. the waist have to be longer than your neck's diameter! pssh. (side note: my knee looks weird...)

Since I totally forgot about Mother's Day, I had to buy a gift on a really tight budget, $10 really can't get anything to The Body Shop, or even Fruits and Passion.

of course I only bought the 30ml one. Smells just like the lemon mousse cake that I had a few days ago, yummm.

Finally AE, that place is very very evil. Stores=more expensive and less choices, web=duty/tax/shipping makes it not worth it at all. But I bought a shirt anyways:

Small is NOT too big for me...really! It was originally labeled $25, but the (nice) cashier told me the wrong price, so I got a discount, yayy.

-aritzia makes me sad
-espirit also makes me sad
-ae is evil
-garage is nice
-fruits and passion smells nice

03 April 2008

a layered vegetable!

If there's this much work at the beginning of a term, I don't even want to imagine how hard the end will be...



那样清晰 打过勾的我相信
是你如今 唯一坚持的任性


(it says potato web)


get well soon anyways! :]

02 April 2008


$150 is very very motivational.
It actually worked pretty well, I "studied" really really hard yesterday! Yah, really! and well, I think I did pretty good on my french test, only 1 mistake that I know of. Stupid verb genders!
cough "easy peasy lemon squeezy!" cough

Geography test tomorrow (hopefully not!). It is technically his fault for arranging it on a friday (pa day), so technically we don't know that we're having a test, so TECHNICALLY it's not gonna be tomorrow...right?
I can hear the chai tea frap calling me from across the street!
A spicy drink of black tea infused with cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and star anise blended with ice, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
kay! must think of something else!

There's this bubble tea shop in PMall who sells extremely good green tea milk tea. It taste exactly like green tea ice cream! Too bad it was closed when I went there last time...
enough of food! I just had dinner.

Apparently I'm very clueless. No idea on american pop, sayings, basketball (how do you remember all those names?), baseball and a whole bunch of others.


01 April 2008

bus trip to the end of the wrold!

yay double post!

French test tomorrow...something that I really need to ace (I'll be saying that for all the tests in 3rd term. 90%+ avergae is mandatory). Too bad staring at the list of words won't help, I'll need to find another lazy method that actually works. Maybe a starbucks chai tea frap? Those are pretty effective (read: expensive)

just don't read the nutrient information! (cries)


As part of eva's new site, I have made these icons:


Here's a really cool photo gallery that my friend sent me. Ingenious idea:
Dreams of Flying

anyways. I really WILL study. soon. Yah really, I will go study. Honest!

Spring Season '08

the review finally came out, with a load of fanservice and generic ones, but there's 4 that interest me o:

Allison & Lillia
Premieres April 3rd, 2008
Airtime in Japan (JST, GMT+9): Thursdays at 23:32
Airtime in U.S. (EST, GMT-4): Thursdays at 10:32
Information Links: ANN Encyclopedia, AnimeNfo, AniDB, syoboi
Based on the novels by the author of Kino no Tabi, Allison & Lillia is a series that will take place in two halves. The first half is set in a 1940s era world where a war has been raging for a long time, and the main character Allison is an air force pilot. She and her childhood friend set out to find some treasure that can end the war, and apparently they succeed because the second half of the series features their daughter Lillia and her boyfriend in a post-war environment. This is a Madhouse series being broadcast on NHK, so it’s hard not to be reminded of Dennou Coil, but this has a different production crew working on it and has a completely different feel. The characters here look interesting enough, but this is airing on a Thursday, so it’s in competition with a lot of other series, and I wasn’t particularly impressed by the promo video. Mizuki Nana fans might also want to take note because she plays Allison here.

my own thoughts: KINO NO TABI FOR THE WIN! it is a lovely (read weird) series about this girl that travels with a talking motercycle. Uhh, this one sounds interesting as well?

Premieres April 7th, 2008
Airtime in Japan (JST, GMT+9): Mondays at 18:00
Airtime in U.S. (EST, GMT-4): Mondays at 5:00
Information Links: ANN Encyclopedia, AnimeNfo, AniDB, syoboi
Soul Eater is a fun series about a group of Shinigami students who are after 99 human souls and 1 witch soul so that they can change their partner weapons into Death Scythes. I was a little surprised when it was announced that BONES would be animating this because the manga has a very distinct style that can be a bit crude at times, so I had a hard time imagining this being done by almost the exact same team that did Ouran (in fact, both Sakamoto Maaya and Miyano Mamoru are voicing characters here too). Still, having that BONES team work on this can’t be a bad thing. The added gimmick here is that there are two versions of this series airing every week: a regular 6PM version and a late night version that’ll supposedly have additional stuff. However, the late night version doesn’t air until three days after the regular version does, so if I do end up blogging this, I’d probably be following the regular one.
my own thoughts: the numbers are interesting (aiiii, I've been using that word a lot). 99 and 1? Also because BONES is working on it, think they did Ouran?

Premieres April 10th, 2008
Airtime in Japan (JST, GMT+9): Thursdays at 24:00
Airtime in U.S. (EST, GMT-4): Thursdays at 11:00
Information Links: ANN Encyclopedia, AnimeNfo, AniDB
Madhouse is also putting out Kaiba (no, not the Yu-Gi-Oh character), a surreal looking series by director Yuasa Masaaki. It takes place in a world where people’s memories can be stored in databanks and transferred to new bodies. The title character awakens with no memories and only a pendant with a photo of a girl, and he meets various people and regains those memories in his travels across the stars as he tries to figure out who he is. Noto Mamiko, Kuwashima Houko, and Paku Romi are all in this, but to be honest, it’s not the cast or the artistic style I’m most interested in, it’s the opening song. It’s featured in one of the promo videos and has an ethereal quality that, when paired with the animation, make me really want to watch this. Unfortunately, this is another Thursday show, so it might be hard to fit this into the schedule.
The little image beside it is so cute!

the concept is also...uhhh...original?

Oh nevermind. that's only three o_o Wonder what happened to the other ones haha.
Some other interesting (that word again!) ones are:
- Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
Himitsu (Top Secret) ~The Revelation I would watch this one if it wasn't so gore-y)
- Special A
Kamen no Maid Guy (sounds familiar...very)
- Amatsuki

If only I had more time!