31 March 2008

on the other side!

of the rainbow is a pot of gold.

It's too foggy, so everything sorta not happened o_o So here's a really neat video on youtube. (I swear it's not cpop. yah, really!)

You can watch all the other ones, but I think this is the best.

Some other comedians (which are all worse than nigahiga o:)

-shimmycocopuffsss (I swear I spelled that wrong) He's uh...Canadian? yayy! I think his funny ones are the one with the kids at daycare, 5 facts and cheese and rice.

-Happyslip that's really cool about her is that she acts out all her characters. I love Minnie and the aunt.


side note:Essay intros (and all the other parts) are hard to write! It doesn't help that I can't find my own mistakes, guess I shall continue bothering other people.
side side note: SHANA 24 STILL HAVEN'T COME OUT YET.
side side side note: made an icon from one of the h&c screencaps:

30 March 2008


Beautiful. 'nuff said. (all are from honey and clover season 2)

takemodo & hagu-chan. He's helping her with..hiccups?

The 2 all important themes in this story

Direct comparison between Rika's late husband and Mayama.

Freaky Rika?

Finally thoughts from the 18 year old midget's point of view. It's quite sad actually (well, the entire series is sad.)

Bunch of random screencaps that I'm too lazy to explain. (I *really* need to go sleep)

The terrible incident

Morita vs Karou?

Absolute best (read saddest) ending ever. At least it explains the title!

side note: everything that I just wrote isn't suppose to make sense unless you watch the series. SO GO WATCH IT!

seven apples from the witch's tree

Earth hour didn't work so well. Hardly anyone from the condos around mine turned their lights off. It was fun typing with a flash light in one hand haha.

(sorry for it being sideways. Too lazy to open Photoshop and rotating it)
Gracie's side of the story seemed so fun, making those gel stickers from jello candle, haha I should try that sometimes!

Went to PMall today with Grace to buy grad presents, they were so expensive, especially the blue ones. Thank god there were enough, I think we took the whole stock haha! Now that we bought those, the hard part is coming up with the "personalizations". Poem? Portrait? Too bad both of us are terrible with those. *SIGGGGH*

And since we were at PMall, I decided to look for my grad dress (major discounts! from like...$100-200 in major malls to like $30-$80 here!). Tried on a few, they all looked pretty nice, amazign thing is that they actually fit! woahhhh. The changing room was too small, so I couldn't take pictures of the rest, but here's the one that I ended up buying:

(yeah I know it's side ways again...)
edit: PMall is a failure! In all those extremely asian stationary stores, there wasn't even one decent pencil case! Thank god for centerpoint mall and smart maple! (got a small strawberry-melon yugen fruz as a bonus)

29 March 2008

Higher than the sun!

Art class was pretty good, despite how horrible I was haha. Drew a structure of a horse (aka so shading, thank god), turned out pretty well I guess. Was hard to emphasis the lines with un-erasable coloured pencil (dark pink to be exact).

The teacher's really fussy about signatures, had to redo mine twice. It's near impossible to sign with a not-so-sharpened pencil in a tiny amount of space. (it still doesn't seem legible)


Spice and Wolf's ending was kinda disappointing. Too short! It needs another 12 episodes at least. I thought it would end when Lawrence finally escort her to the north, and maybe stay there cause they fell in love? But noooo! It ended like...miles away in some city with honey preserved peaches (they would taste sooo good). I just think it didn't tie up all the loose ends.
"Did you call our my name or hers?"
"No way! I called out yours because..."
"...it's shorter."

Shigofumi's ending was better I guess. It was somewhat confusing, with Mika reappearing and stuff. Chiaki's visit to the mysterious women was somewhat explained. Fumi and Mika's past was somewhat explained, everything was kinda somewhat complete. I just hope Shakugan no Shana II's ending will give a clear cut.


it donates 20 grains of rice for every word you get right. It's a win-win situation, you increase your vocab (which I desperately need), and some hungry person gets food! yay

28 March 2008


《蔡依琳 倒帶》

作詞:文山 作曲:周杰倫

我受夠了等待 你所谓的安排 

总是要來不及 才知道我可愛 

应该开心的地帶 你给的全是空白 
一个人假日发呆 找不到人陪我看海
我在幸福的门外 却一直都进不來 
你累积給的伤害 我是真的很难释怀

终于看开愛回不來 而你总是太晚明白 
最后才把话说开 哭着求我留下來
终于看开愛回不來 我们面前太多阻碍 
你的手却放不开 宁愿沒出息 求我別离开

你总是要我乖 慢慢计划將來 
过去怎么交代 你该给的信賴 

从我脸上的苍白 看到记忆慢下來 
过去甜蜜在倒带 只是感觉已经不在
而我对你的期待 被你一次次摔坏 
已经碎成太多块 要怎么拼湊跟重來

终于看开愛回不來 而你总是太晚明白 
最后才把话说开 哭着求我留下來
终于看开愛回不來 我们面前太多阻碍 
你的手却放不开 宁愿沒出息 求我別离开

终于看开愛回不來 而你总是太晚明白 
最后才把话说开 哭着求我留下來
终于看开愛回不來 我们面前太多阻碍 
你的手却放不开 宁愿沒出息 求我別离开

yay for Jay Chou writing the melody and that Fang guy writing the lyrics. His lyrics always have some sorta poetic feel to it (I know nothing about poetry but oh well!)

okaaay. that is all! oh and go see gracidear's blog

27 March 2008

cause I'm simple minded!

I hope I didn't loose my pencil case...there's 2 really good fine liner-ish pens in there. The click-y highlighter too, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh dear oh dear.


This post will be dedicated to GRACE, because she simply does not believe me when I say it's still shivering.
-it's raining!
-uh, what else is there? hail?


On a totally unrelated note, yay shigofumi and spice and wolf's ending got subbed o: If the downloading would just hurry up.

26 March 2008

Report Cards con't

Actually, it wasn't that bad. "that" being the keyword. I don't need to hide in the closet, nor live with the dust bunnies. But I do need to think of a few clever excuses to cover my french. It's not my fault that the teacher forgot about my presentation (actually, I was really glad that she did)!

English: 86.6
French: 86.3
Math: 85 (oh the horror! when was I better at english than math! I better quadruple check my tests from now on...)
uhh..what else is there?
Science: 85 or 88? (IT DROPPED. DROPPPPPED! Maybe it's because...I have no idea. topics? tests? I think I screwed up everywhere haha)
History/Geography: 88
Music: 88 (woah. I didn't expect to get this high, especially since I never practiced! Meh, lucky me?)
Drama: uh also 88? I seem to get a lot of that, why can't those be 2 marks higher!
Phy Ed: 78 Oh this is just very very sad. Would have gotten straight level 4s without this!

Overall average: 85.3 Think it went up...got like 83.something last term? Gosh this puts so much pressure on 3rd term. Have to continue the ascend!
Now back to studying *SIGH*

25 March 2008

snow at the end of march?!

The groundhog was WRONG! (Although I wish it was right), there'll be another 5 weeks on winter, says the forecast. That's just terrible, if I remember correctly, I was wearing light sweaters instead of winter jackets this time last year.


But that is nothing compared to the other troubles that I'm faced with. REPORT CARDS ARE COMING. I think I better find a nice place to hide in the closet, or maybe arrange to live with the dust bunnies under my bed. No amount of excuses would get me out of this one, I bet all my grades are asian fail!
I think I should be studying instead of writing this...I'll go do that.

24 March 2008


Okay, since I totally forgot what I was going to write about, I'll include something random:

(absolutely the best song ever!)
A few things, I really think the piano looks better than Jay Chou himself (getting ready to be killed by his other fans). He just have such a serious face! He also looks weird playing guitar, piano for the win!

回憶的畫面 在盪著鞦韆

妳說把愛漸漸 放下會走更遠
又何必去改變 已錯過的時間
妳用妳的指尖 阻止我說再見
想像妳在身邊 在完全失去之前

妳說把愛漸漸 放下會走更遠
或許命運的籤 讓我們遇見
只讓我們相戀 這一季的秋天
飄落後才發現 這幸福的碎片

The lyrics are so well written, it matches msot of the scenes in the movie! (I hardly understand them though, mainly because they're written in traditional Chinese).

okay, back to listening to this song over and over again. (currently play count: 200+)

23 March 2008


Got dragged out yesterday to some family friend's house, it was HUGE (and cold). Four bedrooms upstairs each with it's own bathroom, pretty nice. Too bad I got a minor cold from there, oh well! Saw the full moon on the drive back (at 10pm), weird that the moon itself doesn't look blurry behind the mist on the window. Hopefully it means there'll be good weather today?

Finished the entire Euraka 7 series in a week, really tiring. I'll never try to stuff 50 whole episodes in another school week again. Overall, I think it's pretty good, has a nice mix of different genres (although I think it's a bit too much). If I had to compare it to something, it'd be NGE (neon genesis evangelion). There's so many similar scenes, eg: the scab corals to the test tube with Rei, the eureka being the new command cluster and threatening to destroy the world to the huge Rei at the end also threatening to destory the world, etc etc. The monologs in e7 isn't as good as Honey&Clover though. (Takemoto's are just amazing <_< everyone should watch it!). Now that I'm finally done watching it, time to read the spoilers in wikipedia!



21 March 2008

there goes another 5 hours

Had to go get my hair re-permed, it's too stubborn! The ends got curly after one wash but it wasn't that bad. Parents urged me to get it re-done though, they don't want their $160 wasted? Smells weird though, probably because of the weird sour-cream like thing that she put on haha. Got my nails done for free though, yay for family friend!

Anyways, TalhoxHolland ftw (Eureka 7)! Their scenes together are so sweet, especially Holland's attitude and Talho's reaction haha. The picture of them on the longboard was really cute, Talho's hair back then was so much nicer looking! Why did she have to cut it *sigh*.


voices don't travel diagonally?

20 March 2008


Long weekend, perrrfect. I got to love March, with spring break and the easter weekends, there's only 14 days of school. (yeah, I actually counted, how sad.) What's my plans? Lots and lots of eye killing. Aka trying to finish the remaining 12 episodes of Eureka7.
Info on the anime
I really love the episode titles, some of my favourite one (so far) are Paper Moon Shine (ep 9), Higher Than the Sun (ep 10) and World's End Garden (ep 25).
Just finished season 2, man were the last few episodes sad! So much shifting back and forth from Renton/Eureka's point of views, especially both of them saying "I want to see you". It also have such dramatic scenes for when they both jump out of the Gekko-Go. It's so omgIwanttopullmyhairout when Renton returns as soon as Eureka leaves, stupid dramas! haha.

yeah~ time to watch the remaining ones!

18 March 2008

Drama dance con't

I take back what I said (most of it anyways), we actually managed to finish choreographing today! Shocking I know. I liked that we sticked mainly to the lyrics so we don't have much to memorize. Too bad we did another ending, I really liked the old one haha (taking the hat from the floor etc). Oh well, our new one isn't bad at all, it's all happy and sweet (group hug! <3), and we get to throw our hats to the audience. It was really tiring though, we were dancing for like...an hour and half straight? I wonder how professional dancers stand hour long practices (or I just just get tired easily haha).

I hope I don't mess up tomorrow!

17 March 2008

Drama dance.....woah!

I really think it's a miracle that we're not getting marked on that thing! God bless running out of time. We are really bad haha, most of us wanted to restart (and choose a new song, but fortunately they didn't like any on my iPod) and re-choreograph all the moves. Which...isn't ENTIRELY bad, since I didn't like it after the slide thing (stepping on the dance floor it's you and me? oh, the song is Step Up by the way). Our new one turned out pretty well, everyone's at least somewhat happy. EXCEPT, we only have 30 seconds out of....1 minute and 10? garsh! The only thing I can do is hope that my group isn't the only ones messing up :D
on a side note, he looked really funny (and a door bell) doing those gangster hand shakes haha!


on a side side note, here's something I drew/painted on sunday:

It's originally a 2 second sketch of my dad reading a book, but he left soon after (that's why he's handless). Started with 2H pencil, then added a wash of watercolour and finally retraced some parts with a4B pencil. I seem to really like watercolour+sketch haha.

16 March 2008

NGE icons

I found some really nice scans of Evangelion at animeartbook.net. They were too nice to pass unscratched, so I made these icons from them:

Program: Adobe Photoshop
Time: Not very long?
Credits: texture: http://celestial-star.net, http://edeluxe.x-tenshi.com/textures.php

15 March 2008

a bunch of stuff

this post will be divided into 3 totally unrelated sections:

section 1) SHIGOFUMI 10 IS JUST SOOOOO SADDDDDDDD. (repeat that a few hundred times)
here's a review (and spoiler)
It's just really really painful watching little Fumika all happy while the man was depressed. Another rather depressing scene(s) were the flashbacks from the man's childhood memory when he was about to choke little Fumika. (I have a major soft spot for flashbacks)
The ninja restaurant was pretty cool (no screencap of it). Too bad it's a bar, I'd like to eat there sometimes haha. I'm also quite envious of the man's drawing talents:
I'd totally get into Claude Watson with sketches of that level! *sigh*


section 2) stupid stupid adobe flash player! I know I usually say Adobe is my favourite software producer etc etc, but not this time. The flash player just won't work! I've tried (almost) everything, checking browser options, enabling access through firewall, reinstalling, installing older version and probably millions more. I think I'll just pray to computer god that it'll work soon.

section 3) did a quick sketch yesterday of some ancient Chinese clothing (main point: trying to learn how to draw fold haha). Here's a decent one:

just scanned, haven't clean it up at all. It *was* a complete picture until I messed up on the chest and ab part. Guess I shouldn't make too much modification in the future... Anyways, I'm glad that the inking went well, I really like what I did with the different nibs (0.3 and 0.5). Only obvious mistake would be the pattern on the lower draping part. I was planning to do that directly in Adobe Photoshop, except I only decided on that after inking the first petal. OH WELL!

14 March 2008

Screenshots form Veins!

This is from a game called "Ragnarok". The server that I play on (www.xenophase.net) recently implemented "Veins", a new city

Inside its' factory

Under the cliff?

The main temple


So hard to navigate this city D:

The hotel is shaped like a barrel

The airship

Some other random buildings

Love the super zoom <3